Lost in the overly hyped Mustang versus Camaro tug-of-war is the Dodge
Charger, Chrysler’s muscle-bound mayhem machine. It may not have the
cache of its two competitors, but the 2011 Charger is anything but a

So what happens when you give the boys at Mopar Underground a 2011
Dodge Charger and let them work their magic on it?

Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles answered it best. “We let the designers of the
production car and their friends at Mopar rip. I wanted them to show
us what they would do with this vehicle if it were their own dream

The result, ladies and gentlemen, is the 2011 Dodge RedLine Charger.

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2011 Dodge RedLine Charger High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
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True to its standing as an American muscle, the RedLine Charger was
given an engine worthy of its stature: a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine that
Mopar added with new headers, a redefined exhaust system, and a new
cold-air intake. All the materials give this tuned-up Charger a
performance spike that includes more horsepower and better torque

On the flip side, Mopar also added strut tower brace amps to improve
the RedLine Charger’s handling and driveability to make up for the
added ponies under its hood.


2011 Dodge RedLine Charger High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 381026

As is the case with most of Mopar Underground’s works, the tuning
house wasted little time in turning the RedLine Charger into a fiery
red piece of carbon fiber goodness on four wheels. The car’s bodykit,
the roof, the hood, the side scoops, the exterior mirrors, and the
lower air dam/splitter and rear spoiler have been chalked with carbon
fiber that Mopar specifically built for the RedLine Charger. On top of
that, a set of 22-inch staggered-width Super Alloy wheels with Pirelli
tires – 265/35/22 in the front and 295/30/22 in the rear – have been
added to bolster the car’s already sexy look. Not content with what
they had, Mopar Underground also gave the RedLine Charger a
blacked-out treatment to accentuate the mystique of the car, including both the headlamps and the tail lamps.

And just to add the proverbial cherry to the sundae, Mopar also
outfitted the RedLine Charger with a side scoop that hearkens back to
the days of the iconic 1970 Charger R/T – it even has the red R/T logo
that infuses the Charger’s heritage with Mopar’s personality.

2011 Dodge RedLine Charger High Resolution Interior AutoShow
- image 381035

The RedLine Charger’s interior is no different. The red-and-black
two-tone interior finish continues the theme of the car’s exterior.
Mopar also used satin and bright chromed bezels to accentuate the
aluminum driver and console bezels. The car’s steering was also given
it’s own make-over in the form of an SRT wheel that has its own unique
prototype paddle shit controls. Yet despite those snazzy features, the
crown jewel of the interior is without question the car’s performance
seats that are made in Radar Red Nappa leather, which comes with bright
red stitching.


Both Dodge and Mopar have so far kept the pricing and availability of
the 2011 RedLine Charger under wraps. We’re thinking that since
they’ve pretty much given everything away, might as well keep
something as a surprise for the folks attending the SEMA show.


2011 Dodge RedLine Charger High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 381029

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind the two cars that are considered the
Charger’s main competitions: the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet
Camaro. Much to our dismay, the 2011 RedLine Charger will have to
stand fender-to-fender against a bevy of SEMA-bound Mustangs and
Camaros all by its lonesome. We’re not all that worried, though.
Seeing as this muscle machine reeks of red sexiness and has the
complementing performance power under it’s hood, the 2011 RedLine
Charger will undoubtedly hold its own against whatever car you put
right beside it.

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  (4) posted on 11.2.2010

this is amazing ... i love it

  (377) posted on 11.1.2010

that was a lovely red line for Dodge..

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