Probably one of the most stunning concept cars ever built, the Ferrari Modulo was unveiled in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show. The design was once again the work of Pininfarina, in the person of Paolo Martin.

1970 Ferrari Modulo
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Built on a 512S racing chassis, powered by a high revving 550 HP V12 that can be admired through the 24 oversized holes in the engine cover. This mid-engine concept was the last in a series by the Italian automaker, the 512 featured a canopy style windshield that opened forward, forcing the occupants to exit through the large opening, like in the Lancia Stratos.

The car is almost flat and a horizontal line separates the upper and lower halves. Unfortunately the wheels on the Modulo concept were streamlined into the bodywork, this made it nearly impossible for the 1970s concept to turn. Nothing opens and a decal covers the motor. The Modulo is not a functioning car, it cannot be driven and was not intended to do so.

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