A week after teasing us with their new 2013 Formula One race car, Ferrari has finally pulled the covers off of their 2013 racer with every intention of using it to finally supplant Red Bull’s three-year dominance in the racing series.

The car is called the "F138" and if you didn’t know the meaning behind the designation, we’re here to tell you what F138 means. The "F" obviously stands for ’Ferrari’ while the "13" signifies the year - 2013 - where the car is going to race. As for the "8", that’s the number of cylinders the race car carries. There’s plenty of significance for the V-8, at least as far as Ferrari is concerned. With the engine ending its Formula One run this year — the series will switch to turbocharged V-6 engines in 2014 — Ferrari saw fit to pay homage to the departing naturally aspirated 2.4-liter V-8 engine, hence the inclusion in the official designation of the car.

2012 runner-up Fernando Alonso will spearhead Ferrari’s attempt to finally end Red Bull’s three-year reign, where he will be once again joined by teammate Felipe Massa. We have no expectations for Massa this year, but Alonso’s a different case altogether.

If there’s anybody that can dethrone Red Bull and three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, it’s Alonso and the Ferrari F138.

  • 2013 Ferrari F138
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    2.4 L
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  (548) posted on 04.17.2013

The 2013 Ferrari F138 looks nothing than the usual Ferrari that I have seen before. This car has resemblance with Marussia since it has the flat concept that I do not understand.

cupler1981  (51) posted on 02.1.2013

ko pro -

I don’t know, the change is kind of refreshing. I can see where you’re coming from though.

cupler1981  (2) posted on 02.1.2013

Ive gotta start by saying that im in no way a true ferrari f1 fan. I respect the team more then i can mention, but is it only me who thinks that ferrari’s beautifully simple classic rosso red paint job is much better then this paint job?!?

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