One year ago, Zahir Rana’s Ferrari Enzo FXX went for a skinny dip straight into the Atlantic Ocean. Normally, a dive like that for an exotic car like this one would’ve been a death knell for the prized exotic.

But give credit to Rana, who refused to accept the death of his beloved Enzo FXX. Instead of letting rust ruin the Enzo, Rana had the supercar sent back to Edo Competition in Germany to have it completely restored.

After over a year of rebuilding the supercar, the result has finally been released.

Meet the Ferrari Enzo ZXX.

No official press release has been made regarding the reborn Enzo, although we do know based on previous information we’ve received that the car will now carry an output of 950 horsepower, 110 ponies more than what it used to had. To give the car a new shine, Edo Competition also added extensive modifications to the original bodywork, highlighted by a new front nose, added side air vents, LED lights on the front, and a new bespoke interior that probably wouldn’t want to get its digs wet this time around.

From a car that appeared to be headed to the yard, a whole lot of people contributed to somehow turn this project around. And might we say, the result is as breathtaking as it once was.

UPDATE 12/18/12: YouTube user keno0311 managed to take a video of the Enzo ZXX being started and ensuing revs that’ll ring your ears. Check out the video after the jump and remember, turn up the volume!

  • 2008 Ferrari Enzo ZXX by Edo Competition and ZR Exotics
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Ferrari Enzo ZXX Getting Started And Revving To Its Hard Delight

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