We’ve been waiting for the comeback announced by Detomaso since about 2008, and we may finally be seeing the start of that comeback in a spy shot seen on Jokeforblog. Though not a sports car like their famous Pantera, this next vehicle should give us something to work with as the shot reveals a sleek looking crossover model. Penned the SLC, the luxury SUV should be making its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show from March 4th-14th.

The De Tomaso SLC should be launched sometime next year, and with the money obtained from sales, De Tomaso will built a modern interpretation of the legendary Pantera. So, basically, new owner Gianmario Rossignolo is using this model as a jump start before the serious auto-making begins.

Short refresher: The De Tomaso Pantera was the first super-sport model produced between 1971 until 1996. In its 25 years only 720 units were made and one of them was owned by Elvis Presley.

UPDATE 02/10/11:We’ve finally unearthed a number of teaser photos of the new De Tomaso SLC Crossover Concept that’s scheduled to be launched at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. We still don’t know a whole lot about the concept vehicle, except that it’s going to be built as a large crossover with two engine types: a V6 diesel engine with 250 horsepower and a V8 gas engine with 550 horsepower. Likewise, De Tomaso is expected to build around 3,000 units of the production version of the SLC Crossover Concept every year with two other models set to follow suit. That’s all we have for now, but we do have teaser photos that you can check out in the gallery.

UPDATE 02/15/2011: Before making its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the De Tomaso SLC has made an appearance in Rome. Autoblog.it was there and was able to get a few clicks in. Check out the images in the gallery!

UPDATE 02/28/2011

  • 2012 De Tomaso Deauville Concept
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Source: Jokeforblog via Autoblog.nl

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  (446) posted on 10.7.2011

Precisely a hybrid prototype and very luxury car. Can’t imagine how this concept turn into super-sport car. Very futuristic too.

  (231) posted on 09.14.2011

This car can be an edge when it comes to the high technological concept that puts it ahead of its time. Perfect for the businessman and corporate cars.

  (595) posted on 08.25.2011

It’s been a long time since I heard about the De Tomaso. So, this car will be the jump start of De Tomaso. The sale for this production will be used to create other generation cars. What if the sale of this crossover will be low? How De Tomaso will react? smiley

  (314) posted on 08.11.2011

I love the aggressiveness in the styling of the vehicle. The figure performance is great. I wonder on what will be the competitor of this car?

  (570) posted on 08.11.2011

If not mistaken this car was featured in the Fast and Furious movie. I wonder if this car perform the same with the movie. BTW, I was impressed with the power output of the car.

  (359) posted on 03.18.2011

I think no matter how much "teaser" picture they would release , still it wouldn’t change the fact that this car look so ugly like the Accord. And I think they need to upgrade their engine v6 is not a modern technology anymore.

  (453) posted on 03.7.2011

I must admit that I am not that all too familiar with De Tomaso. But the Deauville Concept is rather promising. Would be looking forward to the other models that they would be releasing.

  (111) posted on 02.18.2011

Elegant and stylish.. I love it.

  (592) posted on 02.17.2011

We’re still expecting a standard lineup of engines for the new four-door. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder used in the current model has decent power and delivers solid fuel economy.

  (798) posted on 02.17.2011

I guess it’s been over 20 years since Mercedes used SLC, and that was back when they used meaningful names that started with numbers for engine displacement, but there are plenty of letters out there. Couldn’t they pick a unique collection?

pdaix  (432) posted on 02.15.2011

why do they even bother making cars looking so close to other one. Take a look at the new buick lacrosse, that is the same car !

What a shame to keep wasting the DeTomaso brand.. they must be cursed since John Lennon died.

pdaix  (473) posted on 02.13.2011

a worthy heir to the range rover line? let’s see how it fares off-road first. it certainly looks luxurious enough..

pdaix  (447) posted on 02.13.2011

240 HP? Keep that underpowered drivetrain in Europe, This thing better have the 5.0 V8 in the US.

pdaix  (58) posted on 02.10.2011

Wow what a BORING design from a unique car designer.. If this is the best you have to offer us De Tomaso then please stay unemployed you’ve clearly lost your touch.

pdaix  (212) posted on 02.2.2011

De Tomaso has built a time machine and stolen the E60 5 series concept car from BMW!!

pdaix  (528) posted on 02.1.2011

I know this is a old article, but Tom Tjaarda did not design the Mangusta as stated in the picture. The Mangusta was penned by Giorgietto Giugiaro, although he did work for Ghia.

pdaix  (798) posted on 02.1.2011

They’d better continue with using cheap, reliable US-made V-8 powertrains. The world needs more exotics like a hole in the head and overcoming some of the buyers’ fears of a maintenance nightmare with expensive and hard-to-find parts would be an advantage.

pdaix  (427) posted on 01.30.2011

Looks like De Tomaso is indeed readying during slightest a single concept automobile to uncover off during a 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

pdaix  (798) posted on 12.9.2010

Hey what happen to the De Tomaso Ghepardo concept that was showen on fast lane daily

pdaix  (460) posted on 12.9.2010

Am I the only one that gets a feeling of Honda Accord when looking at those pics?

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