"Built for towing," the Dodge Ram BFT is also one "big fast truck." Designed to be the "ultimate" workhorse, the vehicle will appeal to the hardcore truck buyer. And there’s one thing the heavy-duty trucker can never get enough of: a bigger box.

The design team placed a standard cab on a 160-in. Dodge Ram Heavy Duty wheelbase frame so the 9.4-ft chopper fits snuggly in the 10-ft. box. The team also accommodated the dually setup with a 6-in. suspension lift kit from Superlift and Alcoa’s 22.5-in. 10-lug semi wheels. The BFT also features full-length polished bed and step rails.

2008 Dodge Ram BFT
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The Ram BFT has a Banks-enhanced 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine that is mated to an automatic transmission.

In the end, the Ram BFT provides “maximum” hauling and towing power. And isn’t dependability, durability and capability what Ram life is all about?

2008 Dodge Ram BFT
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  (3) posted on 08.22.2009

ok let me get on some real talk here for a minute, first off i have never seen a ford that can out run, out tow, or out last a dodge, and i know i worked in fields all my life hallin hay, and buddy iv worked all over the u.s. and i have yet to see a ford out pull a dodge, ford takes there y truck with its y powerstroke and beast the out of it so it can hang, but all they do is open doors to emisions problems and drive train ups because the truck itself cant handle its own power, now my dodge on the other hand is a 07 2500 lonstar edition, it has a little bit over 1010 hp and about 998 ft pounds of torq. you show me a ford that can out run my truck and ill give it to ya! Dodge will allways be the official truck of the *LONESTAR BOYZ*!

  (12) posted on 11.18.2007

what a monstor. come on chev!

  (607) posted on 11.17.2007

this massive truck is powered by a 6.7L turbo diesel engine and what my sources tell me is that it may have as much as 550hp

  (2) posted on 11.17.2007

this looks like dodge is about to blow y fords outta the way w/this beastly monster

  (607) posted on 11.5.2007

dumd y bastard dodge will always be better than sissy ford ya punk faget self don’t be mad cuz u are a retard ya kno nothin loser

  (5) posted on 11.5.2007

the ford was stronger and longer and could out tow the dodge

  (607) posted on 10.30.2007

lol an ya’ll s who was biggin up that ford that was on here lil while ago check this beast out.....an eat ur words

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