• Fancy a Gaming Chair That’s Inspired by the GT-R? Nissan Has One, Sort of

As far as gaming chairs go, we can’t remember any that are inspired by a car’s seats

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Fellas, since there’s an official-y National Video Games Day celebrated in the US of A on September 12th, it’s only natural to have our news feeds flooded with all sorts of marketing gimmicks that would attract even more fans (to be read buyers) to the already-big industry that is video gaming. And believe it or not, esports are coming in hot as a rapidly-growing niche.

OK, but what’s the automotive industry have to do with it? Well, it turns out Nissan got its designers’ creative juices flowing with three esports chair designs that are inspired by the carmaker’s GT-R, LEAF EV, and Armada SUV household names.

Why is Nissan making gaming chairs now?

Well, they’re not exactly making them because so far, we’re looking at a handful of concept chairs that most likely won’t materialize at all, since Nissan is adamant that it has no plans of building any of them. However, the Japanese manufacturer wants to “gauge public reaction,” which is just another way of saying it is looking to stir up some reactions on Twitter, since fans are supposed to vote their favorite gaming chair on the popular social media platform, via Nissan USA’s account.

Nonetheless, the carmaker understands that esports players spend hours and hours perfecting their skills, which makes gaming rigs an integral part of their training.

Nissan also says that the current crop of esports chairs makes players strike a compromise between aesthetics and comfort, while its chair designs can provide both in a single package as they adopt cues and features from the Zero Gravity Seats seen in Nissan’s cars. The 2013 Altima was the first model to get them, with the likes of 2015/2016 Rogue, 2015 Altima, 2015 Murano, 2016 Maxima, and 2016 Titan following in the footsteps.

Sounds cool and all, but how are Nissan’s gaming chairs different?

Fancy a Gaming Chair That's Inspired by the GT-R? Nissan Has One, Sort of
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First of all, they’re actually inspired by those found in a car, which would be a first for the gaming industry should they, by any miracle, go into production. Then, take the gaming chair inspired by Nissan’s very own Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R Nismo.

It proposes carbon fiber and aluminum, and it’s shaped like a racing seat in the first place, so this would be your go-to option for car simulators of all sorts.

If its comfort credentials are as praised by Nissan, then your back and buttocks will sit nicely tucked in thanks to the red leather upholstery and synthetic suede surfaces. Oh, and there’s a built-in audio system nicely tucked into the headrest. Come to think of it; we do want Nissan to actually decide on turning this seat into reality.

The second seat design is inspired by the Nissan Armada’s interior. The emphasis doesn’t fall that hard on performance, which means Nissan had a lot more room to move into when it comes to comfort. In this sense, the Armada-inspired gaming seat looks more like a captain’s chair thanks to the Platinum Reserve black and brown leather upholstery and extra lumbar support added in. What’s more, the seat was imagined with a climate-control setup embedded in its structure, which serves both the purposes of heating and cooling. Finally, the seat rests on a machined-finish aluminum alloy stand.

Fancy a Gaming Chair That's Inspired by the GT-R? Nissan Has One, Sort of
- image 862056

Nissan’s third sketch addresses the possibility of a LEAF-inspired gaming chair. Such a chair would feature an USB charging port, gun metallic-painted surfaces, and blue inserts to contrast with the light gray eco-friendly materials used for the upholstery. What’s more, the chair would sport a much-needed leg rest, a feature that’s not found in the other two designs.

Nissan’s Zero Gravity Seats

Fancy a Gaming Chair That's Inspired by the GT-R? Nissan Has One, Sort of
- image 862053

The whole concept behind these seats starts with the premise that each individual has a neutral spinal position. That is, where the stress on our bones and joints is at its lowest; try to think of that particular position that you feel most comfortable. NASA studies showed that in zero gravity conditions, the human body naturally assumes this position. In turn, without any gravity, the body doesn’t experience the same (high) levels of fatigue as it would on Earth, for example. This is where Nissan came into play by designing a car seat that keeps the driver/passenger as close as possible to that neutral position.

The carmaker says its Zero Gravity Seats are designed to support the lumbar, mid-back, and shoulder regions through no less than 14 different pressure points.

Coupled with the seat’s adjustable nature, this increases blood flow and unloads the muscles, which results in less fatiguing trips - especially on longer distances.

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