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Everyone knows that Ferrari is famous for their individually developed programs, such as the P540 Superfast Aperta and the Superamerica 45. When you mix the talent of Ferrari and their exquisite projects with the wads of cash that can undoubtedly be found in singer/songwriter, Eric Clapton’s bank account, you have a recipe for another ridiculously awesome vehicle.

Ferrari and Clapton collaborated to create the Ferrari SP12 EPC (SP = Special Projects12 and EPC = Eric Patrick Clapton), made especially for the singer himself. It is based on the 458 Italia, but adds body work inspired by the 512 BB. The body work includes new bumpers, a wide grille, and a retro-style rear end. There is also a new exhaust system and a whole new interior.

In terms of power, Eric Clapton wanted his one-off Ferrari to carry a powerful V12 engine, but in a "the customer isn’t always right" way, Ferrari opted instead to power the sports car with a V8 engine delivering more than 570 HP, or at least that is what the latest rumors are stating. Others seem to think that a V12 still found its way under the hood.

Updated 05/25/2012: Ferrari has officially unveiled today the special edition SP12 EC - a model created as homage to Clapton’s career and his long lasting experience as a Ferrari owner. Check the picture gallery for some new images.

Hit the jump to see a video of the Ferrari SP12 EPC!

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  (372) posted on 06.5.2012

Sometime later, this would be available to everyone too.

  (676) posted on 05.24.2012

It would be better if Ferrari houses it with a V12 engine. As they say, the customer is always right, but with Ferrari, they know what best. 

  (619) posted on 04.19.2012

Once Eric Clapton gets tired of this, Ferrari will probably sell it to the public at an expensive price.

  (399) posted on 03.27.2012

This is what money can do, LOL. His personalized car is amazing; I wish it would be available in the market too, but if ever that happens, its value to Eric Clapton will degrade.

  (415) posted on 03.26.2012

Well, what can I say? Eric Clapton is a known and prominent individual who can afford a personalized Ferrari. He’s filthy rich.

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