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2012 DR Sprint

2012 DR Sprint

DR Motors isn’t exactly well-known considering they were just founded in 2006 and currently only have two SUVs (DR3 and DR5) and one city car (DR1) under their belt, but their name may just start to be uttered more frequently with a new and faster addition to their lineup. DR boss, Massimo Di Risio, recently attended the Bologna Motor Show with an announcement of a future super car: the DR Sprint. Sound odd considering there isn’t even a sports car in their lineup? Well, yes, but Di Risio’s ties with Saleen may have a little to do with this.

The DR Sprint will be a rear-engined model - not front-engined as previously rumored - and will put out an impressive 750hp. These facts, along with the sketch provided that ends a nod over to the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, lead us to believe that Di Risio may have etched this plan straight from the American supercar. Add the fact that Di Risio serves as the official importer for the S7 in Italy and we have ourselves a solid hypothesis. Either way, the DR Sprint looks aggressive and sporty; two key factors needed for a successful model. 750 rushing ponies doesn’t hurt either.

The new DR Sprint will make its official debut at the Top Marques Monaco, the prestigious motoring event dedicated to luxury cars, scheduled for April 14th-17th, 2011. We’ll bring more details for the DR Sprint at that time.

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