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Ferrari has officially unveiled the 458 Challenge racing prototype that will compete in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli in the 2011 season. The model is based on the 458 Italia, but introduces a number of important modifications to adapt it for competition use.

As the fifth Ferrari model to be used by the company in its single-series racing program, the 458 Challenge takes the reins from the Ferrari 430 Challenge beginning in the 2011 season.

Among many things, the car’s V8 engine remains the same with the production version. But to make it ready for the racing environment, Ferrari gave the 458 Challenge important modifications to the gear ratios and calibration of its dual-clutch F1 gearbox.

With the departure of the 430 Challenge and the arrival of its 458 counterpart, it signals a changing of the guard in Ferrari’s one-make racing series, one that should make the 458 Challenge the new face of the Ferrari Challenge.

UPDATE 05/03/2011: Marchettino is at it again and this time he has caught multiple Ferrari Challenges during a private test session at the Misano racetrack. Watch the video after the jump to hear the engine’s sound at over 155 mph!

Hit the jump for the full details on the 458 Challenge plus a couple of videos and galleries!

Exterior and Interior

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge High Resolution Exterior
- image 385205

To ensure that the 458 Challenge is fit and spry for race competition, significant work was done into cutting the car’s weight. This focused on both the exterior and interior with Ferrari’s engineers concentrating in particular on reducing the thickness of the bodyshell panels and on using lightweight materials, such as carbon-fiber and Lexan. The car also has a specific suspension set-up with solid aluminum bushings, stiffer springs, single-rate dampers, center-nut 19” racing rims, larger dimension Pirelli slicks, and a ride height lowered by 30mm all round. It also comes with new Brembo CCM2 brakes, a material that was first used on the 599XX.


2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge High Resolution Exterior
- image 385203

The Ferrari 458 Challenge comes with a direct injection 4.5-liter V8 engine that’s the same one found in the production version with the engine producing an output of 570 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. On that note, modifications have been made to the gear ratios and calibration of its dual-clutch F1 gearbox to guarantee higher torque at lower revs. The 458 Challenge is also equipped with the E-Diff electronic differential already employed on the production version of the 458, a first for Ferrari’s track-only cars.

Another first for a Ferrari Challenge model is the adoption of the F1-Trac traction control system, the most sophisticated of its kind. Developed exclusively by Ferrari, the system constantly monitors levels of grip for maximum high-performance road-holding. Likewise, two specific track-biased calibrations – wet and dry - have been developed for this application with the control logic and strategies derived from Ferrari’s extensive racing experience in the F1 and GT championships. The F1-Trac is completely integrated with the E-Diff to guarantee maximum acceleration out of corners.


2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 385207

The price tag for the 458 Challenge has yet to be announced, although you’ll almost certainly need to reach for your checkbook to get a piece of one. Knowing what we know, the Ferrari 430 Challenge sold for £185,000 a pop, which was about $300,000. That number is significantly higher than the £145,000 - about $235,000 - price tag the F430 came in. Seeing as the 458 Italia retails for £169,546 - around $275,000 - then you can expect to see the 458 Challenge’s asking price be higher than that.


2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 385208

The Ferrari 458 Challenge will compete in the 2011 Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. Since the series uses a single model from the manufacturer’s road car range that has been modified for competition, the 458 Challenge will have no other competition than itself. Over the years since it began in 1993, the Ferrari Challenge has seen a number of production Ferraris turned into race-spec machines, including the Ferrari 348 Challenge (1993–1995), the Ferrari F355 Challenge (1995–2000), the Ferrari 360 Challenge (2000–2006), and most recently, the Ferrari F430 Challenge (2006-2011).

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 385209
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  (302) posted on 02.9.2012

The color and the design of this sports car give aggressiveness. This is lighter and faster than the older version. 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge has an engine producing an output of 570 horsepower at 9,000 rpm.

  (372) posted on 12.14.2011

Well, it will surely the looks to die for! However, I noticed that it is too expensive on its market price for the fact that not everyone could use it. Anyway, what’s the engine specification of this?

  (397) posted on 10.18.2011

Ferrari 458 challenge are already looking fabulous on its appearance, and I noticed that it was oozing with angst and aggressiveness, and the engine that it had was no doubt can give a better performance on this one.

  (365) posted on 09.19.2011

2011 Ferrari 458 is one of the fastest car in ferrari brand car and this is the latest car in the year of 2011. I cant wait at the other year Ferrari car updates.

  (445) posted on 06.17.2011

The good thing about this is that it has an impressive look and performance. BTW, I’m a bit hesitant if they will assigned the Ferrari 599 as the successor of this car for its not that good as this car.

  (683) posted on 05.13.2011

Ferrari was ensuring a better light weight performance. I think Ferrari engineers is actually made a great concept that is highly invented for the racer event. 

  (452) posted on 05.6.2011

Wow! Amazing concept Ferrari 458 has ensure a Challenge fit and energetic for the racer competition. I will take this advantage for my choice of model type car.

  (472) posted on 05.6.2011

hmm. I thought they will make a Spyder version for this car. And it seems that
they have copied the whole specs of this car except of course the gearbox.. With the amazing performance of this car I think its the right time to put it in the test.

  (273) posted on 05.6.2011

Well, since it has been using the same specs with the production version.
I think this car will perform great just like the latter. BTW, if this car would be illegal in the
public road then try driving this in Tokyosmiley

  (398) posted on 05.5.2011

Its like the game will turn to be very exciting and challenging with this new Ferrari 458, It will outburst your heart out. The efficiency of this car was truly amazing and the performance was actually higher level suitable for racing competition.

  (498) posted on 05.5.2011

I just wonder who are the people that have a chance to buy this car? Well, I guess if you have the money I don’t think that there are other reason to say “no” on this car. Heck! It’s illegal on the public roads!

  (506) posted on 05.5.2011

Oh no! So, this car is available exclusively for Trofeo Pirelli. Well, that’s a sad news for those who wants to grab a chance to drive this racing version. However, I think the engine performance is the same with the production version except for the gearbox.

  (449) posted on 05.4.2011

The only good thing about this car is the look and I couldn’t admit how sporty it is. But when you are looking for a high speed performance car I would say that this is not the best option! The performance of the Apollo is better than this.

  (409) posted on 01.30.2011

I still think that the 458 was the greatest car to be built for 2010.

  (427) posted on 01.30.2011

The Ferrari 458 Challenge is as well equipped using the E-Diff electronic differential already employed at the road-going version, a 1st as Ferrari’s track-only autos.

  (433) posted on 12.8.2010

the F1-Trac system constantly monitors levels of grip for maximum high-performance road-holding. Two specific track-biased calibrations - wet and dry - have been developed for this application, with control logic and strategies derived from Ferrari’s extensive racing experience in the F1 and GT championships.

  (701) posted on 12.8.2010

As is usually the case with any new Ferrari, whether it’s a brand new model or a special edition, the 458 Challenge heaps on the technology.

  (858) posted on 12.6.2010

I really love those Chinese eye looking Headlamps, I looks very aggressive with it, but how about those tiny holes on the head lamps? are they using an LED to those holes?

adrian  (90) posted on 12.6.2010

Never been a Ferrari fan. Always thought that their bosses arrogance is not something that I want to be part of in any way and every time I see "red" i remember about it. Always have been Lamborghini lover and the Ferrari’s 458 profile reminds me a bit of the Audi RS8.

adrian  (776) posted on 12.5.2010

This is the track-only variant again... A Challenge Stradale or Scuderia street-legal version, between stock, and Challenge race-ready specs, is likely coming in the future.

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