Fresh off of an excellent season in the Dutch GT4 series Donkervoort Racing has announced that they plan to bring the D8 GT racing car to its very first endurance race run twice around the clock next January when they compete in the 2010 24 Hours of Dubai. The tube frame race car complete with carbon fiber bodywork has already proven itself in competition and is expected to do quite well at the event.

2010 Donkervoort D8 GT 24 Hour Endurance Edition
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However, in order to ensure that the D8 doesn’t run itself out of the competition, Donkervoort Racing has revised the brake and fuel systems for the endurance race. Meanwhile the race car will become a bit more competitive thanks to a new rear diffuser that will provide a little more downforce for the lightweight racer. The Donkervoort Racing team has high hopes for he upcoming 24 Hour race in Dubai on January 14, 15 and 16 at the out of this world Dubai Autodrome. As a special treat for their fans, the sports car builder is extending an invitation to all owners and dealers so that they may join them at the event, however they haven’t forgotten about the folks who make things possible back at the factory in Lelystad, so they have also arranged for a very special television viewing for the hometown audience.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

After obtaining the vice-championship in the FIA GT4 European Cup and the guest race in the Dutch GT4, Donkervoort Racing will participate in the 24 Hours of Dubai in January of 2010. This will be the very first 24-hour race for the Donkervoort D8 GT, which was introduced in 2007 and has been racing since 2008. With the brand new and specially developed 24-hour edition of the D8 GT, famous Dutch race car driver Peter Kox and European GT4 driver Nico Pronk (CH), Stéphane Wintenberger (F) and Denis Donkervoort (NL) will race in this challenging long-distance race on January 14, 15 and 16 at the ultra-modern Dubai Autodrome.

New developments

2010 Donkervoort D8 GT 24 Hour Endurance Edition
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All developments and experiences gained during the FIA GT4 European Cup are incorporated into the brand new Donkervoort D8GT(4) 2010. The brake- as well as the fuel system have, among others, been adjusted. However, the adapted hybrid chassis/body with carbon fiber sandwich panels combined with the existing tubular frame construction maybe is the most noteworthy adjustment. Furthermore, the aerodynamics underneath the car were further improved for extra down force. It has resulted in a new rear-diffuser, which has influenced the entire look of the rear of the car at the same time. All in all, these technical innovations have attributed to high expectations for the Donkervoort Racing team for the upcoming 24-hour race in Dubai.

Donkervoort Events

Naturally, Donkervoort Events will also use this special occasion to offer its customers a variety of additional attractive possibilities during and directly after this 24-hour event.

2010 Donkervoort D8 GT 24 Hour Endurance Edition
- image 338041

This exciting race-event offers a unique opportunity for Donkervoort-drivers as well as Donkervoort Events customers. Solely as a Donkervoort-supporter or combined with other business objectives, these guests will cheer on the Donkervoort race team and get an exclusive ’inside’ look during the race with among others a Meet & Greet with Peter Kox, listening along with the on-board radio contact during the race and access to the Donkervoort VIP Lounge.

But the stay-at-homes are not forgotten either. For in the months of February, March and April the Donkervoort 24 Hour Experience will be offered in the factory in Lelystad (in a limited number). Accompanied by Dutch TV-presenter Bert van den Dool, groups as well as companies will be provided an exclusive look behind the scenes of Donkervoort during the races. Through film-, photo- and on-board footage, but also through live-interviews with one of the race drivers and the head of engineering of Donkervoort Racing, guests will get a unique on the excitement, atmosphere and experiences during the 24 Hours of Dubai 2010.

2010 Donkervoort D8 GT 24 Hour Endurance Edition
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  (488) posted on 11.24.2011

Well, they really justify the name of this vehicle for the fact that it truly looks so massive with its platform, and I also noticed that it looks very exotic on its graphic design, which is one of its noticeable qualities.

  (595) posted on 08.25.2011

If the body of the car is pure carbon, then it has a big chance on winning the race. However, since it is an endurance race car, the power train must be twice the power of standard. By the way, it is dated 2010, did it won?

  (592) posted on 11.30.2010

Endurance races are really exciting. Considering that the tactics that a team shall consider doesn’t only include one driver, one set of tires, some pit stops and the condition. I like the design 2010 Donkervoort D8 GT, well, actually the only thing I like about it is the old school look with the scissor door. I do hope it finishes the race.

  (780) posted on 12.14.2009

I think it’s featured on a GT game. Anyways I’m not a Toyota fan in terms of car assembly because I have some blue print of their work. I think when people see this car they’ll say "yeah, it’s cool, what else?"

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