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Driving means paing attention, keeping your eyes oppen. But how many times do you really see the things you ae watching? Scanning means to be extra alert. Scan the front and rear using your mirrors.

There are lot’s of things you need to scan when drive. First is the other’s vehicle body language. The vehicles tell you there they are going long before indicators come on. Imagine that a vehicle at an intersection intend to turn left, which way do you think the vehicle will be pointing?

It might happen that the driver to forget turning the indicators on, but studing the body language of he’s vehicle you will know which he wants to go.

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Ok, so you have been scanning the vehicle, now you know what the driver wants to do, what’s next? No it’s time to plan escape routes and to make informed decisions by being prepared and alert. Your driving decisions will be more correct deppending on how many informations you will have about road conditions, traffic conditions, speed zones, meaning anything and everything that is around you as you drive.

You know that the first obvious place to start scanning is through the windscreen, so keeping the glass clean is a very important thing (not an option, but a must).

When you drive look further ahead. Scanning involve using your eyes, do so, this way you will gather more information. It is important to know that when you scan arround you do not look for anything, you look for everything! Look at the vehicles on the opposite line: how are traveling, do they keep a nice straight line when approaching or they are tending to tending to drift towards the middle of the road?

Someone is aproaching and start to drift towards you, do not wait for him to take the decission to go away, but move away from the center of the road and give yourself as much distance from it as you can.

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A very important thing is to check behind your vehicle more often (tip for the ladies: the mirror is not for make up!). Especially when you are approaching an intersection or when you are about to slow down. A very important thing is to know what you are about to do and let the other road users know exactly what your intentions are. You also need to know approximately how fast they are going in comparison to your own speed, and how much warning they need in order to stop safely behind you.

Ok, now you are about to enter an intersection. What do you do? First scan the area in which you are about to enter, you need to be sure where will be no reason to have to stop suddenly. After that, remember to keep an eye on the others drivers on the road. Think at the vehicle behind you as an extension of your car, this will help you to slow down a lot earlier than you normally would on your approach to the intersection (remember? it’s all about the weight!). The results? You have just taken control of your safety once again without the tailgater even knowing it.

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