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Chrysler’s aftermarket company, Mopar, is preparing their latest tuning project for the Dodge Charger. Following in the reins of the 2010 Mopar Challenger, the tuning company is turning its attention to the 2011 Charger to make it one of the fastest, meanest, and more powerful Chargers out on the market.

According to Pietro Gorlier, Mopar’s president and CEO, the company is working hard to make the Mopar ’11 Charger a step up from what was a successful 2010 Challenger model. "After the success of our Mopar ’10 Challenger, we moved on to the iconic Dodge Charger and added even more performance,” he said.

"The Mopar ‘11 Charger takes the ‘head- turning’ factor up a few notches," said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group’s service, parts and customer-care brand. "By adding some of the most distinctive accessories to an already strong performer, we’ve created a special-edition car for enthusiasts."

Updated 04/13/2011: Dodge has revealed the new special-edition Mopar Charger at the the company’s Mopar Complex in Center Line, Michigan. This special edition will be limited to only 1000 units, 900 for the U.S. and 100 for Canada, and will be priced from $39,750.

More details for the Dodge Mopar Charger Special after the jump.

Exterior and Interior

2011 Dodge Mopar Charger Special High Resolution Exterior
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The new Dodge Mopar Charger Special edition will be distinguished by a Pitch Black exterior finish contrasted by specific Mopar Blue racing stripes running the length of the front air dam, across the hood, and over the roof, ending at the bottom of the rear fascia. The special edition will also get a new set of 20-inch x 8-inch Envy wheels in five-spoke design fitted with Goodyear F1 Supercar 245/45ZR20 tires.

The interior of the Dodge Mopar Charger will be spruced up with unique Katzkin leather seats stitched in Mopar Blue thread, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a special identification plaque identifying the vehicle as part of a limited edition of 1,000, bright pedal covers, premium floor mats with the Mopar logo, and front-door sill entry guards also featuring the Mopar logo.


2011 Dodge Mopar Charger Special High Resolution Exterior
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Powering the Mopar Charger will be the 5.7-liter HEMI engine found in the top-of-the-line Charger R/T trim level. This engine delivers 370 HP and 395 lb.-ft. of torque and, in the special edition, comes equipped with the "Super Trac Pac" option that pushes the capabilities of the Mopar Charger in acceleration, handling, and braking. The engine will be mated to a five-speed W5A580 automatic gearbox, just like the R/T.


There will only be 1,000 units produced for the Mopar Charger Special Edition - 900 for the U.S. and 100 for Canada. Prices will start at $39,750, which includes destination fee. The 2011 Dodge Charger comes in at a starting price of $30,170, so the Mopar additions don’t actually add up to much in terms of price. Bottomline: this is a good deal for a special edition in our book.


2011 Dodge Mopar Charger Special High Resolution Exterior
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With the new Mopar Charger special edition, Dodge is looking to tackle its competitors, such as the Mazda6 and the Cadillac CTS.

The Cadillac CTS, the other American sedan, is currently on sale with prices ranging from $32,176 to $56,259. The sedan only comes equipped with a V6 engine that delivers 270 HP, so power is not a point of contention with these two. In fact, no matter how much we love the CTS, it doesn’t hold a candle to the special edition Mopar Charger.

The Mazda6 is yet another cool car ready to do battle with the Charger and it has the advantage of being much cheaper. However, you get less power to match that price tag as well. The top of the line Mazda6 comes with a 3.7L DOHC V6 engine with VVT that produces 272 HP. The top trims may start out at between $27,000-$29,000, but you won’t get the speed found in the Charger. Plus, really, would you rather drive around in a Mazda6 or a Charger?

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  (474) posted on 10.2.2011

Simple impressive car. Very unique style and blue line design. Very mean and simply competitive car. Concerning to its competition still prefer this, all because of its attractive gesture and engine wise.

  (776) posted on 05.30.2011

I really find it quite surprising that they didn’t have an engine upgrade for this one, considering that it was done by Mopar. But I guess that the standard engine would be sufficient enough to provide the needed power.

  (472) posted on 04.11.2011

Well, I don’t really care about the looks of this car, the Charger would still look cool no matter what. What I am looking forward to are the performance upgrades that they will hopefully put into the car.

  (763) posted on 04.8.2011

Dodge against the Chevy? Well that w3ould be a hard choice to pick. But I would probably go with the Chevy here, since I am more familiar with their cars.

  (442) posted on 04.8.2011

Yeah, it would be a good idea to pit a Dodge against a Chevy muscle car. These two are certainly the best looking muscle cars that I have seen, so they would be an even match.

  (412) posted on 04.7.2011

Well, don’t forget about the Chevrolet that makes a muscle car also. IMO, both companies makes the best ever and I bet the competition between the two is tough.

  (313) posted on 04.7.2011

Admittedly, for all the manufacturer that produces muscle cars, Dodge is certainly the best! I bet this line is quite popular among Americans! I love the car tuning of this car.

  (692) posted on 04.7.2011

Yeah, you’re right, the blue stripe seem to be a bit off. But that one doesn’t really deter from the overall look of the car, which is really beautiful.

  (368) posted on 04.7.2011

Well, I really like the color on this one, except for the blue stripe running down it. It feels a bit too distracting to the overall look of the car.

  (25) posted on 04.6.2011

Quiet a remarkable difference between the original and tuner sketch. But instead of blue, if the stripes are in red, it will enhance the sports look I suppose. Did they gave any information about the changes in the performance?

  (25) posted on 04.6.2011

The new charger is to be tuned to be a good sports model and the black finishing with blue stripes is a good combination. By seeing the sketch, we can only hope that the real model will look much better.

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