The 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider took the Frankfurt Motor Show by storm, ushering in a new era of drop-top heaven for Ferrari enthusiasts. But the 488 Spider wasn’t the only Ferrari in attendance at Frankfurt. Maranello also brought a pair of personalized versions of the 2015 Ferrari California T, built specifically for the show to showcase the drop-top supercar’s potential under Ferrari’s Tailor-Made personalization program.

The Tailor Made program began in 2011 to give Ferrari customers the opportunity to put their personal imprints on their supercars. In the four years it’s been around, the program has built some high-quality bespoke Ferraris, including the 2014 Ferrari FF Dressage Edition, the 2013 Ferrari FF Czech Edition, and the 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta Polo Edition. The two Tailor Made California Ts at Frankfurt don’t carry any fancy names like “Dressage” or “Polo,” but they do give us a peek into the possibilities of what customers can do to their own California Ts.

With the likes of Aston Martin (Q by Aston Martin), Lamborghini (Ad Personam Personalization), and McLaren (MSO) also offering their own personalization programs, Ferrari needs to be on top of its game to make the Tailor Made program competitive against its rivals. With the two Tailor Made California Ts at Frankfurt, it’s nice to see that Maranello’s taking its personalization program seriously. One of the two personalized California Ts was inspired by the iconic Ferrari 1957 250 TR, which raced in the “Buenos Aires 1,000 Kilometre” in January, 1958.

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2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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The first of the two Tailor Made California Ts is the one shown in the photos. This version features Piano Black body work with red and white detailing, and a matte Grigio Ferro Met grille. Veteran Ferrari connoisseurs should recognize this particular color combination as it is identical to the colors worn by the aforementioned 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, right down to the red “lipstick” around the front grille. It’s a fantastic tribute to the iconic Ferrari race car. Meanwhile, the second of the two Tailor Made California Ts on Ferrari’s Frankfurt stand was only given glossy Grigio Titanio body work.


2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Interior
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The nod to the classic Ferrari race car continues in the interior of the first California with plenty of black leather throughout the cabin. Just like in the old 250 TR, the seats of the California T are in vibrant red leather that Ferrari refers to as “Rosso Cremisi.” The second California T doesn’t showcase anything other than the use of Anthracite black leather and Blu Microprestige technical fabric in the cabin.


2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Exterior
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The two California T models have the standard 3.9-liter V-8 engine with Variable Boost Management that produces 560 horsepower and 557 pound-feet of torque. The Variable Boost Management system helps drop the car’s fuel consumption by 15 percent and CO2 emissions by 20 percent, a fact made more impressive by the California T’s 0-to-60-mph sprint time of just 3.9 seconds and top speed of 196 mph.


2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Exterior
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Show cars are very rarely priced and these two California Ts are no different. That said, programs of this scope usually fetch around $30,000, excluding the price of the car itself. So the price for one Tailor Made California T could go up to as much as $230,000 to $240,000.


2015 Aston Martin DB9 Volante by Q by Aston Martin

2015 Aston Martin DB9 Volante by Q by Aston Martin High Resolution Exterior
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Aston Martin’s Q by Aston Martin program is arguably the most active of all personalization programs. In June 2015, Q by Aston Martin launched a collection of seven different Vanquish models, each personalized to the hilt with items like carbon fiber, custom diamond quilting, and exclusive logos on the headrests.

Q by Aston Martin is also open to other Aston Martin models. Over the years, we’ve seen Q by Aston Martin work on the DBS, DB9, and Vantage. These models had various amount of personalized features. The Blush Pearl leather treatment on the of the DB9 Volante back in August 2014 remains a personal favorite.

You can read our full review here.

2014 Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale by Ad Personam Personalization

2014 Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale High Resolution Exterior
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On the opposite end of the spectrum is Lamborghini’s Ad Personam Personalization program. Unlike Aston Martin, Lamborghini normally doesn’t publicize the supercars that have been been through Ad Personam. But it has made a few exceptions over the years, including recent examples like the Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale and older versions like the Murcielago LP640 Roadster Versace Edition.

Lamborghini Ad Personam Manager Vittorio Gabba also announced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show that new items will be included in the program, including a new Alcantara interior trim, to expand the personalization menu for Lamborghini-owning customers.

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2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Exterior
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I’ve always been a fan of personalization programs, especially those from premium automakers. Ferrari’s Tailor Made program is no exception, and I’m looking forward to see what customers do with the palette of options available to them. The 1957 250 TR-inspired California T is a good example. Tailor Made accomplishes its objective of giving the entry level Ferrari a unique identity while also tying it to one of the most famous Ferrari race cars in history.

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Press Release

As the first day draws to a close, there is no doubt about the real star of the Frankfurt International Motor Show: the 488 Spider. Maranello’s stunning new V8 dazzled on a Ferrari stand thronged from morning to evening by journalists, photographers and TV cameras.

2015 Ferrari California T By "Tailor Made" High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 647064

But the 488 Spider was far from the only good news from the Prancing Horse at Frankfurt. First and foremost came the announcement that Apple CarPlay is being extended to the entire range having premiered on the FF and then been made available on the California T. The two Tailor Made California Ts on the stand most definitely drew the cameras too. The first is strikingly modern with glossy Grigio Titanio bodywork, an Antracite top and black leather and Blu Microprestige technical fabric interior trim. The second California T clearly references the sporting heritage of the famous 1957 250 TR which had its maiden outing in the Buenos Aires 1,000 Kilometre race in January 1958. It has Piano Black bodywork with sporty red and white detailing on the front bumpers and a matte Grigio Ferro Met grille. The livery colours are mirrored in the cabin which mixes black leather with extensive Rosso Cremisi, exactly as per the classic track car.

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