American Racing Academy

American Racing Academy is an energetic new company which acquired the Derek Daly Performance Driving Academy and operate it under a new corporate brand name.

Founded ten years ago by former Formula One and Indycar driver Derek Daly, the school is headquartered in an 8400 sq/ft facility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The American Racing Academy produces and delivers an auto racing curriculum and driving experience that is technologically superior to any other road racing school program offered in North America. The school’s 14 American built Nemesis Formula 2000 single seat race cars are individually equipped with the latest Stack data acquisition technology and full racing radios, features still not found at any other school in the country. These two critical teaching tools allow our instructors to provide students with continuous and completely accurate feedback at all times.

Available Programs are:

  • Racing Programs
    • Half Day Formula 2000 Introduction - $585
    • One Day Formula 2000 Driving Experience - $1,223
    • Two Day - $2,531
    • Three Day - $3,488
    • Five Day - $8,100
    • Advanced Radial - $1875
    • Advanced Slicks - $2,145
    • Add F1 Laps to your program - $495 per lap
  • Driving Programs
    • One Day High Performance Street & Track School - $1150
    • Two Day High Performance Street & Track School - $2300
  • Corporate Programs

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American Racing Academy

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