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2017 Elemental Rp1

2017 Elemental Rp1

An open-top two-seater designed for next-level performance

What does it mean to create a car without compromise? After more than four years of development, Elemental Motor Company says it now has the answer – the Rp1. Although it’s Elemental’s very first production model, the Rp1 comes with loads of promise thanks to the experience of the individuals that created it, whose backgrounds include stints in aerospace and the top levels of motorsport. These influences become evident with one glance at the Rp1’s spec sheet – carbon-fiber tub, pushrod suspension, 0-to-60 mph in less than three seconds, and over 880 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. Oh, and one more thing – it’s street legal.

So then, what we have here is a highly advanced, expertly crafted, power-to-weight-obsessed destroyer of lap times that you can use to pick up your kid from school. Splendid.

This production Rp1 is actually the third iteration of the vehicle. Although an early prototype was released just last year, Elemental says it’s been quite busy in the interim.

“The collective sum of the adjustments we’ve made to make the production car amounts to a fundamental leap in terms of quality, driving dynamics, performance and safety over its forebear,” said John Begley, Elemental’s Technical Director and Founder.

The Rp1 will see its first public test in the Hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, June 23rd to the 26th. But while it’s sure to put on an impressive show, what makes this particular British-made track special, well, special? Read on to find out.

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2015 Elemental RP-1

2015 Elemental RP-1

Open top road/track cars have become the rage these days. That’s especially true in Great Britain where seemingly a new startup comes to life promising to take the segment to a new level. Elemental is the latest to try its luck and it has come out swinging, unveiling the RP-1 and promising to lay waste to the KTM X-Bow and the Ariel Atom.

It’s an awfully difficult segment to launch new products into, especially when it’s pitted against some very established competitors. But Elemental is undaunted and the British company is relishing the opportunity to prove its worth with the RP-1.

You can’t blame the company for at least being confident. After all, the RP-1 is being promised as an evolution of the road and track car and taking it to a new level with a package that includes a powerful Ford EcoBoost engine wrapped in a lightweight carbon fiber body.

In a perfect world, such proclamations are treated with wide-eyed admiration. But with so many of this kind of cars in the market, Elemental still needs to prove itself before it’s treated with the same reverence as a company like Ariel.

The company has gotten the ball rolling in that regard. Now comes the time where the RP-1 prove its worth.

Updated 06/23/2014: The first images on the Elemental RP-1 were revealed before the car’s official debut at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Enjoy!

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