Along with the quarter mile roasting 1320 Challenger, Dodge is also preparing a modified high end 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport for the SEMA show. The Dodge Ram Bianco is an upscale take on Chrysler’s most popular work truck that will arrive just in time for the world’s greatest aftermarket car show and feature a few tasteful touches that will completely change the character of the pick up truck. The exterior of the Bianco will include a few parts out of the Mopar parts catalog like a hard tonneau cover, a plush and washable bed rug underneath and a full Mopar body kit that include a set of bold fender flares and covered in multiple coats of Arctic Ice pearl that give the pick up a strong sophisticated appearance.

The Bianco’s stance is enhanced by a Ground Force lowering kit that brings those flared fenders closer to the Mopar design 22 inch wheels and makes this Ram 1500 handle a whole heck of a lot better. The Dodge Ram 1500 Sport get a few high performance modifications to go along with the trucks new suave exterior. These include a Mopar cold air intake to feed chilled oxygen into the Hemi V8 and a throaty dual exhaust to accept the power plant’s spent gasses and gives off just enough of a growl to let everyone know that the Dodge Ram Bianco is something special both inside and out.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The Dodge Ram Bianco started life as a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8. The Dodge Ram is modified to reflect an upscale feel and appearance with the aid of Mopar performance parts and accessories. Colors, textures and accessories are combined in a manner that showcases the sophisticated side of the Dodge Ram 1500.

Exterior modifications include a Mopar hard tonneau that adds a classic, sporty appearance. The inside of the truck bed features Mopar’s bed rug—a plush, yet washable carpet. For the exterior, a Mopar body kit and modified Mopar fender flares give a unique, sophisticated look. The stance is aided by a Ground Force lowering kit that not only lowers the vehicle, but also provides excellent ride and handling. The Dodge Ram Bianco is layered in several coats of Arctic Ice pearl paint that give it a rich appearance. Holding true to the upscale theme, Mopar’s 22-inch wheels are painted in a matching, high-contrast design. Performance upgrades include a Mopar cold-air intake and a throaty Mopar dual exhaust with just enough growl to let you know there is something powerful under the hood.

The exterior theme continues through the interior. White and black Katzkin seats with matching door trim set the stage for a high-class ride. Piano Black and Arctic Ice accents add to the luxurious theme. For sound, Mopar contributed a Kicker audio system consisting of an audio amplifier, a powerful subwoofer and upgraded speakers.

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  (815) posted on 12.15.2009

Looks even more Sporty and aggressive Truck, Dodge really take their customers inputs, and it’s name say’s it all.

  (183) posted on 10.16.2009

Are they only focusing on the car’s look? I just thought that they have so many things to improve on its performance.

  (180) posted on 10.16.2009

It’s a good decision for Dodge to make it look more sporty. It is what many car bloggers have been complaining about. They are going to work really hard on the body kits to improve its look.

  (182) posted on 10.16.2009

I hope they would change the nose. It looks so flat and its too short for its size.

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