• 2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features

2020 Ford Puma As A Compact Crossover Packed With Practicality

In an unprecedented invasion of SUVs, car manufacturers are racing to unveil better designed, more convenient, and funnier propositions to the market. The latest to arrive is the 2020 Ford Puma – a small European compact crossover with front-wheel drive and somewhat diminutive dimensions. To make it as appealing as possible, and as quirky as a small two-door coupe from the Nineties, Ford started the Puma’s design from a clean slate of paper. Well, if you forget that it actually takes many of the talents from the small Fiesta hatch. Nevertheless, the Ford Puma, with an impressive array of equipment, advanced tech, cool exterior looks, and a fine array of equipment has a flavor similar to what the Nissan Juke offered ten years ago. Only in this case, it’s offered in a much sexier and sleeker shape. I present to you all the amazing quirks and features of the new 2020 Ford Puma.

2020 Ford Puma Fast facts:

  • panoramic sunroof
  • wireless phone charging
  • B&O sound system
  • 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster
  • wi-fi hotspot are available
  • massaging front seats
  • 48-volt mild-hybrid system

The 2020 Ford Puma Comes with Ford’s CoPilot360 Limited Autonomous System

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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The integral part of Ford’s CoPilot 360 is lane assist technology. Thanks to numerous sensors, the CoPilot360 system looks at the road, identifies lanes, and will act if you leave the lane unintentionally.

The function includes CoPilot360 steering the car into the center of the lane, or just vibrating the steering wheel to notify you about leaving the lane.

Apart from this technology and function, CoPilot360 includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, a blind spot information system, automatic high beams, and a reverse camera (more on that later).

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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With all the tech on board, the 2020 Ford Puma can steer, accelerate, or brake on its own while following the traffic ahead. While some producers of premium automobiles offer somewhat similar tech, the thnig is that the Ford Puma isn’t a premium crossover and it still has such an advanced tech suite. The Ford CoPilot360 system makes the 2020 Puma a curious proposition on the market with almost semi-autonomous driving features.

The 2020 Ford Puma’s Rear Camera With a 180-degree View Is The First For The Segment

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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The rear camera on the 2020 Ford Puma is actually something quite spectacular.

The 180-degree wide angle view clearly helps with reversing. However, as is the case in the Focus, Ford linked this camera with the autonomous braking system. Luckily, with such a wide view – pioneering tech in the class – you are not likely to hit anything behind you. Apart from that, the camera shows active lines displayed on the 8-inch widescreen on the center of the dash. While you may think that this tech is just a gizmo, I would disagree because I’ve seen it in action in the latest Ford Focus. It gives you a far broader perspective behind the car and definitely helps with safety – something Puma buyers care about a lot.

The 2020 Ford Puma Has a 12.3-inch Digital Screen Instead Of An analog Instrument Cluster

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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The Kia XCeed crossover is the first Kia on the market that offers a digital instrument cluster. Obviously, this somewhat fresh tech needs to make big strides on the market. Well, the small 2020 Puma did it, as Ford offers the 12.3-inch digital screen for it. Its free flow design with clever personalization options makes the display flow seamlessly with the interior design. It is quite a fine looking piece of real estate in the Puma. One that definitelly adds some pizzaz to contemporary styling and aura of the new Puma crossover.

The 2020 Ford Puma Has a Mild-Hybrid 48-volt System

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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Mild-hybrids are the only way to make combustion engines compatible with the latest Euro 6d and RDE Type 2 emission standards.

This is the main reason for the transformation of the Puma’s electrical system from the conventional 12-volt rating to 48-volts. The only engine option for the new Ford Puma is the 1.0-liter EcoBoost with a mild-hybrid setup. To improve the performance (and lower the emissions), Ford replaced the standard starter with the so-called BISG (Belt driven integrated Starter/Generator). This BISG setup adds 11.5 kW of power and 37 pound-feet of torque. I’d say that’s enough electric assistance for the 1.0-liter EcoBoost that comes in two different states of tune – with 123 horsepower, and 155 horsepower. The belt driven integrated starter/generator, obviously, can act as a generator and convert the energy, usually lost when decelerating and braking, into electricity.

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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According to WLTP standards, the technology allows rather impressive emission and fuel consumption values:

  • 124 g/km, and fuel efficiency from 5.4 l/100 km for the 125 PS variant,
  • 127 g/km, and fuel efficiency from 5.6 l/100 km for the 155 PS variant

The 2020 Ford Puma Will Be Built in Romania

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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Ford has invested 1.5 billion euro in the Craiova Assembly Plant, Romania, since 2008.

The company produced the Ford B-Max, Ford EcoSport, and the Ford Transit.

Now, in the midst of a major Ford overhaul in Europe, where they look to discharge 12,000 workers from the Ford plants, the Romanian plant will produce the new Ford Puma. Considering that some within Ford’s board of directors allegedly push for the Puma to come to the U.S., I can only imagine that Americans wouldn’t be very excited for the prospects of buying a car built in Romania. That is why Ford actually stressed in the press release that it will produce the Puma with exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

The 2020 Ford Puma has Fly Zip Seat Covers

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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I’ve saw zip seat covers for the first time on the presentation of the Renault Captur in Portugal some eight or nine years ago. Renault, too, marketed seat covers as removable and washable.

Ford also says that you can remove the seat covers from the Puma seats in a few seconds.

This gives some cool options for you. Just buy a few differently colored seat covers, and change your interior as you like.

The 2020 Ford Puma Has a Washable MegaBox Load Floor in The Back

2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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You can be sure that the new 2020 Ford Puma is seriously practical.

The trunk capacity tops at 456 liters, which is more compared to any Fiesta, but, thanks to a rather cool MegaBox solution, the trunk offers some awesome features.

Ford showcased the trunk by photographing two golf clubs sitting upward inside thanks to the under-floor compartment. Furthermore, the synthetic lining of the under-floor with a drain plug enables you to water down any dirt from the trunk. It is a convinient thing really. You can, for example, transport a plant up to 45 inches tall in the back of it. Furthermore, you can store any belongings in the under-floor and cover it with a fantastic floor/cover.

This is how Ford described the MegaBox:

For even greater versatility, the Puma’s boot floor can be easily adjusted using just one hand to suit load requirements, and to hold one of three positions in the cargo area:

  • In the lowest position, the maximum storage volume available while concealing the Ford MegaBox is delivered
  • In the high position, the area underneath increases to create a cargo floor that is level with the fold-flat second-row seats
  • Removed, the floor can be securely stored vertically against the back of the second-row seats for full 456-liter capacity


2020 Ford Puma Quirks and Features
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The 2020 Ford Puma is a curious and a rather innovative little crossover that packs an impressive array of technologies and practical solutions.

It is a snug little package that, at least for the moment, looks like the best proposition on the market among cars like the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, and the like.

Words by Ford Interior and Exterior Design director describe the new Puma rather well.

“From day one we envisioned a vehicle in this segment that was immediately recognizable – and as a result, we’ve created a compact crossover unlike anything we’ve ever produced before,” said George Saridakis, director, Interior, and Exterior Design, Ford of Europe. “This stunning new look represents the next chapter in Ford’s design identity, while the overarching concept of ‘sexy sanctuary’ employs ingenious and elegant engineering solutions that – in combination with the highly expressive exterior – will delight and surprise customers, fulfilling their distinct needs and desires.”

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