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DiMora dangles another carrot; sketches new Adina Sportster and Vicci Super-Coupe

DiMora dangles another carrot; sketches new Adina Sportster and Vicci Super-Coupe

It’s been about four years since Dimora Motorcar promised the creation of the Natalia SLS2 Supersedan, the world’s first hand-built, $2 million, 16-cylinder production vehicle that was going to put the Bugatti Veyron to shame, or at least it was going to be if DiMora ever got around to actually producing it. Now, after potential owners’ faces long ago turned purple from holding their breath, DiMora has just announced a new division and the development of two new sports cars. Pardon us if we skip the part where we say when we expect it to debut.

The company’s new Neoclassic Automobiles subsidiary will have the mission of combining 21st century technology with classic 1930’s elegance. Their first two new models expected to illustrate this styling direction will be the Adina Sportster and Vicci Super-Coupe.

The first anticipated vehicle, the Adina, will be powered by a GM sourced LS3 V8 engine with an output of 431 HP. It will offer an Italian burl wood inlaid dash, lamb’s wool carpeting, etched glass, and a removable hard-top, among other things.

The second model, the Vicci Super-Coupe, will be offered with either a 431 HP LS3 V8 engine, or a more powerful 638 HP LS9 engine combined with an independent suspension. Customers will be able to choose between a 4- or 6-speed automatic transmission, or the 6-speed manual transmission. The Vicci will feature a carbon-fiber dashboard, Italian leather seats, fly-by-wire electronics, a stereo with engine diagnostics, paddle-shifters on the steering wheel, wire wheels, back-up cameras, GPS, and much more. It will also be offered with an optional, removable hard-top.

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