The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider had a pretty big 2012 and 2013 is starting out pretty quickly for the entry –level Ferrari, as Capristo has unveiled its first tuning kit of the year for said model. The tuner is quite famous here at TopSpeed and only last year we saw a sweet tuning kit offered for the Lamborghini Aventador.

As usual, changes the tuner is offering are not overwhelming, but they do add to the overall character of the 458 Italia. From factory, the 458 Italia comes with an aluminum roof to help keep its curb weight to a minimum and Capristo has additionally lowered the car’s weight by replacing the stock hood with a new one made in carbon-fiber unit that features lengthwise inlaid glass and additional vents for better engine cooling.

The price for this update is pretty high, and if you are interested you will have to pay about €9800 (about $12,850 at the current exchange rates). For the money, you will also get the hood painted in the color you desire.

Not too overly exciting, but a cool addition for an owner looking to save a few pounds.


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