• 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock

The Challenger SRT Super Stock is a cool Hellcat Redeye with Demon parts

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The 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock is the special-edition, SRT-tuned version of the Dodge Challenger. Developed for racing at the drag strip, but still road-legal, the 2021 Challenger SRT Super Stock bridges the gap between the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and the Challenger SRT Demon.

In short, the Super Stock is pretty much an upgrade package for the Redeye model. Fitted with a supercharged, 6.2-liter V-8 engine rated at 807 horsepower and capable of hitting 60 mph in 3.25 seconds, the 2021 Challenger SRT Super Stock is described by Dodge as the world’s quickest and most powerful muscle car. Let’s find out if this statement is true in the review below.


  • It’s a regular Hellcat Redeye
  • Widebody kit
  • Drag radials from the Demon
  • Wider wheels
  • No front skinnies like the Demon
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Looks like a sleeper
  • Hellcat emblems
2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917275

The Challenger SRT Super Stock gets its name from the Super Stock class of vehicles in drag racing. Back in the day, these vehicles looked like ordinary passenger cars, but they were highly modified racers under the shell. We could call them sleepers. This description is perfect for the Challenger SRT Super Stock, as this car looks identical to the SRT Hellcat Redeye, but it stands out when it comes to performance.

The Super Stock is based on the Hellcat Redeye Widebody, so it features the same widebody kit that adds 3.5 inches of width front and rear.

The wideness comes from the big wheel arches attached to the front and rear fenders and their purpose is to make room for the wider wheels and tires.

What sets the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock apart from the Hellcat Redeye?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917280

If you’re not into drag racing, you won’t be able to notice. The Super Stock model features the exact same body as the Hellcat Redeye Widebody and it doesn’t even come with "Super Stock" badges or anything similar.

So how do you know it's not the regular Hellcat Redeye? Well, you'll have to look closer at the wheels and tires.

The rims are 18-by-11-inch rollers finished in Low Gloss Granite and feature a five-spoke, star-like design. Although unique to this model, they’re not particularly striking. However, it’s the tires that really set this car apart since the Super Stock is using 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radials. The sticky rubber is borrowed from the Challenger SRT Demon and provides much more grip than regular tires at the drag strip.

Exterior-wise, the Challenger SRT Super Stock is essentially a Hellcat Redeye Widebody with Demon tires.

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917255

You can pick from 13 different exterior colors for this model, all taken from the regular Challenger palette. Choices include flashy colors inspired by the golden era of muscle cars, as well as more modern finishes for a more restrained look. Options include: F8 Green, Frostbite, Go Mango, Granite, Hellraisin, IndiGo Blue, Octane Red, Pitch Black, Sinamon Stick, Smoke Show, TorRed, Triple Nickel, and White Knuckle.


  • A regular Hellcat Redeye inside
  • Optional rear-seat delete
  • Sporty front seats
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Digital displays
  • Silver stitching
  • Colored upholstery options
  • Hellcat badges
  • You can’t order two-tone interiors
2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Interior
- image 917264
Dodge really had nothing to say about the Super Stock's interior and that's simply because there are no special features to talk about.

The interior was transplanted entirely from the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye so you can expect the exact same features.

Probably the most important bit about it is that it can be ordered with a rear-seat delete, just like the Demon. This means you can get rid of a bit of weight for those quick quarter-mile runs you may want to score on the drag strip. The front seats are also sportier than usual and they offer solid lateral support. Granted, you don’t need much of that while driving in a straight line, but it will come in handy while driving to and back from the race track.

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917267

The muscle car also features a signature, leather-wrapped, flat-bottom steering wheel with a backlit SRT logo and paddle shifters and red gauges on each side of the instrument cluster display. The screen comes with the familiar performance timers and a Hellcat logo splash screen at start-up. The big question is whether the Super Stock features the same 220-mph speedometer like the Redeye. Since the car won’t hit 200 mph due to tire limitations, it could feature the standard 200-mph speedo of the regular Hellcat model.

Just like the Redeye, the Super Stock comes with silver seat and console stitching, light black chrome accents, and a gunmetal grey SRT Hellcat dashboard badge. The latter also has a Redeye logo. When it comes to upholstery colors, Dodge only offers three of the five available hues. That’s black, Demonic Red, and Sepia. Black combined with Caramel or Ruby Red are not available on Super Stock, even though you can buy them with the Hellcat Redeye model.


  • Supercharged 6.2-liter V-8
  • 807 horsepower
  • 707 pound-feet of torque
  • More power than Hellcat Redeye
  • 0 to 60 mph in 3.25 seconds
  • Top speed at 168 mph
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Engine tech from the Demon
2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Drivetrain
- image 917269

The Challenger SRT Super Stock draws juice from the same supercharged, 6.2-liter V-8 engine that Dodge dropped in the Demon, but the unit isn’t as powerful since it misses some of the Demon’s key internals. But it’s a bit more powerful than the Hellcat Redeye.

What sets the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock apart from the SRT Hellcat Redeye?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917272
For starters, the supercharged V-8 mill is rated at 807 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque. The torque figure is identical to the Redeye, but the Super Stock benefits from an extra 10 horsepower.

Compared to the Demon, the Super Stock lags behind by just one horsepower, but only if we’re talking about a Demon powered by 91 octane gasoline. When fed 100 octane fuel, the Demon is capable of 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque, 33 horses and 63 pound-feet more than the Super Stock.

Is the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock quicker than the SRT Hellcat Redeye?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917276

You’d be tempted to think that 10 extra horses won’t make much of a difference, but the tweaked suspension, the performance-tuned limited-slip differential, and the drag-spec tires enable the Super Stock to hit 60 mph from a standing start in 3.25 seconds. That’s 1.5 seconds quicker than the SRT Hellcat Redeye. On the other hand, the Super Stock doesn’t feature all the tech in the Demon so it’s more than a second slower. When fitted with all the options, the Demon hits 60 mph in 2.1 seconds, making it the quickest road-legal car in the world.

When it comes drag strip performance, the Super Stock runs the quarter mile in 10.5 seconds at 131 mph. That's 0.6 seconds quicker than the Hellcat Redeye and 0.3 seconds faster than the same car with the Widebody option.

Compared to the Demon, the Super Stock runs the benchmark 0.85 seconds slower, while trap speed drops by nine mph. The Demon is officially rated at 9.65 seconds at 140.1 mph.

Is the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock faster than the Hellcat Redeye?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917282

While it can leave the Redeye behind in a straight line, the Super Stock isn’t as capable when it comes to top speed. Because it’s fitted with drag radial tires, this model won’t hit more than 168 mph. Granted, this is a lot given that most performance coupes are rated at 155 mph as standard, but the Super Stock falls behind other variants of the Challenger. The Hellcat, for instance, is rated at 199 mph, while the Hellcat Redeye is capable of 203 mph. The Demon is also limited to 168 mph with the drag radial tires, but optional high-speed tires will enable it to reach beyond 200 mph.

All the performance above is possible thanks to a handful of features borrowed from the Demon. The Super Stock features the Launch Assist feature, which prevents wheel hop and reduces loads in the driveline by up to 20 percent. It also comes with Launch Control, which holds the engine at optimal launch rpm until you release the brake. Line Lock engages the front brakes to hold the car in place but leaves the rear wheels free to spin, while Torque Reserve closes the bypass valve to balance engine rpm and torque.

The Super Stock also features Race Cooldown, an industry-first feature that minimizes heat soak effects by keeping the engine’s cooling fan and coolant pump running after the engine is shut down. The Power Chiller, also offered in the Hellcat Redeye, diverts the air-conditioning refrigerant to a chiller so it can lower the air intake temperature for improved performance.

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917283

So what other extras will you get with the Super Stock package? This Challenger also features a uniquely tuned Bilstein high-performance adaptive damping suspension, which helps to shift as much weight as possible to the rear tires at launch for maximum traction. It’s also fitted with a performance-tuned, asymmetrical limited-slip differential with a 3.09 final drive.

Driving mode options include a Track Mode that sets the front Bilstein shocks for firm compression and soft rebound damping, while the rear shocks are set for firm compression and firm rebound damping. This layout remains active as long as you drive the car with a wide open throttle.

When you release the gas pedal, the system switches back to soft compression and firm rebound to improved handling. The traction control system is disabled in this mode to enable the rear wheels to spin for a burnout. However, the electronic stability control system remains engaged for maximum straight-line performance.

Stopping power comes from lightweight, all-aluminum Brembo calipers and 14.2-inch vented rotors.

How much does the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock cost?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917259

Pricing information for the Super Stock model is not yet available, but since it’s a Hellcat Redeye with some extra features, it should cost a bit more than the latter. The Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody comes in at $78,295, so the Super Stock will cost more than that, but it will probably fetch a bit less than the Demon, priced from $84,995.

Does the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock have any competitors?

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917256

We could compare the Super Stock to beefed-up muscle cars made by Chevy and Ford, like the Shelby GT500, but the truth is that these companies don’t offer a suitable competitor. Although both Chevy and Ford produce drag-spec race cars, they do not offer road-legal versions that you can take at the track. What’s more, the Shelby GT500 doesn’t even come close to the Super Stock in terms of output and performance.


2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Exterior
- image 917286

Dodge said that it won’t build another Demon and so far the limited-edition Challenger doesn’t have a successor. But the Super Stock comes close as a Hellcat Redeye Widebody model with some features and tech borrowed from the Demon. But is it the world’s quickest and most powerful muscle car as Dodge claims in its press release? No! The Demon is more powerful and notably quicker. However, Dodge almost got it right, because the Super Stock is the quickest and most powerful muscle car in production right now.

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    • Drag radials not suited for road use
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