Endora Car SC-1 reviews

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2012 Endora SC-1

2012 Endora SC-1

While many believe that German automakers are only good at designing impressive luxury or sport sedans, Endora-Cars Germany is out to prove that this is indeed not the case with their new SC-1. The Endora SC-1 is a based on the Chevrolet Corvette and combines the classic design of the sixties and early seventies with modern technology. It is defined by dynamically flowing body lines, a sporty sketched silhouette with a distinctive swing, and, of course, impressive performance numbers.

The SC-1 will be offered in three different versions, all of them with V8 engines ranging from 437 to 647 HP. The engines will be combined with a six-speed-manual gearbox, electronic traction control, and an Active Handling-system. Take a glance at the rear of the car and you will notice it has no exhaust system, and that’s because the burned gasoline will be removed by sidepipes that end directly before the rear wheel openings.

UPDATE 08/08/11: A fresh pair of photos of the Endora SC-1 was recently released, showing the styling changes made on the car from the previous version we saw sometime ago. Check ’em out in the gallery!

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