• 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia Formula 1 Car

Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, were on hand at the company’s Maranello headquarters to draw back the drapes covering the new "150°" Italia Formula 1 car. The 150° Italia is Ferrari’s fifty-seventh single-seater and is named as a tribute to the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

Built to comply with all of the regulations set forth for the 2011 season, the 150° Italia, internally known as the 662, features a more aerodynamic front and a hydraulically controlled adjustable rear wing (replacing the now illegal double diffuser and blown rear). The KERS regenerative brake system also makes a comeback in this model thanks to a higher minimum weight and stricter controls on weight distribution figures.

Tests are still being run on the new race car in Valencia, and the team predicts that a few more changes will be made before the first race in Bahrain in March 2011.

UPDATE 02/10/11: It seems like trouble may have found a soft couch at the Fiat household. Apparently, Ford wasn’t all that happy when Ferrari decided to name their 2011 Formula One car "F150" as an ode to the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. According to the Blue Oval, the name drew too close to their F-150 pick-up truck and has since filed a lawsuit against the Italian automaker on grounds of trademark infringement. Ferrari quickly clarified the matter, saying that the F150 is actually an abbreviated version of the car’s real name, the "F150th Italia". On that note, Ferrari will begin using the complete name of the car moving forward to avoid all the trouble.

UPDATE 03/07/11: Either somebody is having a hard time letting go or it’s just a pretty serious case of ’fickle-itis’. Either way, Ferrari has once again changed the name of their 2011 Formula One car from the "F150th Italia" to just "150°". Apparently, the symbol ’°’ is the equivalent symbol of "th" in Italian. So there you have it, Ford. Ferrari has acquiesced to your demands. Now you can go about and try convincing people that your F-150 truck isn’t really a Ferrari Formula One racer.

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Exterior and Interior

2011 Ferrari 150° Italia Formula 1 Car High Resolution Exterior
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The 2011 150° Italia is higher compared to the F10, but the biggest changes come due to the stricter regulations. As part of the modifications, the 150° Italia gets smaller side intake openings, a newly designed rear suspension, and a modified front end. The layout of the dynamic one above the driver’s head has also been modified.

The exhaust system for the Ferrari racer retains the same layout as the one used in the latter part of 2010, while the cooling system gets changes to coordinate with the KERS system. The braking system also gets a makeover in collaboration with Brembo.

After thirteen years, Bridgestone tires will no longer be gripping the track for Ferrari as they have chosen Pirelli tires to rock on their 150°.

The Engine

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The 150° Italia is powered by the same 056 engine, but with improved reliability. Also, due to the addition of the KERS system engineers have made modifications in the architecture of the front end of the engine, with modifications to the drive shaft system of the KERS itself and the crankshaft. This has led to changes to the cooling and lubrication systems.

The 056 engine is a mid-mounted 2.4 liter V8 that weighs less than 95 kilos and can power out around around 785 bhp. This power output will see a certain increase thanks to the addition of the KERS system.

The Competition

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There are lots of powerful cats present at the Formula 1 championship. Mercedes, Renault, and Red Bull have always been serious competitors, after all Sebastian Vettel became the youngest World Drivers’ Champion while driving a Red Bull car. So, this year Ferrari has to do more than ever to bring the title back home.

When will it race?

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The new Ferrari 150° Italia will compete in the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship. Luca di Montezemolo said at the official launch: "This year we have to win and we will do our best to win."

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  (453) posted on 05.6.2011

hmm. Sounds interesting! But I think Ford is not a part of F1 race anymore. And based from what I have known they were not selling this pick truck anymore. But before, this is the best selling vehicle when talking about nameplates.

  (539) posted on 05.6.2011

Well, all I can say is that Ford could race against Ferrari with the nameplate.
However, can anyone remember that F150 has been used for truck name in Italy?

  (445) posted on 03.9.2011

As expected with Ferrari, the car that they will be using this season is definitely as awesome as ever. So it wouldn’t be surprising if they rack up points early.

  (506) posted on 02.3.2011

From the exterior design on it,this car is for most users for sport car events that something you can be proud of.

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