When you bring in two of the best custom-car builders together on one project, you can be darn certain that they’re going to make something worthy of discussion. Well, it took them a little over six months, but finally, the culmination of the joint project between Rich Evans and Mopar Underground finally showed itself at SEMA with theRich Evans Dodge Challenger.

Not to be mistaken for any other tuned-up Challenger on the market, this special piece of work was the result of a summer-long project done together by the two aftermarket aces.

“This is one of the coolest and most interesting projects I have ever had the pleasure to work on,” Evans said. “Collaborating with the Mopar team has been a blast. The hardest part was going through Mopar catalogs and deciding which parts and accessories to use.”

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The Rich Evans Challenger was given its share of exterior upgrades on the insistence of Evans himself. Wanting to build a car that stood out from the rest yet maintained the same intimidating look, Evans decided to give the muscle car a blue-and-silver paint and graphic scheme, as well as include an exterior body kit for the Challenger that has, among other things, a new front lower spoiler, left and right rocker panels, left and right rear flares, rear bumper lower spoiler, a rear wing, and a hood scoop.

Likewise, Evans wasted little time putting his stamp on the car’s interior, customizing the door panels, as well as the front and rear seats with the help from a few outside sources. For the car’s seat design, Evans hooked up with Katzkin to apply his design concept of using blue suede on the seats to complement the exterior color of the car. In addition to the seats, Katzkin was also the one that supplied leather, suede, and stitching to a number of materials in the car, including the left and right floor panels, left and right back panels, rear package tray, headliner, center console, armrest, sun visors, floor mats, rear trunk panels, and carpet. As for the steering wheel, Evans commissioned Grant products to make it, and it will be black with blue stitching and blue offset suede.


Mopar is no stranger to giving their cars some added muscle under the hood and the Evans Challenger is no exception. For this particular car, Mopar gave it some nice aluminum digs in the form of a 415-cid HEMI All-Aluminum Gen III Engine Assembly that produces over 550 horsepower. The car also boasts a steady diet of Mopar parts, most of which were put in to further boost the tuned-up muscle car’s performance. Among the Mopar parts include front and rear strut tower braces, a suspension kit, a new shifter, a cold air intake system, a vented T/A style hood, and a Cat Back Exhaust System.


Given the plethora of muscle-clad aftermarket machines that were present at SEMA, there’s no shortage of competitors for Rich Evans’ new creation. We already saw numerous tuned-up Mustangs and Camaros at the show, all of which look to be worthy competitors to Rich Evans’ Challenger masterpiece.


We don’t know if the car’s going to be up for sale, but we do know that some of the parts Mopar put in the car are being sold separately. Rough estimate of the total cost of all aftermarket parts rounds up to somewhere around $6,300.

Source: Rich Evans Designs

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  (231) posted on 02.8.2012

I like its platform. The graphic design perfectly fits its curves and slants.The
interior was fine.

  (1211) posted on 11.8.2010

mustang and Camaro are pony cars.. always have been. challenger is in it’s own class with its 4000+ lb curb weight

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