In 1966 at the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the 330 GTS (Gran Turismo Spider), a combination between the 400 Super America and a 275 GTS. The car replaced the 275 GTS, and apart from the folding roof, the 330 GTS was identical to the 330 GTC. It was produced until 1968, in both left and right hand drive, with around 100 units made.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTS
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The nose featured a slim, projecting ovoid radiator grille, headlights in shallow recesses in the forward face of the wings, which had triple louvre engine bay exhaust outlets in their sides, bounded by a slim bright trim strip on three sides. This was married to a tail section that was first used on the earlier 275 GTS, to produce a harmonious, light and elegant design that featured slim quarter bumpers at each corner.

The folding roof of the 330 GTS was retained by a pair of over-centre clips on the top screen rail when in the erected position, whilst a clip-on protective vinyl cover fitted over it when stowed in a recess behind the seats.

The 330 GTS was built on a 2,400 mm wheelbase tubular steel chassis and was powered by a 3907cc displacement V shaped 12-cylinder block that develops 300 hp. The 0 to 60 sprint was made in 6.9 seconds and a top speed was of 146 mph.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTS
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The only significant changes to the mechanical specification during production were: substitution of twin oil cooler radiators for the original single unit, plus a modified fuel delivery system and molybdenum-sprayed gearbox with synchromesh rings.

A special version of the 330 GTS was the "Harrah Targa", a model built for William Harrah in Reno, Nevada, a man famous for his enormous car collection. This special edition featured Targa roof configuration (the first on a Ferrari model), a stainless steel-covered roll hoop, with a black vinyl-covered removable roof panel and a long, sloping tinted Perspex rear screen and a boot lid shorter than standard.

1968 Ferrari 330 GTS
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Production of the 330 GTS model continued into late 1968, when it was upgraded with a 4.4-litre engine and minor cosmetic changes, to become the 365 GTS model.

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