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Detroit Electric SP:01

2016 Detroit Electric SP:01

2016 Detroit Electric SP:01 High Resolution Exterior
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Have you ever heard of Detroit Electric? If you answered in the affirmative, you get a cookie, but we’ll probably have to mash it up and feed it to you with a spoon because the automaker kicked the bucket way back in 1939. Now, however, Detroit Electric is back, and it’s bringing with it a new all-electric sports car. It’s called the SP:01, and it’s based on a Lotus, bears loads of the latest EV technology, runs a 0-to-60 time under four seconds, and a boasts a very feathery curb weight.

Here’s a bit of background for those of you still left in the dark. Back in the early 1900s, the ICE-powered vehicle was far less popular than it is now. EVs were the preferred choice over the noisy, polluting, gas-powered alternatives. It was at this time that Detroit Electric thrived, with up to 2,000 electric cars sold annually by 1910.

However, over time, cheap gas and inventions like the electric starter and muffler pushed the EV to the sidelines, eventually unplugging it altogether.

But in case you didn’t notice, the electric vehicle is back, and in a big way. Now, five years after rising from the ashes, Detroit Electric is getting ready to unleash a sports car that the company hopes will “spearhead a diverse family of all-electric productions cars” for the future.

But times have changed a bit since 1910, which begs the question – how will the SP:01 shape up alongside rivals in the increasingly competitive modern EV marketplace?

Updated 07/16/2015: Detroit Electric finally revealed full specifications on its new SP:01. Read on for the details.

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2016 Detroit Electric SP:01

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