Ferrari has always had a famed bloodline of racecars, but few hold the amount of clout of the 1957 625 TRC Spider. There were only two of this famed roadster ever built, chassis 0680 MDTR and 0672 MDTR. If you so happen to have a large chunk of money laying around, you can own a piece of racing history in the form of chassis 0680 MDTR, as RM Auctions has just listed it for their 2012 auction in Monaco.

In August of 1957, this Ferrari and its owner, Johnny von Neumann, ventured to Austria, Germany and took 1st place in its class in just its first time on the track. In its second race, at Laguna Seca, the 625 TRC took 2nd place. In all of the 11 races it ran in the 1957 to 1958 season, this Ferrari took 1st place three times, and landed in second or third place four times. It continued on to have a prolific career, even in vintage races all the way up to 2011 Montery Historic Races.

UPDATE 0516/2012: The 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider was sold in Monaco for a staggering €5,040,000, or about $6.4 million, a record for this particular model. This was the first time in 30 years that this model was available for auction and it is one of the only two models ever built.

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  • 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider
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1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
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1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

In 1983, the vehicle’s original grey finish was changed over to red with the number “211” painted in white. While this classic Ferrari is a racecar at heart, on the outside it simply looks like a piece of artwork. Swooping front and rear fenders help it cut through the air and give it an awesome appearance.

There are scoops and heat extractors galore on this Ferrari. On the hood there is a large functional hood scoop. Just behind the front wheels are a set of heat extractors. Above each rear wheel is a single air scoop that likely ducts downward toward the brakes to keep them cool.

The last owner also fitted the Ferrari with a full-length windscreen. You also have a set of wire rims on the corners wrapped in performance rubber.


1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Interior
- image 452213
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

On the inside, it is a racecar. You are getting a pair of tan upholstered seats, a steering wheel, and the important gauges. There’s no audio, A/C, cruise control, navigation, etc. However, you do get a pretty stylish chrome shifter.

Engine and Drivetrain

1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Drivetrain
- image 452211
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

Under the hood, there is one of the smallest V-12 engines found in a vehicle. This 2,953 cc V-12 engine cranks out 320 horsepower, while six Weber 40 DCN twin-choke carbs feed it fuel. The engine is in operating condition and seems to be race ready, as the owner takes meticulous care of it cosmetically and mechanically. In fact, the engine was just recently rebuilt and a new set of cylinder heads installed.

Throwing the power to the rear wheels is a four-speed transmission, a 9-inch rear differential, and a live rear axle.

Suspension and Brakes

1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
- image 452215
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

The front suspension is independent with unequal length A-arms to help in the twisties. The front end also has an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension has parallel trailing arms and coil springs.
The brake system is a four-wheel finned drum brake system with steel liners. The complete brake system was overhauled in 2011 and carbon fiber shoe linings were installed.


1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
- image 452208
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

Ahhh, now it’s time for the real kicker. The 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider is expected to fetch between €3,000,0000 and €3,700,0000 ($3,976,195 to $4,903,974). This means you had better bring your big boy wallet if you’re planning on going home with this machine.


1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
- image 452216
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

There’s no competition to speak of for the Ferrari 625 TRC Spider, as this is an extremely limited production racecar with a tradition that dates from the 1950s through 2011. Nothing even comes close to it.


1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
- image 452209
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider

The car is absolutely gorgeous and the drivetrain is flat out amazing. Where else can you get a 2,953 cc V-12 engine that cranks out 320 horsepower? Nowhere, that’s where. There are some serious issues with the car though. The first issue is that it is not original, but RM auctions states that installing the factory four-cylinder drivetrain is simple, then you just need to repaint it. The other issue is that $4 million plus price tag.

This car is obviously strictly for the vintage auto racer, if it’s to be bought as is. With a few tens of thousands dollars, a true collector could bring the car back to its original condition, but that’s not really an economical option.

Basically, if you are looking for a turnkey vintage racing car and you have $4 million to spend, then this is your car. If you are a collector looking for something original for your collection, it’s best if to save your cash for something else.

1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Exterior
- image 452210
1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider
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  (577) posted on 06.4.2012

I will never like how an old automotive is restored and is priced highly.

  (539) posted on 05.31.2012

It’s not even surprising anymore that this is pricey. A lot of restored and re-launched vintage cars have been priced highly.

  (473) posted on 05.4.2012

I’m thankful that my taste in cars didn’t extend to this range, so it saves me a lot of money not to spend on this one. To me, it’s rather too pricey yet it isn’t even that innovative.

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