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The Dodge Viper saga began in 1991, when Chrysler introduced the semi-supercar commonly known as the modern-day Cobra. The production model was based on a concept car showcased in 1989 and carried an 8.0-liter, V-10 engine under its long hood. Sold as a roadster at first, the Viper gained a coupe version in 1996, when the second-gen car was unveiled. Numerous upgrades were implemented until 2010, including a displacement increase to 8.3 liters and an output update to more than 500 horsepower, when the Viper was discontinued after four generations only to return as the SRT Viper in 2013. Heading into 2015, the SRT and Dodge brands have again become one, allowing the Dodge Viper SRT to return.

When the Viper returned under the SRT brand, it arrived with a redesigned body and a slightly larger engine. Enlarged to displace 8.4 liters, the V-10 powerplant delivered 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque, a figure that remained unchanged until 2014. Going into 2015, the iconic Viper remains pretty much the same, save for the name change, a five-pony power bump, and various, but minor interior and exterior upgrades.

Updated 07/28/2014: New details on the 2015 Dodge Viper report that the sports car will deliver an additional five horsepower over the 2014 SRT version. The only question is if the 645 horsepower will help boost the very poor sales of the sports car. (Road And Track)

Updated 09/08/2014: Dodge announced that the 2015 Viper will go on sale at a price of $84,995 - which represents a reduction of $15k over the previous year.

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  • 2015 Dodge Viper SRT
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  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    Six-speed manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    8.4 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.3 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    206 mph (Est.)
  • Price:
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2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579692
2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579711
2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579701
Aside from switching the SRT badge with a Dodge logo, exterior changes for the 2015 model year are mostly about new colors and new special-edition packages

Aside from switching the SRT badge with a Dodge logo, exterior changes for the 2015 model year are mostly about new colors and new special-edition packages. A GT model that slots between the entry-level Viper and the Viper GTS is also available, but this new model stands out from the regular "snake" by means of chassis settings and interior features.

Modifications are a bit more obvious on the Viper TA 2.0, basically an evolution of last year’s track-prepped, Time Attack model. The updated track-capable model comes with a new aerodynamic package, which includes new front dive planes, carbon-fiber front corner splitters, and a revised, larger rear wing. The latter brings significant improvements in terms of downforce, increasing the 2014 model’s 278 pounds at 150 mph to 400 pounds at the same speed. Also brand-new is the Yorange exterior finish — described as "a vibrant mix of bright orange and yellow tones" — which joins the familiar Competition Blue and Venom Black. Production will be limited to 32 examples of each of the three body colors.

Moving over to the GTS model, Dodge is now offering a Ceramic Blue Edition Package. The bundle adds an exclusive Ceramic Blue paint color with black stripes, and set of five-spoke Rattler wheels finished in Black Vapor Chrome. The package is rounded off by a GTS sill badge, a satin-black exhaust bezel, orange brake calipers, and carbon-fiber brake ducts and rear applique. Only 40 units of the GTS Ceramic Blue Edition Package will be built in 2015.

Lastly, both the GT and the GTS models can be ordered in Stryker Purple, an all-new "liquid mercury" color for the 2015 model year. The exterior stripe color packages have been enhanced as well, and now include Adrenaline Red.

Exterior Dimensions

Wheelbase 98.8 In. (2,510)
Track, Front 62.9 In. (1,598)
Track, Rear 61.0 In. (1,550)
Overall Length 175.7 In. (4,463)
Overall Width 76.4 In. (1,941)
Overall Height 49.1 In. (1,246)
Ground Clearance 5.0 In. (127)
Approach angle, degrees 10.73


2015 Dodge Viper SRT Interior
- image 579713
2015 Dodge Viper SRT Interior
- image 579715
2015 Dodge Viper SRT Interior
- image 579719
The interior remains unchanged on the base model, but the new GT trim is comes equipped with with standard Alcantara and Nappa leather seats

The interior remains unchanged on the base model, but the new GT trim is comes equipped with with standard Alcantara and Nappa leather seats finished in either black, Demonic Red or Sepia, with accent stitching. Unlike the GT, the TA 2.0 carries over with the same black interior with orange stitching on the racing seats, center stack, console, gear shifter, steering wheel and door panels.

The limited-edition Viper GTS Ceramic Blue Package, on the other hand, comes with a unique interior. Nearly every surface is covered in Alcantara and Nappa leather, while the remaining areas feature silver trims and carbon-fiber inserts. As with most limited-edition Vipers, the GTS Ceramic Blue is delivered with a carbon serialized badge on the dashboard.


2015 Dodge Viper SRT Drivetrain
- image 566741
The 2015 Viper continues with the same naturally aspirated, 8.4-liter V-10, but the engine now delivers an extra five horsepower for a new output of 645 ponies and 600 pound-feet of torque

The 2015 Viper continues with the same naturally aspirated, 8.4-liter V-10, but the engine now delivers an extra five horsepower for a new output of 645 ponies and 600 pound-feet of torque. The oomph travels to the rear wheels through the same Tremec TR6060, six-speed manual transmission.

Although the 0-to-60 mph sprint remains at around 3.3 seconds and top speed is achieved at the same 206-mph mark, the 2015 Viper does come with increased fuel economy due to engine calibration and transmission refinements. The sports car now returns 20 mpg on the highway, one mpg more when compared to last year’s model.

The GT and GTS models also benefit from a revised sixth gear ratio, resulting in reduced engine noise at highway cruising speeds.


Type and Description 10-cylinder, 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled
Displacement, liter (cu.in.) 8.4 (512)
Bore x Stroke 4.055 x 3.96 (103 x 100.6)
Flywheel Low-inertia aluminum with steel wear surface
Intake Three-piece shell molded, vibration-welded composite for improved flow, reduced weight and improved thermal performance
Valve System Overhead valve, variable-valve timing (VVT), 20 valves, roller-type hydraulic lifters
Fuel Injection Sequential, multiport, electronic
Construction Aluminum-alloy block with cast-iron liners, forged-aluminum pistons, forged-steel crankshaft, aluminum-alloy heads
Compression Ratio 10.2:1
Power (SAE net) 645 HP @ 6,200 RPM
Torque (SAE net) 600 LB-FT @ 5,000 RPM
Max. Engine Speed 6,400 rpm (fuel cutoff)
Fuel Requirement Unleaded premium — 91 octane (R+M)/2
Oil Capacity (with Filters) 11 qt. (10.4 liter)
Coolant Capacity 16 qt. (15 liter)

Suspension And Brakes

2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579703
Stopping power is provided by four-piston Brembo brakes with fixed-aluminum calipers at all corners.

All 2015 Viper comes with high-performance suspension, but the settings differ on each version. While the base sports car is fitted with a single-mode setup, the GTS features a driver-selectable system with Bilsten DampTronic Select shock absorbers with street and track settings. The new GT model is equipped with the latter as well.

Stopping power is provided by four-piston Brembo brakes with fixed-aluminum calipers at all corners. The vented rotors measure 14 inches on the base model. Two-piece rotors from StopTech are available on the Viper GTS, while the TA 2.0 has Black Anodized calipers. As far as tires go, all 2015 Viper models ride on Pirelli P Zero rubber. On the TA 2.0, the tires are updated to Pirelli P Zero Corsa for added grip.


2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579704

The 2015 Dodge Viper will be put on sale at a price of $84,995 - or about $15,000 less than on the previous year.


Chevrolet Corvette Z06

2014 - 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray High Resolution Exterior
- image 488998

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles once said the Viper shouldn’t be compared to the Corvette; and he’s right. The Viper was never intended to compete against the Corvette and it doesn’t benefit from the same heritage surrounding the Chevy-built sports car. However, the two have been paired together for comparisons ever since the Viper was launched, making Viper versus Vette shootouts as common as Mustang/Camaro encounters.

Rebuilt from the ground up for the 2014 model year, the current Corvette Stingray benefits from brand-new anything. In 2015, the Z06 hits the streets in the same new duds as its base-level sibling. Chevy finally ditched the familiar design seen on the C5 and C6 models, reworked the interior for a much-deserved premium feel, and developed a new V-8 engine. Dubbed LT4, the engine displaces 6.2 liters, and produces 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque.

The Corvette Z06 needs just 3.4 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60 mph, which is about on par with the Viper. The 2015 Z06 starts from $78,995.


2015 Dodge Viper SRT Exterior
- image 579711

Although these 2015 updates are far from enticing, the Viper is nothing to sneeze at. The horsepower and the race-bred dynamics are still there, while a bunch of additional colors and trims have been introduced to make the "snake" a bit more attractive. Hopefully the new GT model and the updated Time Attack package, as well as the new limited-edition GTS, will help increase the Viper’s lagging sales.

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    • Corvette Z06 is significantly cheaper


The Dodge Viper debuted as a concept car in 1989 and a pre-production car paced the Indy 500 race a year later. The production-ready Viper was showcased in 1991 and arrived in showrooms for the 1992 model year. The first-gen car featured an 8.0-liter, V-10 powerplant developed based on Dodge’s V-10 truck engine. Developed with input from Lamborghini, the unit delivered 400 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. The first-generation model was sold through 1995 and was only offered as a roadster. The coupe model arrived only four years later, when the 450-horsepower, second-gen model arrived.

The Viper was completely redesigned for 2003. The convertible was joined by a coupe model in 2007 and output was increased to more than 500 horsepower for the first time. 2003 also market the introduction of the larger, 8.3-liter V-10. The Viper was briefly discontinued for the 2007 model year and relaunched a year later. The fourth-generation model took the streets with 514 ponies on tap and only lasted until 2010, when production was interrupted for the second time. SRT resurfaced with a brand-new sports car in 2012. Unlike previous models, the redesigned Viper debuted as a coupe only and had its V-10 engine rebuilt into a 8.4-liter. With 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque at its disposal, the current Viper is the second most powerful production Chrysler after the Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Press Release

New for 2015, the iconic Dodge Viper SRT receives a new, mid-priced GT model along with numerous styling and performance enhancements across the vehicle lineup.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566730

“The Dodge brand is committed to keeping the ultimate American-built exotic supercar as unique as ever by offering new packages with some of the most exclusive and high-quality content we’ve ever produced in the Viper,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO — Dodge Brand, SRT (Street and Racing Technology) Brand and Fleet Operations, Chrysler Group LLC. “Our Dodge Viper customers crave new and exclusive options, which motivates our design and engineering teams to create special builds that continue to deliver our successful high-performance formula for street and track driving, while allowing our enthusiasts to stand out in their world-class supercars.”

The Dodge Viper SRT is produced at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit.

New GT model
New for 2015 is the Viper GT model that builds off the entry-level Viper by adding the driver-selectable suspension system, featuring Bilstein DampTronic Select shock absorbers with street and track settings, a five-mode electronic stability control system, and a unique interior with standard Alcantara and Nappa leather seats available in black, Demonic Red or Sepia, with accent stitching for the customer who wants a true Grand Touring performance machine.

The new Dodge Viper GT model will be priced between the Viper and Viper GTS models. Final pricing will be announced at a later date.

New 2015 Viper TA 2.0 Special Edition
The street-legal Dodge Viper SRT TA (Time Attack) 2.0 Special Edition is an evolution of the successful 2014 TA model and provides even more downforce with a new rear wing balanced with aerodynamic additions for the front of the car. The TA 2.0 is specifically built for performance enthusiast drivers who like to exercise their machines at the more than 150 road-race courses across North America.

The TA 2.0 Special Edition Package builds upon the Viper’s ultra-low center of gravity, 50/50 weight distribution and largest contact patch in the production car world. The Viper TA 2.0 uses chassis parts developed specifically by the SRT Engineering chassis dynamics team to attain the most out of the race-car-like chassis and create the most confidence inspiring Viper ever. SRT Engineering developed new spring rates, dampers, sway bars and brake components, combined as a system with the new rear wing and front aero devices, to create one of the most track-capable production cars in the world. The changes keep the Dodge Viper SRT TA 2.0 glued to the track, while the brake system is enhanced for improved balance and to resist thermal saturation during track work.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566731

Key high-performance equipment for the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT TA 2.0 Special Edition includes:

A new TA 2.0 Aerodynamics Package, which includes new front dive planes, carbon fiber front corner splitters with extended rub strips and a new, larger rear wing to boost downforce at higher speeds – increasing downforce from 278 pounds at 150 mph to 400 pounds at 150 mph compared with the 2014 Viper TA
Unique race-tuned calibration for the two-mode Bilstein DampTronic suspension system, retuned springs, shocks and road-racing derived sway bars, which offer firmer levels of damping and a smaller spread between modes than what is found on the Viper GTS
Lighter, carbon fiber structural X-brace replaces the standard aluminum brace under the hood and ties the four corners of the engine compartment together, contributing to the 50-percent increase in torsional rigidity and stiffness across the Viper lineup
Brembo two-piece, 32 millimeters wide, high-thermal capacity rotors and pads, which optimize heat dissipation and provide improved use in extreme track situations
Standard Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires are mounted on ultra-lightweight, multi-spoke Sidewinder II wheels. The brake calipers feature a black anodized finish with the Viper logo shown in TA Orange.

Inside, the performance driver-oriented cabin of the 2015 Viper TA 2.0 uses the standard premium ballistic fabric racing seats from Sabelt, featuring a lightweight fiberglass shell created by a state-of-the-art resin transfer molding technology for mass reduction and long-term durability. Both driver and passenger seats can also accommodate a three- or six-point harness for racing belts.

The standard black interior combination includes unique orange accent stitching on the cloth seats, instrument panel (through the cowl), center stack, console, pull brake, shifter boot, shifter head, steering wheel and upper doors.

On the exterior, the Viper TA 2.0 is available in three limited-edition colors: Competition Blue, Yorange, which is new for 2015, and Venom Black.

Production of the 2015 Viper TA 2.0 Special Edition packages will be limited to 32 units of each of the three exterior colors.

New 2015 Dodge Viper GTS Ceramic Blue Edition Package
The new Dodge Viper GTS Ceramic Blue Edition Package features an exclusive Ceramic Blue paint color with black stripes and five-spoke “Rattler” wheels finished exclusively in Black Vapor Chrome.

Unique exterior accents on the Ceramic Blue Edition Package include a GTS sill badge, Satin Black exhaust bezel, Ceramic Blue fuel filler door, orange brake calipers, carbon fiber brake ducts and rear applique.

Luxurious interior accents include Alcantara wrapped headliner, door bolsters and knee blockers; silver accent stitching on the Nappa leather-wrapped door trim, center console and instrument panel and on the Nappa leather and Alcantara seats. Silver accents are also added to the door panel and instrument panel. Carbon fiber accents are added throughout the center stack, door panels and steering wheel, and an exclusive carbon serialized GTS badge adorns the dashboard identifying the production number of the vehicle.

Only 40 units of the Viper GTS model with the Ceramic Blue Edition Package will be built during the 2015 model year.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566732

Stryker Purple and Yorange are new Viper colors for 2015
Available on the 2015 Viper GT and GTS models, new Stryker Purple expands the world-class exterior color palette with enhanced pigments and a “liquid mercury” appearance. The newest color is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who want to take their Dodge Viper SRT to the next level of exclusivity with a vivid and unique finish that reflects light to show off the dramatic curves of the Viper.

Yorange is the newest high-impact color made exclusively for the Viper model and offers a vibrant mix of bright orange and yellow tones.

The application of the exterior paint is a very detailed and intricate process, taking approximately eight hours to complete. The process first starts with a base color coat followed by a tinted mid-coat and topped off with a clear finish. Each coat application adds depth and accentuates the curvature of the Viper’s exterior design.

Awe-inspiring V-10 powertrain
The heart and soul of the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT is its venerable, handcrafted, all-aluminum 8.4-liter, mid-front V-10 overhead-valve engine, featuring an ultra-high-flow, lightweight composite intake manifold; high-strength forged pistons; sodium-filled exhaust valves; exhaust system catalysts to ease backpressure and an aluminum flywheel that reduces reciprocating losses.

Engine calibration and transmission refinements for 2015 raise the horsepower rating for the SRT-engineered V-10 to 645 horsepower, while fuel economy increases one mile per gallon (mpg) on the highway to 20 mpg. Engine torque remains at 600 lb.-ft. – the most torque of any naturally aspirated sports-car engine in the world.

Approximately 25 pounds have been shaved from the fully dressed engine compared with the previous-generation model (2010 model year).

The Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission features close gear ratios and a final-drive ratio of 3.55. Short shifter throws make the 2015 Dodge Viper models extremely engaging to drive. Its top speed of 206 mph is achieved through 6th gear with maximum engine speed (redline) at 6,200 rpm.

For 2015, a revised sixth gear ratio has been added for the Dodge Viper GT and GTS models, resulting in reduced engine noise at highway cruising speeds.

Outstanding ride, handling and capability
Starting with a stiffer structure that provides 50 percent more torsional rigidity than the previous generation model, the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT chassis benefits from numerous enhancements – many learned through racing efforts with Viper GTS-R, Competition Coupe and ACR-X models.

In addition to the aluminum X-brace under the hood that ties the suspension pickup points to the magnesium cowl super casting, an aluminum impact beam at the front of the car contributes to 50/50 weight distribution, while providing excellent crashworthiness. This also benefits torsional rigidity and stiffness.

Structurally, many reworked chassis components take advantage of new materials able to accommodate reduced thickness and complex shapes without compromising structural rigidity. The result is an overall weight savings of approximately 100 pounds versus the previous generation model.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566733

The Dodge Viper model includes a single mode, high-performance suspension, while the GTS model adds a driver-selectable suspension system featuring Bilstein DampTronic Select shock absorbers with street and track settings.

All 2015 Dodge Viper SRT models ride on standard Pirelli P Zero, Z-rated tires with outstanding grip, steering feel and cold-weather performance, regardless of road surface, while also broadening the performance envelope on the street or the track.

Standard safety technologies include electronic multistage stability control and traction control, which helps to maximize traction performance at virtually any speed and driving environment.

All 2015 Dodge Viper models feature a steering-wheel-mounted switch for the standard launch control, allowing for optimal acceleration from standing starts.

Benchmark braking
Brake performance for the 2015 Dodge Viper is engineered to provide short stopping distances, low modulation, outstanding durability and balanced brake performance without fading under extreme conditions.

Each corner features four-piston Brembo brakes with fixed-aluminum calipers and vented rotors boasting a diameter of 355 mm by 32 mm. Brake calipers are forged. All surfaces are machined for full weight optimization. The calipers are among the stiffest available. Heat distortion is nearly eliminated, even under the most demanding braking conditions.

Lightweight and slotted two-piece rotors from StopTech are standard on the Dodge Viper GTS models for 2015.

The new 2015 Viper TA 2.0 Special Edition Package features a Brembo brake system that increases thermal capacity and optimizes heat dissipation providing improved extreme use. The brake calipers on the 2015 SRT Viper TA 2.0 feature a black anodized finish with the Viper logo shown in TA Orange.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566734

Race-inspired, high-performance interiors
The driver-oriented interior cabins of all 2015 SRT Viper models feature superior craftsmanship, premium material appointments and performance-oriented technologies.

All major interior surfaces are sewn and wrapped, with additional padding applied in comfort areas.

Nappa leather seats with Alcantara inserts are included with the new Viper GT model along with accent stitching throughout the interior. Color combinations include a black interior with black seats, a black interior with Sepia seats, and a black interior with the new for 2015 Demonic Red seats.

On the Viper GTS model, Nappa leather-wrapped surfaces surround the cabin. Laguna leather seats and an Alcantara headliner are now standard. Accent colors are applied to the seats, doors, center console and stitching, including two-tone combinations of Sepia and black, and a Demonic Red and black combination.

Also available with the GTS is a fully wrapped premium Laguna leather interior in all black, all Sepia or all Demonic Red resulting in a luxurious full-dipped look.

Quality fit and finish is showcased across the lineup with details such as the triple paint-finished gun-metal appliqués on the cluster bezel, HVAC outlets, window-switch bezels, shifter base, park-brake bezel and the integrated passenger grab-handle on the center console.

An optional Interior Carbon Fiber Accents Package, which includes carbon fiber trim on the steering wheel, door switches, instrument cluster, grab handle, console shifter and center stack bezel, is also available.

Standard high-performance racing seats from Sabelt feature a lightweight shell created by a state-of-the-art resin transfer-molding technology for mass reduction and long-term durability. Both driver and passenger enjoy thigh support and deep side-bolsters designed to match the extreme lateral acceleration capabilities of the Dodge Viper SRT.

Seating positions provide ample room and performance-driving ergonomics. Seat travel stretches 90 mm overall for numerous seating options. Seat height also can be adjusted by up to 40 mm – manually on the Viper and GT models and power-controlled on the GTS.

A 7-inch, full-color, customizable instrument cluster with its full-time analog tachometer is designed specifically for the Dodge Viper SRT.

The dominant center tachometer display features an animated readout that glows red and shows off the new “Stryker” logo when engine rpm approaches redline, safely alerting the driver to upshift.

Drivers can configure the tachometer to display their last shift point and a peak rpm hold marker can be set up for optimum performance. Views include tachometer-only or tachometer with digital speed readout.

The customizable instrument cluster provides an unmatched presentation of the exclusive Dodge SRT Performance Pages’ statistics and feedback to the driver, including 0-to-60 mph; 0-to-100 mph; eighth- and quarter-mile elapsed times; braking distance; instant g-force measurement readouts and top-speed performance.

The 8.4-inch Uconnect radio doubles as a display for Dodge SRT Performance Pages content, such as quarter-mile elapsed time and speed. Data also can be stored for future reference.

Uconnect Access provides new level of connectivity
The 2015 Dodge Viper SRT lineup features the Uconnect 8.4AN system and a suite of Uconnect Access services.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566735

The Uconnect 8.4AN system provides a range of communications, entertainment and navigation features along with an easy-to-use interface that includes steering-wheel controls, touchscreen, voice recognition technology and traditional buttons. The system balances the convenience of an 8.4-inch touchscreen with the reassurance of tactile knobs for common functions such as radio tuning volume adjustment. A menu of touchscreen buttons along the bottom of the screen enable easy access to the radio, media, climate controls, navigation, phone and apps.

As part of the new suite of Uconnect Access services, breakthrough voice-text capability is enabled via voice command.

Pairing the vehicle with a compatible Bluetooth-equipped phone featuring the Message Access Profile (MAP) enables handsfree calling and activates the new voice texting feature, which:

Announces receipt of a text message sent to the device
Audibly identifies the sender
“Reads” the message aloud
Enables the driver to dictate a free-form response

Leveraging the high-speed data connection built into the car, the driver can access cloud-based voice-recognition technology that converts the spoken word into verbatim text messages. Communication is limited only by the user’s vocabulary – no need to let go of the steering wheel or learn lists of “pre-determined” responses, as required by competitive systems.

Similarly, the Viper’s available navigation system affords the use of continuous, single-sentence instructions, such as: “Navigate to 800 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, Michigan.”

Not sure where you need to go? Ask Yelp. The powerful social media connected search service will provide a recommended list of restaurants, or other landmarks. Choose a destination and, if equipped, the Uconnect system will plot a route on command.

The system also raises the security bar, using its high-speed data connection to establish direct contact with 9-1-1 dispatchers at the push of a button. A second button connects vehicle occupants with Uconnect help, Chrysler Group customer service or roadside assistance. (Both buttons are located on the Viper’s rearview mirror.)

Additional peace of mind comes in the form or theft-alarm notification, stolen-vehicle assistance and a smartphone app. The latter remotely locks and unlocks doors, flashes lights, sounds the horn and pinpoints vehicle location in places such as crowded parking lots.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566736

Once behind the wheel, its sculpted contours welcome a driver’s grip. The steering wheel also is home to a host of fingertip mounted controls for audio, Uconnect features and launch control.

SiriusXM Travel Link, available with the Uconnect 8.4AN system, provides premium data services and information to make every trip more efficient. SiriusXM Traffic, also only available with Uconnect 8.4AN, works with the vehicle’s navigation system to display traffic speed, traffic flow and accident information to assist travel through congested areas.

An expanded SiriusXM channel lineup is available and includes programming exclusive to Chrysler Group, including the new SiriusXM Latino channels, an auto industry first.

A range of Harman Kardon surround-sound systems are available across the Dodge Viper SRT lineup that features the latest in audio system technology. All Harman Kardon audio systems include a high-voltage class D amplifier with tracking power supply and up to 12 channels of amplification. The Harman Kardon system with exclusive Logic 7 surround-sound processing is standard in the Dodge Viper GTS model with a total of 18 speakers, including four subwoofers located behind the seats.

All Harman Kardon systems in the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT lineup include high-performance, high-efficiency GreenEdge technology loudspeakers that are extremely light and include rare earth magnets. The magnets inside each speaker ensure efficient speaker operation and enhanced performance. The audio system is powered by a 35-volt tracking power supply – so the new and improved sound system achieves more than double the acoustic power of the current system.

Refined evolution of SRT’s hallmark – aggressive and functional exterior designs
The timeless exterior design of the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT lineup blends contemporary execution with evolutionary refinement.

Carbon-fiber hood, roof, decklid and aluminum door panels result in significant weight savings, high-speed stability and a .369 drag coefficient while still achieving negative lift.

The forward-hinged hood offers unobtrusive access to several service points underneath. Six standard air extractors on the Viper and GT models (available on GTS model) or two standard air extractors on the GTS model remove heat from the SRT-engineered V-10 powerplant. The “Stryker” badge is positioned in the center of the hood in front of the air intake.

The classical low-stance, extreme cab-rearward proportions and dramatic fender “gills” – another traditional Viper design cue that also helps to extract heat from the engine compartment, comprise the unmistakable silhouette of the iconic supercar.

The 2015 Viper models feature a contemporary take on the traditional “double-bubble” roof configuration that maximizes headroom for the driver and passenger while maintaining a low frontal area – allowing additional room for helmets during recreational competitive driving.

The optional Exterior Carbon Fiber Package includes carbon fiber brake ducts located in the front grille opening, carbon fiber rear brake ducts behind the side glass and a carbon fiber rear applique.

The optional Advanced Aerodynamics Package features carbon fiber front corner splitters and a carbon fiber rear spoiler, which provide 280 pounds of downforce at 150 mph and 460 pounds of downforce at top speed.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 566737

Dual-function, bi-xenon projector headlamps are tightly packaged with white light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lamps and LED turn signals in a sinister “snake eye” configuration.

Functional “blisters” incorporated into the 70 mm projector headlamp lenses create a three-dimensional view that gives Viper a distinctive glare.

The lower-front grille is purposefully designed as an evolution of the traditional Viper low-profile cooling opening configuration and discretely carries a refined V-shape structure.

The exhaust system continues to exit forward of the rear wheels and carries further refinement with cast aluminum, sill-mounted exhaust bezels.

All 2015 Dodge SRT Viper models carry LED tail lamps that integrate stop-and-turn illumination in one element. Snakeskin texture in the lens carries the surface work seen in the gills and hood textures. With dark-masked lenses, the horizontal lamps appear dark until the LED elements fire. Each lamp carries 50 LEDs that provide a unified “crystallized” illumination effect.

The five-spoke, forged-aluminum “Rattler” wheel design on the 2015 Viper model is available with fully polished (standard), fully painted Hyper Black or fully painted Matte Black finishes.

The Viper GTS has a split six-spoke forged-aluminum “Venom” wheel design with three available finishes, including polished face with graphite-painted pockets (standard), fully painted Hyper Black or fully painted Matte Black.

The available Sidewinder II wheels are ultra-lightweight, track-ready wheels in Hyper Black or Matte Black finishes. The Matte Black finished wheels are included in the TA Special Edition Package.

Exterior color choices for 2015 consist of the following:

Viper model: Adrenaline Red, Billet Silver, Black Venom, Bright White, Competition Blue, GTS-R Blue, Gunmetal Pearl and Yorange (new for 2015)
TA Special Edition Package is available in Competition Blue, Venom Black or Yorange
GT model: Adrenaline Red, Billet Silver, Black Venom, Bright White, Competition Blue, GTS-R Blue, Gunmetal Pearl, Stryker Orange and Stryker Purple
GTS model: Adrenaline Red, Anodized Carbon, Billet Silver, Black Venom, Bright White, Ceramic Blue, Competition Blue, GTS-R Blue, Gunmetal Pearl, Stryker Orange and Stryker Purple

Two distinctive body stripe configurations are offered. The Viper GTS models are available with a pair of tapered stripes starting on the clamshell hood and making their way onto the roof and finishing on the rear hatch. The Viper, GT and GTS models are available with a pair of wide stripes running the length of the coupe from front to rear fascia.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Stripe configurations are expertly applied in the paint booth before the main body color. Only after the paint is cured, a final clear coat is used to ensure the stripes are an integral part of the finished product.

Exterior stripe color packages include: Black Venom, Billet Silver, Bright White, Gunmetal Pearl and, new for 2015, Adrenaline Red.

Press Release - September 8, 2014

Dodge is reconfirming its commitment to the future of the Viper and repositioning the iconic Detroit-built supercar for 2015, giving the snake more horsepower, improved fuel economy and a new starting price $15,000 less than the 2014 model it replaces.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
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For 2015, the hand-built American exotic now delivers an increased 645 horsepower, gets up to 20 miles per gallon and is offered at a new starting U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $84,995 (all prices exclude tax, title, license, destination and gas guzzler tax).

Reaching back into its 100-year history, Dodge is using the formula that successfully launched the original 1992 Dodge Viper, but with even more power, refinement and craftsmanship. Adjusting for inflation, the 2015 model year Viper is priced competitively to the first generation Viper, as calculated by Kelley Blue Book. When Viper was first introduced, the U.S. MSRP was $50,700. Adjusted for inflation — that equates to $86,130 in today’s dollars.

“The Gen 1 Viper had 400 horsepower. It didn’t have air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, traction control or stability control. It didn’t even have real windows. It was the purest, rawest and most visceral American performance car of its time,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO — Dodge and SRT Brands. “The Gen 5 Viper maintains the purity of the original car, with its seductive design, perfect weight balance and all-aluminum V10 with an additional 245 horsepower. But the rawness has been tamed with state-of-the-art five-mode ESC, two-mode suspension, ABS, traction control, launch control and a lightweight structure comprised of carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum. Despite the Gen 5’s massive leap forward in technology and performance, we’re pulling its starting price back to the equivalent of the original Gen 1 car.”

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
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Dodge is repositioning every Viper model with a lower starting price.

In addition to the new starting price, all existing Gen 5 Viper owners will get a certificate worth $15,000 that can be redeemed toward the purchase of a new Dodge Viper. This $15,000 certificate is in addition to the $15,000 price reduction.

Effective immediately, all existing 2014 model year Vipers in dealer inventory will also be re-invoiced and receive a new Monroney label that highlights the $15,000 price reduction.

Dodge is also expanding Viper sales beyond the current SRT network of dealers. More than 2,300 Dodge dealers will be able to sell the 2015 Dodge Viper.

2015 Dodge Viper SRT High Resolution Exterior
- image 566733

“We have a saying at Dodge: ‘If you know... you know,’ and if you know Viper, you know this is big news,” Kuniskis added, “and if you don’t know Viper, it’s time to check it out and see what makes owning and driving the iconic Viper so much more unique, exclusive and interesting than any other American performance vehicle.”

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Press release

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