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Fastest American Car

The 5.8-second 5,000hp Sorceress is on Iowa Plates and has chutes sticking out of its back

This is the Sorceress, a 5000 horsepower 1984 Hurst Olds. With a top speed of 260 mph and a 5.8 second 1/4 mile time, this beast of a machine with bolt-on plates is the fastest street car in North America, period. The owner Rod Tschiggfrie (Xrod) gave a quick tour of this land missile to the folks over at 13 20 and the Hoonigan Channel. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this thing tick.


Fastest American Car
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This is the Sorceress, a 5000 hp streetable drag racing monster based on a 1984 Hurst Olds

Now one look at the Sorceress and you think, and you think Dragster. Well, it is that yes, you can also take it out on the road because this car has headlights, turn signals, and is on IOWA plates from Dubuque. It’s still got the original VIN upfront and is insured as well.

Fastest American Car
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Rod has owned the car since it new, i.e 1984 when he first drove it off the showroom floor

What makes this car particularly interesting is that Rod the owner has had it since new, ever since he first drove it off the showroom floor back in ’84. While he’d like us to believe that it is essentially the same car, let’s just say that he has tinkered with it a little. Okay, now tinkered would really be an understatement wouldn’t it?

Fastest American Car
- image 1049335
The man behind it? Meet Rod Tschiggfrie (Xrod), who is the owner and designer of this truly astonishing creation

Aside from the taillights, pretty much everything else has been modified. He started playing with it back in college when he supercharged it. Rod initially set out to build a car that he could maybe drive on the road, hit some car shows, and do some racing as well.

A couple of hours of work and you can switch it back and forth between the two. However, over time the racing bug clearly has bit him big time and the car you see now is an evolution of that very aspect. Let’s just say ’ It got out of hand’.  

The Bespoke Body

Fastest American Car
- image 1049344
But after eight long years, the team finally got the Sorceress to look the way she does

Now it’s a no-brainer that this thing is built for speed and hence it looks far from what it was stock back in the day. What you’re looking at here is an eight-year build and Mike Spitzer of Spitzer Enterprises put this thing together.

Fastest American Car
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He roped in Mike SPitzer of Spitzer Enterprises to put this thing together. Nothing barring the tail lights is stock

The base car is an ’84 Hurst Olds and it was reworked and modified heavily. It features an all-chrome-moly tubing with NHRA 25.2 certificate, that forms the roll cage. Around the window line, Rod bought a 3" wide metal strap, that was 1/8th of an inch thick and 20 feet long and welded it to the side, which is what makes up that rising beltline.  

Fastest American Car
- image 1049336

Aerodynamics professionals had to come up with ways to make the Sorceress as slippery as possible. They had to come up with ways to direct air from the top of the roof to underneath the airfoil and that spoiler in the rear.

Now considering that this is a streetcar, Rod also went ahead and added an electronic hood release to make his life easy while on the road. The front end just weighs 57 pounds. Overall the subtle use of chrome on the rims, the silver, and red accents works great against all the carbon fiber.

The Cockpit

Fastest American Car
- image 1049354
Being a race car, you’d expect it to be pretty spartan. However, there are creature comforts like a banging stereo, cup holders, leather interior, carpets

Now more than anything, this is essentially a track weapon that just happens to be a streetcar. While it may not look like it, Rod has gone the extra mile to make it more comfortable on the inside.

There isn’t much in the way of design, but if you love carbon fiber, you sure are in for a treat, you’ll find it pretty much everywhere, be it on the doors, the center tunnel, the seats, or the dash. Even the strengthening crossbars are made out of carbon all in pursuit of making the car as strong and as light as possible. 

Fastest American Car
- image 1049340
You’ve also got an all-digital dash with NAV and a back up camera

As for creature comforts, you’ve got

- * Leather seats, or rather racing buckets with leather on it
- * Power windows 
- * Cup Holders
- * Carpets
- * An all-digital dash with Nav 
- * A banging Stereo with 6x9 speakers in the rear
- * Back-up camera
- * Traction Control

Unfortunately, there’s no air con, but I suppose that is a small price to pay and the car sure does make up for it big time with all the speed.

“The cool part about the car is I wanted to build something that I could drive on the street, take it to a car show and maybe do a little racing,” - Rod Tschiggfrie

The Power 

Fastest American Car
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It is a 640 cubic inches 10.2-liter V8 engine with twin-turbo’s (110mm) that pushes out somewhere in the region of 5000 hp

Okay, let us address the elephant in the room. That engine gives the Sorceress its ballistic force. Now there are a lot of options on the aftermarket and Rod could have just gone ahead and plonked any of those engines. However, just as with the bodywork, he wanted to do something unique under the hood. His team did a lot of research with the aim of looking for something that could hold a lot of water and be efficient enough to stay cool on the street.

Fastest American Car
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As Rod can be by himself at times, he’s built an automated hood as well to help him work on the monster engine that lurks underneath

Dick Maskins and his buddy Fred Mandoline managed to put water through the head and the block, so as to enable it to run for extended periods of time. The 640 cubic inches 10.2-liter V8 engine with twin-turbo’s (110mm) has a very short stroke with 4 900 size pistons that offer great efficiency. The 6" exhaust on this thing is bigger than your fist and it exits behind the driver, like a proper streetcar. 

Fastest American Car
- image 1070378
It can run on E85 Pump gas or high octane race fuel, thanks to its flex fuel sensor. The 6" exhaust exits behind the driver, like a proper street car

This thing easily runs 75-80 pounds of boost and 68 pounds of backpressure. Because it has a flex-fuel sensor in it, the Sorceress can run on regular E85 pump gas that goes straight into the 25-gallon tank or even 88 octane Ethanol. It burns anywhere between 4 to 5 gallons of fuel per race.

Fastest American Car
- image 1049327
Now those kinds of numbers puts in top company for being one of the fastest and quickest cars in the world

After three years of work, the end result? 5000 horsepower and the engine revs to over 9000 rpm. It can do 208 miles per hour in 1/8 of a mile, and 260 at 1/4 mile, which according to Rod puts it in top company, making it one of the top two fastest cars in the and the top two quickest cars in the world. Now obviously you need proper slicks to get the job done and the Sorceress switches it up from the DOT-approved street-legal tires to a proper set of 36" Hoosier racing slicks out on the race track.

How Fast Does She Run?

Fastest American Car
- image 1049352
Back in Jan, it was able to demolish the 1/ mile in 5.85 seconds at 260.56 mph

These runs took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a couple of months ago back in January. Off the bat, on the first pass, she was able to pull in a 5.91 seconds at 258.86 mph followed by an even faster 5.88 seconds at 259.01 mph. The following day, Rod and his team were back, looking to go even faster and they punched in a stonking time of 5.85 seconds at 260.56 mph.  

Let’s hit the strip 

Fastest American Car
- image 1049353
Here it is, hitting the Strip in Vegas

After burning rubber at the drag strip., it was time to hit a very different kind of strip. As they say, when in Rome. Now considering Rod was in Nevada and just outside of Sin City, it was a no-brainer to run this thing into town and hit the Vegas strip. A nine-year-old got the ultimate birthday present when he got to ride along with Rod in the 5000 horsepower Sorceress on the Vegas Strip. 


Fastest American Car
- image 1070373
This nine-year-old got the ultimate birthday present when he got to ride along with ROD in the Sorceress

To Wrap it up 

Fastest American Car
- image 1049355
Given enough space, it can hit 300 mph. Swipe up to learn more about the Sorceress and watch one of the linked videos.

This is a car that looks like it’s going a million miles an hour while standing still. But frankly, according to Rod, the very things that make it a street car also add a lot of unnecessary weight. Without, the added weight, the Sorceress would easily be up to 300 pounds lighter making it far more competitive

Fastest American Car
- image 1049332
The Sorceress looks just as epic against the desert backdrop on the drag strip

I guess that is a trade-off Rod is willing to make so that he can say that he has a Drag racing car that he can happily take it on the street as well. This Speed Machine looks just as good on the drag strip as it does on the pavement and given enough space, the Sorceress is capable of 300 mph. 

The Spec
Vehicle: Pro Mod 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile
Engine: 640-cid twin turbo V8
ECU: MoTeC M150 Flex Fuel Pro Mod Powertrain Management System
Owner/Driver: Rod Tschiggfrie/Ed Thornton, John Mihovetz, Don Speer
Quickest & Fastest 1/4: 5.85 @ 260.56 MPH
Accomplishment: Street legal Flex Fuel car America’s Fastest Street Legal Pro Mod


Which is the fastest street car in America?

With a 1/4 mile time of 5.85 seconds at 260 mph, the Sorceress is the fastest street car in America. Given enough space, it is capable of going over 300 mph

Which is the fastest stock street car?

With an average top speed of 282.9 mph, the SSC Tuatara is the fastest stock streetcar 

Has any car hit 300 mph?

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport has officially broken the 300 mph, but it was not a production model

What is the fastest American muscle car?

With a 0 - 60 mph of 2.3 seconds, the Dodge Challenger Demon is one of the fastest American muscle cars

What is the fastest American made car in the United States?

With an average top speed of 282.9 mph, The SSC Tuatara is the fastest American made car in the United States 

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