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Now that the Hellcat engine and its 707 horsepower has been introduced, it’s safe to say the 2015 Challenger is the most powerful, factory-build muscle car. But while the ink is still wet on the Challenger Hellcat and its outstanding performance figures, a brand-new concept is here to give Chrysler’s muscle car a totally new meaning. Meet the Challenger A/T Concept, the all-terrain pony that could put a Jeep Wrangler to shame.

Created by Joey Ruiter, the man behind several off-road vehicle, bike and even power boat projects, the Challenger A/T is still a concept car. However, the proposition is not just some silly idea thrown around just for kicks, but a highly customized Challenger that’s now capable to run across the desert alongside the Ford SVT Raptor. Will we be able to buy such a contraption at a Chrysler dealership? Not likely, but it’s a great idea to start from if you want to go dirt racing in a massive coupe like Dodge Challenger.

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Dodge Challenger A/T Concept in detail

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One quick glimpse at the A/T Concept is enough for any car enthusiast to realize this is not a regular Challenger. The large, off-road tires and the enlarged wheel arches are the first details that catch the eye, but this rock-climbing Challenger is more than that. Underneath the body lurks an unnamed truck platform with many heavy-duty parts. Front long travel arms, rear trailing arm with links, and a body armor with rock sliders are just a few of the bespoke parts added to enable the Challenger to tackle more than just city streets and drag strips.

2014 Dodge Challenger A/T Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Body modification include an integrated lower light bar up front, an inner fender wall, a repositioned exhaust system, and a spare tire truck mount. Like any serious off-road machine, the Challenger is also fitted with a tool storage compartment and all the necessary safety equipment. A set of black stripes run across the otherwise white body from hood to trunk. There’s no word on what engine lies under the hood, but Ruiter told Autoblog a modified V-6 would be the best option as far as weight is concerned. Fair enough, but I’ll have mine with the Hellcat V-8 in it!

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Combining our love of American muscle and off-roading.

When products work well in the worst extremes, it will work that much better in normal use. No curb, parking gate, city ramp, pot-hole, or incline will ever be an issue.

2014 Dodge Challenger A/T Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Meet the CONCEPT Dodge Challenger A/T with more muscle than ever. It’s sleek enough for the city nightlife and rough enough for the off-road landscape.

New Products developed for the 2015 challenger:
• Front long travel arms
• Rear trailing arm with links
• Body armor with rock sliders
• Fender flares
• Front skid plate
• Integrated lower light bar
• A/T logo badge

Body Modifications:
• Wheel well trimming
• Inner fender wall construction
• Exhaust tuck and reposition
• Spare tire truck mount
• Graphic twin striping
• Off-road tool storage and details
• Safety equipment

We pushed the performance, power and capabilities of the iconic Challenger from the street to the dirt. From body armor to racing seats, this ride is customized from top to bottom and ready for some serious use.

2014 Dodge Challenger A/T Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 566627

No matter where you’re going, this car will get you there. So pick your road, we’ve got the car.

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