In 1989, at the same time as the coupe version, Ferrari also revealed the Cabriolet version of the Mondial T, the fourth and last model in the Mondial line-up. Like tis coupe brother, the T Cabriolet stayed into production until 1993, with 1017 units produced, in both right and left hand drive versions, together with various world market specification models.

1989 - 1993 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
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The engine capacity increased to 3.4 liters (up from 3.2 liters in the Mondial 3.2) and it became longitudinally mounted, instead of transversely on the previous models. It was coupled to a transverse gearbox, hence the letter "t" in the model designation, and had an ABS braking system as standard equipment, whilst the front and rear tracks increased by 2mm and 50mm respectively.

1989 - 1993 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
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The new T model was visually different from preceding Mondial models, the most recognizable being the redesign of the air intakes to a smaller, neater rectangular shape. The door-handles were of a visually different design and, along with the bumpers, became body colored, whilst a painted black band was added around the bottom of the body.

As on the Mondial 3.2, the tail badge did not differentiate between the coupé or the cabriolet, simply stating Mondial t. As with the previous model changes the interior was once again modified, this time comprehensively, including a revised instrument nacelle, centre console, upholstery pattern and the facility for the rear seat backrests to fold flat to create a luggage platform. A leather finished dashboard was available as an option, as was a leather soft top cover.

1989 - 1993 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet
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As we were saying the biggest change was made under the hood: a longitudinally mid mounted V8 engine with a capacity of 3405cc producing a claimed power output of 300bhp at 7200rpm for the first main European market series, and 295bhp for the later series with the M2.7 Motronic ignition unit and catalytic convertors in the exhaust system.

The Mondial T Cabriolet made the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6,3 seconds, while top speed went up to 158 mph.

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