• 2021 Mansory F8XX

Mansory has come up with a hardcore version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo, called the F8XX

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Not long ago, Mansory showed us the Ferrari 812-based Mansory Stallone GTS. Now, they brought out a new project, in the form of the

based Mansory F8XX. Mansory are one of the few tuning houses that aren’t afraid to touch some of the most exclusive and expensive vehicles. And although for some, their modifications are not easy on the eyes, they manage to enhance the design without being vulgar. The latest example is their F8XX, which now looks like a vicious track version of the Ferrari F8.

2021 Mansory F8XX Exterior
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The whole design of the Mansory F8XX screams lightweight, high-performance, track weapon. Clients who want more exclusivity than a normal F8 provides, will appreciate the fact, Mansory has touched every aspect of the car’s exterior, and even parts of the interior.

The F8XX boasts a bespoke “Catania Green” paintjob, which is complemented by golden accents, like the dual racing stripes, lightweight forged wheels, “F8XX” inscriptions on the doors, and the crest, which now proudly says “F8XX by Mansory”.

2021 Mansory F8XX Exterior
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Mansory has a long tradition of making extensive use of carbon fiber. Here, they have, once again, used it generously. Moreover, it is forged carbon, which explains the interesting pattern. The material has been used for all new aero bits, such as the entire front fascia, which is much more aggressive than on the normal F8. It has an integrated front splitter, multiple canards, and a bigger mouth, in order to channel more air through the new air extractors on the hood/bonnet.

The headlights are now flanked by additional vents and the new more aggressive side skirts, work with the front aero do channel air across the side of the car. All of this works with the more aggressive rear diffuser and two-piece rear spoiler, inspired by the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX-K.

2021 Mansory F8XX Interior
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In true Mansory fashion, the interior is even more exquisite than the base car. Opening the door reveals new forged carbon fiber door sills, with the Mansory inscription. The interior itself is entirely finished in the highest quality tan leather. This extends to the seats, which are completely reupholstered and, like other parts of the interior, feature contrasting white accents. Just like the exterior of the car, the exterior also boasts a more generous use of carbon fiber.

Mansory’s in-house engine department has not left the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 untouched either. From the factory, the unit produces 720 horsepower and 770 Nm (568 pound-feet).

2021 Mansory F8XX Drivetrain
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Mansory’s tweak of the ECU and exhaust system brings these numbers up to 880 horsepower and 960 Nm (708 pound-feet). This allows for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 220 mph (354 km/h).

Performance is further optimized by adapted suspension components and the lightweight “YT.5” wheels, wrapped in 255/30 ZR21 front and 335/25 ZR22 rear tires.

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