Dodge has a storied history that goes back to 1900, but it’s biggest claim to fame was its muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s. And, that heritage still lives on today with models like the Challenger and Charger, both of which can be had with a 707-horsepower, Hemi V-8. The Challenger has also been offered in Demon form with even better performance. Outside of muscle cars, the Dodge brand is also known for the Durango SUV and Dodge Grand Caravan. The company still sells the Dodge Journey, but it seems as if nobody really buys it, and it’s beyond due for retirement. Dodge Ram pickup trucks are now sold under the RAM brand aren’t associated with the Dodge name anymore.

Dodge should be introducing next-gen versions of the Challenger and Charger in the next few years, and maybe even a replacement for the Journey. For now, however, the brand keeps a small lineup of just five vehicles that all start below the $30,000 mark, with the exception of the Dodge Durango that starts at $30,150.

What is the Cheapest Dodge?

The Dodge Journey wears the crown for cheapest in the Dodge lineup with a starting price of just $22,995, which isn’t a bad price for a midsized crossover. Of course, Dodge couldn’t charge much for the Journey as it went into production back in 2008 and has never seen a real redesign since. Dodge has a bad habit of letting models live longer than they should, and the Journey is a prime example of this. While it might be the cheapest and will get the job done, the chassis underneath is old and outdated, as is the technology inside. Be that as it may, Dodge still managed to move nearly 100,000 examples of the Journey last year, which really isn’t bad for an 11-year-old design in the grand scheme of things.

What is the Sportiest Dodge?

Believe it or not, the Charger, Challenger, and Durango are all sporty in their own right, and all three can take home the trophy for being the sportiest. The Charger is the brand’s only sedan offering and, if you’re into sedans, you’ll find that it’s a pretty sporty proposition for something that starts below $20,000. It’s definitely sportier than comparable offerings from Ford and Chevy. The Challenger is our personal favorite and is a pretty sporty coupe with a lot of muscle car DNA built in. The Dodge Durango is a prime example of what a sporty SUV is supposed to look like, and it can even be had with a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8.

What is the Most Popular Dodge?

Dodge’s most popular model is the Dodge Grand Caravan, with sales totaling 151,927 for all of 2018, with the second best seller being the Journey (yes the one that it seems nobody still buys). If you add the sales of the Charger (around 80,000 for 2018) and the Challenger (around 66,000 for 2018) they wouldn’t match the high sales number of the Grand Caravan. Part of the Caravan’s success, however, is the fact that it’s used largely by municipalities and is also great for customization for handicap drivers.

What is the Most Expensive Dodge?

With the Dodge Viper no longer in the lineup, Dodge’s most expensive model is the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. It is powered by the same 6.2-liter HEMI V-8 but delivers 797 Horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque. It’s the closest you can get to the now sold-out Dodge Demon and commands an entry price of $77,945. That’s $43,000 more than the entry-level Challenger. If you’re interested in sedans, the most expensive Charger is the SRT Hellcat with 707 horsepower and an entry price of $67,495.

What is the Fastest Dodge?

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is actually, somehow, 1 mph faster than the Challenger Hellcat Redeye with a claimed top speed of 204 mph. Be that as it may, the Challenger Hellcat Redeye is able to hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and run a 10.8-second quarter-mile straight off the production line. If that’s not fast enough for you, then you shouldn’t be looking at an American car company to quench your thirst for speed.

Are Dodges Reliable?

How reliable a Dodge really is varies greatly depending on who you ask. According to JD Power, Dodge is ranked No. 29 in the U.S. out of all major automakers, beating out only Fiat, Land Rover, and Volvo. According to JD Power, Dodge has been found to have 178 problems per 100 vehicles built. On the other hand, Repair Pal ranks that Dodge brand with a four out of five rating, or No. 15 out of 32 car brands. According to that outlet, the average cost of repair is $580, which is $51 below average, while the frequency of unexpected repairs comes down to 0.3 times per year, 0.1 times below average. 13 percent of all unscheduled repairs for Dodge models is considered severe. So, as you can see, there are polarizing opinions.