When most car enthusiasts think of DMC – the tuner, not the failed automaker – they are thinking of one of the most respected Lamborghini tuners in the world. Well, just because it is most known for its work on raging bulls doesn’t mean it can’t hop on a prancing horse every once in a while. This is made evident by DMC’s latest tune, which happens to be on the newest prancing horse in the stable, the F12berlinetta.

This package, which DMC has dubbed the F12berlinetta SPIA, takes the F12berlinetta’s best assets and does the impossible by making them even better. The thing with the F12berlinetta is the fact that its body acts as the car’s spoiler system, so DMC had to take extreme car not to mess with its aerodynamics too much.

So, did DMC knock this one outta the park or did it itself into a sloppy double play?

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Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning High Resolution Exterior
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If we’re being upfront about it, it takes a certain kind of guile and versatility to be able to produce a program for two of the finest Italian automakers around. DMC Tuning proved that through the aerodynamic body kit fitted into the F12berlinetta.

You’ll notice that the supercar is sporting a prominent new lip splitter, something that didn’t just happen by a snap of somebody’s fingers. DMC put it there, not just for aesthetic purposes, but with its own centric sword, it improves the supercar’s overall road stability. Speaking of stability, the extended side skirts on the F12berlinetta also serves that purposes, thanks to a pair of diffuser plates that actually match the ones you can find on the front diffuser.

The supercar’s hood was replaced in favor of a carbon-fiber version. There’s also a roof scoop, a design you’d normally see on cheesy import tune jobs, not Italian thoroughbreds like the F12berlinetta. DMC painted the carbon-fiber hood to match the body color of the supercar, but customers can opt for the naked and bare version, although it would probably end up looking a little out of place.

As far as the rear of the F12berlinetta goes, the installation of a spoiler wing reminiscent of the Ferrari 599XX further improves the car’s handling and looks pretty snazzy with the newly designed rear diffuser. As an added option, DMC is also offering rear tinted light replacements, which you can opt to have installed in your car.


Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Interior
- image 487995

The interior of the F12berlinetta was also treated with plush upgrades, headlined by the use of fine Italian leather and carbon fiber. DMC is also offering a number of packages, ranging from a basic one that includes button and trim add-ons to a medium package that includes a redesigned steering wheel, all the way to a VIP package, which pretty much involves the tuning company going balls-to-the-wall on the interior.

The only caveat with the VIP package is that the customer will have to incur the extra costs of having to ship the car to DMC’s Germany headquarters — something a Chinese customer presumably did earlier this week - whereas the small and medium projects can be finished remotely.


Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Interior
- image 487994

One of the things that make DMC such an exceptional aftermarket tuner is that it leaves no stones unturned when it’s working on a program. The SPIA program for the F12berlinetta is no different, as on top of what we’ve already discussed, the German tuner also took the time to improve on the performance figures of the car that’s already considered as the most powerful street-legal Ferrari ever.

That’s some high horses to fill, but thanks in large part to a new titanium exhaust system, the boys from Dusseldorf were able to increase the F12berlinetta’s output from the standard 729 horsepower to 754 horsepower. For a car that already boasts that much power, squeezing out that extra 25 ponies is quite a feat.

Finally, the top speed of the F12berlinetta has been increased from 211 mph to 217 mph, which really doesn’t need any more explanation.


Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Exterior
- image 487991

The final piece to DMC’s SPIA puzzle...err...program is the set of wheels the German tuning firm decide to fit into the Italian supercar. The OEM model carried 20-inch wheels, DMC decided that bigger is better and it did so by putting in 21- and 22-inch forged alloy wheels on the front and rear, respectively. The front wheels are wrapped in Pirelli Sport Tires in dimensions of 255/30R21 while the rear has of 335/25R22 tires.


Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Exterior
- image 487993

No word yet on how much the program is going to cost, but rest assured it won’t come cheap, especially if you have to send your F12berlinetta all the way to DMC’s headquarters in Germany.


Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Exterior
- image 487992

So, do we like the program? In a nutshell, we do. There are some parts about it though, or lack thereof, that we would’ve preferred to have been included. The overall kit, while impressive, could have benefited from more - or bigger - parts, particularly the rear spoiler. But really, all this clamoring for more could really be traced to just being spoiled by DMC. It’s been building some fantastic programs for a number of supercars in the past and maybe we’ve become a little accustomed to more changes. The SPIA program for the F12berlinetta is no different. It wasn’t a smack out of the park, but it was a moon shot to nosebleed seats.

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Press Release

DMC has traditionally been famous for Lamborghini, but with the new F12 Ferrari hitting the market, it’s time to show that exceptions prove the rule. By preleasing the F12 Berlinetta "Spia", the Germans give us an insight on what’s already available, and what’s soon to come.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Exterior
- image 487992

Let’s start with the candies that are today hitting the market, DMC’s F12 Performance Package, and the Forged Rims:

The standard Berlinetta comes with 740 PS, more than any street-legal Ferrari has had before, but that’s just too kind for the tuners from Duesseldorf. DMC have developed a performance package that pushes the the Stallion from Modena to the 764 PS mark, a strength which enables the car to reach nearly 350 Km/H. This newly gained power, is in largely achieved thanks to the new Titanium Exhaust which also holds another gimmick in petto, a martial brutal sound.

All this is supported by a new set of forged 22" Rims and Sport Springs.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Exterior
- image 487991

Designed as an upgrade to the OEM 20" wheels, DMC decided to develop for a combination of 21" at the front and 22" at the rear. This does not only further add to the picture of a Lion waiting for its prey, but also improves the overall handling. And even though they are larger than their OEM siblings, they are some of the lightest found, because of their forged alloy nature. The sport springs finalise the new appearance by supporting the new weight-ratio and handling. The front is built in 9,5 x 21" , using Pirelli Sport Tyres in dimensions of 255/30, and the rear has the 12x22 dimension in dimensions 335/25. It is crucial to mention that DMC is using the highest-grade 3 piece wheels made of forged alloy, which can be ordered in either Virgin Gold or any other finish that the exclusive clientele sees fit.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning Interior
- image 487995

The Carbon Fiber Body Kit, shown in the attached renders, is available for order now, and will ship in April 2013. Following DMC tradition, it features an whole new, aggressive new look, which is put together by a complete aerodynamic package:

The front diffuser is exchanged with a prominent new lip splitter, which not only extends the car, but also features it’s own centric sword, overall improving the road stability.

The front hood is completely replaced with a carbon fiber version, but the outer parts are due to be painted if clients choose to follow DMC’s design direction. The roof scoop which is yet another significant and bold item of DMC’s F12 kit, is thereby gaining more prominence and sits in alliance with the hood which is exposed in the centre only.

The extended side skirts not only add to a better road stability by using a pair of diffuser plates, but also stand out with flaps that match the ones that are also found on the front diffuser.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia by DMC Tuning High Resolution Exterior
- image 487996

The trunk receives an 599XX esque spoiler wing, which goes well along with the newly designed rear diffuser. As all components of this kit, made of 100% carbon fiber, it showcases giant fins that add further to the aggressive appearance. DMC also manufactures rear light replacements that have a tinted appearance, which looks especially good on red, blue, or really any body colour.

It’s worthwhile to mention that DMC guarantees again no visible damage by using their components, the car can be, at any time, be returned to the OEM look, which can be useful.

The package is finalised with exclusive interior refinements using italian fine leathers and carbon finer. Plenty of buttons and trims are available as a small package, a redesigned steering wheel adds on to complete a medium package or the whole interior can be redone for the VIP package. Small and Medium Projects can be done remotely, but the car needs to be shipped to Germany if a whole interior make-over is requested.

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  (4) posted on 01.6.2013

I love it. it is very wonderful modifications on this Ferrari.
but there is one thing that important is the maintenance cost of V12 engines.

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