In 1985 at the Frankfurt Motor Show Ferrari unveiled the 328 GTS (next to the 328 GTB version) model - the replacement for the 308 series. But compared with the car it replaced, the 328 featured a new exterior styling, improved road holding and most important a transversely mounted V8 with an enlarged bore and stroke. The 328 figures in the model title referred to the total cubic capacity of the engine, 3.2 liters, and 8 for the number of cylinders. The car remained into production until 1989, with 6068 units produced.

1985 - 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS
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The 328 was again designed by Pininfarina, who made significant changes to modernize the looks of the 328 and improve its aerodynamics. The 328 model presented a softening of the wedge profile of its predecessor, with a redesigned nose that had a more rounded shape, which was complimented by similar treatment to the tail valance panel. The revised nose and tail sections featured body colour bumpers integral with the valance panels, which reflected the work done concurrently to present the Mondial 3.2 models, with which they also shared a similar radiator grille and front light assembly layout.

1985 - 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS
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Thus all the eight cylinder cars in the range shared fairly unified front and rear aspects, providing a homogeneous family image. The exhaust air louvres behind the retractable headlight pods on the 308 series disappeared, coupled with an increase in the size of the front lid radiator exhaust air louvre, which had been introduced on the 308 Quattrovalvole models, whilst a new style and position of exterior door catch was also provided.

The interior was carried over from the 1984 GTO supercar: back-lit orange on black gauges remained unchanged, new designs for the seat panel upholstery and stitching, revised door panels and pulls, together with more modern switchgear, which complimented the external updating details.

1985 - 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS
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Optional equipment available was air conditioning, metallic paint, Pirelli P7 tires, a leather dashboard, leather headlining to the removable roof panel plus rear window surround, and a rear aerofoil (standard on Japanese market models).

But for the 328 the biggest change was made under the hood. The displacement of the V8 engine was increased to 3.2 liter, a larger, redesigned oil cooler system was added and also a Marelli Microplex single module ignition system was adopted.

1985 - 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS
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The 3185cc V8 engine delivered a total of 270bhp at 7000rpm. As with the preceding 308 models the engine was mounted in unit with the all synchromesh five speed transmission assembly, which was below, and to the rear of the engine’s sump.

In the middle of 1988 ABS brakes were made available as an option, which necessitated a redesign of the suspension geometry to provide negative offset. This in turn meant that the road wheel design was changed to accommodate this feature. The original flat spoke "star" wheels became a convex design, in the style as fitted to the 3.2 Mondial models, whether ABS was fitted or not.

1985 - 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS
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