We’re getting used to seeing all kinds of names for the many different tuning projects completed by SR Auto Group and each one gets more promising with its powerful and aggressive title. The latest kit to come out of the Vancouver based firm is for the Ferrari 458 Italia and is called "Zeus." Since it’s named after the "Father of Gods and Men" himself, we fully expected a god-like package and SR Auto delivers with a vehicle that "roams the town with its thunderous roar that claims the concrete pavement as its home."

That "thunderous roar" they are talking about escapes the 458 Italia’s 570 HP 4,499 cc V8 engine from the new Akrapovic exhaust system. In addition to the added growl, the sports car also gets a stronger look supplied by a gloss black roof combined with a Novitec Aero kit The aero kit includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear skirts, and a rear lip spoiler. Its stance was intensified with a new set of lowering springs. Finishing off the look is a new set of Forgiato Aguzzo wheels, 21" at front and 22" at the rear.

We may not ever get the chance to roam this world as a God, but at least now SR Auto Group has given us the opportunity to drive around in one.

  • 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by SR Auto Group
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    4,499 L
  • car segment:
  • body style:


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  (372) posted on 12.14.2011

I love the aesthetic design of this 458 Italia, and SR Auto Group really did a great and an awesome work on this. Moreover, I think it will be more impressive, if they use a V10 or V12 engine on this.

  (399) posted on 09.2.2011

hmm. Well, I really don’t think that this tuning company have made an awesome modification in the car. Auto Group is not a well-known I wonder if they are just using the Italia to have a name in the industry.

  (727) posted on 09.2.2011

Well, I have to say that I’m really captivated with the awesome speed performance and styling of the car. And its a good thing as well that they have offer an aftermarket version for the car.

  (384) posted on 07.26.2011

Hell! I really loved the sportiness of the vehicle and high speed performance. I wonder if the Ferrari would release a tuned up version of the Italia after their years? I wonder on what other upgrades they can offer for this car? 

  (579) posted on 07.26.2011

I think this aftermarket version was released before they sold out of the 458 Italia. The produced power output is kind of impressive. And it seems that they have modified greatly the aerodynamic of the vehicle. 

  (441) posted on 07.20.2011

I hope to see even an aftermarket version of this vehicle! Ferrari have already made a replacement for the 599.. and I don’t think that they are going to do the same with the Italia. I guess this production still have a long way to go!

  (458) posted on 07.20.2011

I guess its kind of blurry to see an aftermarket version of the car since its already sold out for the next three years. The power output of the car is very impressive! Its platform and styling are so aggressive! This is definitely the best model made under the Ferrari model.

  (397) posted on 07.18.2011

This one is a perfect creation of Ferrari. It will surely make our mouth ooze by just looking at this one. I’m not surprised that it is already sold out.

  (320) posted on 06.30.2011

Well, I guess its the dream of everyone to have this car or even just a chance to drive it! The look and the interior of the car will definitely left you drooling! And the performance really a jaw dropping!

  (594) posted on 06.30.2011

I have heard that the 458 Italia has been sold out for the next three years, does it mean that they are going to stop making an aftermarket version? I really love the design and the performance of this car!

  (415) posted on 05.16.2011

I would say that they really made a good choice of basing the Zeus on the Italia. That car really lends itself well when it comes to upgrades.

  (559) posted on 05.13.2011

Hahaha! I would agree that this one is really an automotive god. Just take a look at how the whole thing curves out smoothly, definitely a sign of perfection.

  (417) posted on 05.11.2011

Wow, I could say that they have done a nice work on this one. The gunmetal finish on the body is just beautiful, and the wheels are a nice touch too.

  (368) posted on 05.11.2011

The current production of Ferrari 458 Italia is quiet a hit and I thought they will not be making an aftermarket production for this just like on the FF! I guess most of the part that was modified here is in the exterior though actually I looking for the boost performance in the engine.

  (815) posted on 05.10.2011

Wow! That sounds so flattering for 458 Italia but I think that’s too much. It seems
that they been trying to point this car as the God of all the supercar which is not true. I have to admit that it has an amazing speed but its output power is not a god-like!

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