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2022 Ferrari California Spyder Revival By GTO Engineering

Since not all of us are lucky enough to have $17 million the bank, GTO Engineering has a cheaper solution

Ferrari unveiled the 250 California Spyder SWB at the 1960 Geneva Motor Show, and it soon became an iconic supercar. With only 106 units built, you can imagine auction prices in our day are sky high.

For example the most expensive one was auctioned in 2016 for a little over $17 million, the next one was auctioned in 2015 for almost $16 million. You get the picture: it is a very rare, very expensive classic car.

So, how can you afford one? Well, you don’t! Or maybe you do... if you have between £750,000 - £850,000 ($1-$1.2 million) in your bank account. If you do, head over to GTO Engineering and they will build a California Spyder for you.

If the name sounds familiar is because recently they unveiled the Squalo V-12, but they are also famous for cars like 250 GT SWB Revival or the 250 Testa Rossa Revival.

The process of building a masterpiece

2022 Ferrari California Spyder Revival By GTO Engineering Exterior
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With only 106 units built, the 250 California Spyder is quite a rarity

There is a catch though! Next to the $1 million you must also have a donor car, and, as you probably guessed, it must be a Ferrari. So, in order to build a cool Ferrari you must kill a not so cool, cheaper Ferrari. Think about models like the Mondial or 348 that are priced under $50k on Autotrader.

Once you hand your donor car to GTO Engineering the building process starts. Each car is built by hand and requires a total of 1,500 hours of work. The process starts by crafting a hand-formed aluminum body, manufactured with GTO Engineering’s own tooling, and strengthening of the chassis.

2022 Ferrari California Spyder Revival By GTO Engineering Exterior
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All you need is a cheap Ferrari to use as a donor car and a little over $1 million for the construction job

From there, you can choose between three different engines.

You can opt to retain the original 3.0-liter Colombo V-12 engine found in the California Spyder, or to upgrade to either a 3.5-liter or a 4.0-liter engine.

There is also a choice between the standard four- or optional five-speed manual gearbox.

GTO Engineering is paying great attention to every aspect of the car and promises the final product will look identical to the original. Every line of the exterior follows the lines of the original car and the interior must also be identical. For the last one, GTO is offering a range of luxurious leathers and optional smaller, vintage-style wooden steering wheel fitted with an original style horn.

2022 Ferrari California Spyder Revival By GTO Engineering Exterior
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The first car will be on display at the 2021 Goodwood Revival event, 17-19 September 2021.

Each unit will be built to each owner’s specific requirements and first deliveries will be made at the end of 2021. GTO’s California Spyder Revival will make its debut at the 2021 Goodwood Revival event that will take place from 17 to 19 September 2021.

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GTO Engineering will reveal the third model in its revered Revival series, the California Spyder Revival, at this year’s world-famous Goodwood Revival event. This masterful interpretation will be a reincarnation of one of the most iconic Ferraris ever made, available to be customised by each client to their exacting specification. The hand-built, tool room copy based on the 1960 SWB California Spyder will make its global debut at the upcoming Goodwood Revival on GTO Engineering’s ‘Over the Road’ stand from 17 - 19 September 2021.

Originally designed by Pininfarina and magnificently completed by Scaglietti, the California Spyder is without a doubt one of the best collaborations to ever leave the gates of Maranello. A total of 106 California Spyders were produced by Ferrari in SWB and LWB guise, making it one of the rarest models to be made. Today, the original vehicles that remain are invariably only found in the highest level of specialist collections, rarely seen on the open road or unchanged from their original factory specifications.

In contrast, the California Spyder Revival by GTO Engineering can be customised, whether that be upgraded engines, gearboxes or interior and exterior colour options. GTO Engineering’s California Spyder Revival will feature either a standard 3.0-litre, upgraded 3.5- or 4.0-litre engines, mated to either a standard four- or optional five-speed manual gearbox. The level of quality and attention to detail is also indicative of GTO Engineering’s knowledge and specialist experience, with each vehicle built by hand using components manufactured by the team, a process that takes over 1,500-man hours. It’s this experience that also sees thoughtful and in-keeping upgrades such as tortional rigidity enhanced through strengthened sills due to its soft-top nature as well as giving it greater stiffness than the original.

However, keen historians and Ferrari fans will note that the California Spyder is not just about speed but also glamour and comfort. GTO Engineering’s interpretation of the legendary car, in its Revival format, is one the team has deliberated for some time, choosing to revive the iconic and rare 1960 SWB specification. As one of the most revered Ferraris ever designed, the California Spyder Revival will be in good hands as the team at GTO Engineering will continue where the workforce of Maranello left off, with each area of the build being better or matched in terms of quality and manufacturing standards. A key element will be in the hand formed aluminium body, manufactured with GTO Engineering’s own tooling, as well as the interior, which can be finished in a range of luxurious leathers and optional smaller, vintage-style wooden steering wheel fitted with an original style horn.

As one of the most desirable road cars Ferrari has ever made and generally thought of as one of the prettiest cars the Italian manufacturer has produced, GTO Engineering is well established to revive this Sixties icon. Having started the bespoke, low-volume Revival series in 2008, the company has since had strong sales across its three models in the series; 250 SWB Revival, 250 Testa Rossa (TR) Revival and now the California Spyder Revival.

Mark Lyon, Founder and Managing Director of GTO Engineering said: “It’s very exciting to be able to start talking about our latest addition to the Revival series: the California Spyder Revival. It is one of, if not, the most iconic Ferrari road car from the Sixties and it’s something we’ve worked hard over recent years to develop, following on from the success of the 250 SWB Revival and 250 TR Revival models. The feedback from both previous and new Revival-series customers is encouraging and we’re looking forward to work with more owners to create their dream car.”

Pricing of the GTO Engineering California Spyder Revival is indicated between £750,000 - £850,000 depending on donor vehicle, final specification, local taxes and shipping. Each California Spyder Revival can be tailor made to each owner’s specific requirements and will be created by hand in the UK, with first customer deliveries scheduled at the end of 2021. GTO Engineering’s stand at Goodwood Revival will be located at the ‘Over the Road’ for the duration of the event (17 - 19 September).

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