The German tunerEdo Competition is usually focusing on models from Ferrari or Lamborghini, but this time they came with the M5 Dark Edition - a 555 HP BMW M5 wagon that wants to prove that even family cars can be fun.

The most important part of he tuning package is of course the engine update. The tuner is offering a recalibrated ECU, high-flow air filters and catalytic converters as well as a newly developed high-performance exhaust system that will increase the engine’s output from 500 to 555 HP and the peak torque from 384 lbs-ft to 413 lbs-ft. Also, after removing the speed limiter the car can hit a top speed of 190 mph. The 0 to 60 mph sprint is also made 0.5 seconds faster (4.2 seconds).

The package also includes a modified front and the new rear skirt, a new rear wing and a new set of 20" light alloy wheels with painted centers and Dunlop tires. The interior combined carbon fiber with precious leather, making the M5 a very elegant and enjoyable car.


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  (445) posted on 10.7.2011

In technical terms, this has the true course of engine update. The systems the functions goes into a development. Increasing engine’s output, guess this build to make more powerful specification.

  (377) posted on 09.13.2011

Impressive style, whether or not it was an Edo edition, which I like, unlike with the rims but the rest is excellent, well created.

  (384) posted on 08.24.2011

The 60 MPH is not the maximum speed of the car. It is the sprint speed of the car, and I can say that these are nice numbers. I agreed that the M package really makes the car look great.

  (580) posted on 08.19.2011

Hell, the speed performance of the car is quite great and it seems faster in terms of 0-60 mph. The M package really makes the vehicle more sporty!

  (474) posted on 08.19.2011

As expected from the tuning company they have offered an impressive production for this car. The styling was great and the speed performance is awesome as well.

  (466) posted on 07.7.2011

This one really looks pretty good from all aspects. In particular, I really find the engine upgrades to be noteworthy. They only did minor ones here, but the results are amazing.

  (397) posted on 07.6.2011

I would agree with you guys, it’s really a good thing that they did a lot of engine upgrades on this one. I makes the car more aggressive now, especially with the fact that it can now hit 190 mph.

  (441) posted on 07.6.2011

500 to 555hp family car? Well that’s quite impressive. This Edo Competition has tuned the BMW M5 really well. It’s almost a sports car after all.

  (399) posted on 07.5.2011

Yes, they are now finally releasing custom builds of the M5, I would say that they have done a find work on this one, I really like the blcack color on this ride.

  (599) posted on 07.5.2011

For a aftermarket version car, the first thing that I’m looking forward is the engine update which I have seen on this car. The 55 hp boost in the power output on this edition is quite impressive. However, I think they forgot to modified the exterior of the car.

  (776) posted on 07.5.2011

If engine update is the most important part of tuning package then how come some aftermarket company focus more on the exterior of the car?

Well, I’m thankful that BMW understand on what the dealer wanted.

The boost power of this car is quite impressive and as expected the M package makes the car look gorgeous.

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