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2014 Ferrari 412 Pick-Up By London Supercar Workshop

2014 Ferrari 412 Pick-Up By London Supercar Workshop

It’s not everyday that you see a car like the 1989 Ferrari 412 get transformed into something that goes against everything the Prancing Horse stands for. But somehow, London Supercar Workshop owner and founder Elo (yes, that’s his name) managed to do it and more.

History Channel’s Ultimate Wheels follows the exploits of Elo as he sets out and puts his brush stroke on great cars, transforming them into, well, the title of the show.

In this particular instance, Elo set his sights on the aforementioned Ferrari 412, giving it a Jekyll and Hyde transformation that essentially turned the Italian supercar into a...pick-up truck.

Yes...a pick-up truck.

It does seem a little blasphemous to even consider butchering a Ferrari and turn it into something that isn’t a supercar, but for what it’s worth, there’s a method to Elo’s madness, something that can’t be explained by simply looking at the finished product.

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