• 2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made

    Ferrari's Tailor Made program got its hands on the FF, and the results are subtle but stunning.

The Ferrari FF may be nearly three years old, but its shooting brake-like body and massive output figures continue to attract sports car enthusiasts the world over. It’s common knowledge Ferraris don’t need updates too often, and the FF is no exception. However, buyers have access to all sorts of visual upgrades through the company’s Tailor Made customization program, which is responsible for numerous bespoke, one-off sports cars. The FF too has received its fair share of attention from Tailor Made — the FF Dressage Edition is a great example — but Italians have a bunch of new features in store for the shooting brake.

To showcase the new, bespoke features developed for the FF, Ferrari created a trio of sports cars carrying never-before-seen exterior colors and interior amenities on this model. It’s not that the FF isn’t uniquely elegant or appealing enough in its standard guise, but Ferrari needs to maintain the exclusive image it benefits from in markets such as the Middle East and China. It might sound a bit ironic, but there’s always room to improve a Ferrari; all you need is a fat wallet.

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  • 2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    660 @ 8000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    503 @ 6000
  • Displacement:
    6.3 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.7 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    208 mph
  • Price:
    350000 (Est.)
  • Price:
  • car segment:
  • body style:

Ferrari FF Tailor Made in detail

Although Ferrari is known for its ability to modify a car’s exterior to the extent it becomes unique, this Tailor Made program is more about custom paint jobs and discreet interior improvements. Three new exterior colors are now available for the Ferrari FF via Tailor Made, and you can forget about having any of them with the standard package.

2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made High Resolution Exterior
- image 575458

First up is matte Grigio Abu Dhabi and as the name suggests, it’s a matte-gray hue. Granted, it’s not a common color for a Ferrari, but I bet it will be quite popular with customers looking for something different than the usual red, black or yellow.

2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made High Resolution Exterior
- image 575455

The second new colors is Bianco Tartan, a shade similar to the Bianco Italia Ocapo introduced on the F12berlineta Polo Edition. Just like the latter, the paint scheme also comes with a pair of black racing stripes running the length of the car hood to trunk.

2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made High Resolution Exterior
- image 575457

Finally there’s Blue Oceano, a deep, metallic shade of blue that works well with the FF’s elegant yet sporty shape. The Blue Oceano is also by a twin-stripe, this time around in white for a flashier contrast.

2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made Interior
- image 575460

Inside, the FF Tailor Made gets a host of materials borrowed from the world of furnishing and fashion. Wear-resistant Microprestige fabric, Kvadrat canvas, corduroy and tartan replace some of the materials the standard FF’s interior is dressed in. The shooting brake reminds otherwise unchanged, but customers will get the new Apple CarPlay system now offered with all Ferraris.

Ferrari FF

2012 Ferrari FF High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 394287

Introduced in 2011 for the 2012 model year, the Ferrari FF is the company’s first production four-wheel-drive vehicle and also the first road-legal model to sport a shooting brake-like design. An in-house creation, the all-wheel-drive system used by the FF is about 50-percent lighter than a conventional unit and it activates only when the car is driven in Comfort or Snow modes. Otherwise, the FF drives like any other rear-wheel-drive Ferrari.

Power is provided by a naturally-aspirated, 6.3-liter, V-12 engine that generates 660 horsepower and 503 pound-feet of torque. The 0-to-60 mph sprint is achieved in only 3.5 seconds, while top speed comes at 210 mph.

Source: Ferrari

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In recent days, a select group of Ferrari FFs has been catching the eyes of tourists and casual observers alike on the roads around Florence as they explore the historic hamlets nestling in its lush green landscape. These FFs represent the very pinnacle of achievement of the Tailor Made programme which allows clients create their own bespoke cars, personalised right down to the very tiniest details. Clients can choose everything from colours to materials, combinations and fabrics. In fact, Tailor Made not only continues a long-standing Prancing Horse tradition begun in the 1950s but raises it to unprecedented new heights.

2014 Ferrari FF Tailor Made Interior
- image 575456

Each one of the four-seater, four-wheel drive V12s present at the event showcased a range of stunning features that not only underscored their elegance but made them absolutely unique: cabins trimmed in sumptuous materials from the worlds of furnishing and fashion, including wear-resistant Microprestige fabric, Kvadrat canvas, corduroy and tartan, combined with exterior paintwork colours such as triple-layer Bianco Tartan, matte Grigio Abu Dhabi and Blu Oceano. The FF is also the first car in the world to sport Apple’s innovative new CarPlay system which provides instant and intuitive voice and touch control of all functions, from maps to phone to messaging and music.

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