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1989 Ferrari Testarossa Convertible

1989 Ferrari Testarossa Convertible

An ‘80s icon goes topless

In the mid-‘80s, Ferrari introduced the Testarossa, a two-door berlinetta created as a replacement for the Berlinetta Boxer 512i. The name was a nod to the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa race car that ran in the World Sportscar Championship in the late ‘50s, but the new model was anything but old school. Occupying the top of the Prancing Horse model lineup, the new Testarossa was subsequently well received amongst critics and the buying public. Not only was it popularized by the show Miami Vice, but several prominent celebrities owned one, and eventually, the Testarossa became a well known symbol of ‘80s culture. Considering the popularity, you’d expect Ferrari to be eager to produce a drop-top version of the 12-cylinder sports car, but not so – only one “official” Testarossa convertible was ever produced, forcing custom builders to make their own roofless variants after the fact. This car is one of those rare custom Testarossa convertibles.

At its heart, the car you see here is a 1989 model. It’s nearly identical in every single way to the Testarossas that rolled out from Maranello and into Ferrari dealerships nearly three decades ago, save the infinitely expanded headroom.

This Testarossa convertible is on offer from Paris Prestige Cars, a French dealer of high-end sports cars, and it’s a rare convertible example of one of Ferrari’s most popular models.

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Ferrari 488 GTB "Project VOS-9X" by VOS Performance

Ferrari 488 GTB "Project VOS-9X" by VOS Performance

Well-rounded tuning program covers a lot of bases

The Ferrari 488 GTB. What else is there to say about a car that exudes everything we love about Ferraris. Exotic design? Check. Powerful engine? Check. Prancing Horse badge on the hood? Check. The 488 GTB is an incredible car in every sense of the word, yet there are those who believe that enough is never enough when you can get more out of it. That’s the beauty of the aftermarket business because it always comes up with a program or two to make cars like the 488 GTB that much more interesting. On that note, that’s exactly what VOS Performance did when it released a well thought out kit for Maranello’s latest road warrior.

The program is called “VOS-9X” and, while the name doesn’t give us a lot of concrete hints on what the entire kit comes with, the name does come with the number “9”, which could be an indicator on the amount of power the 488 GTB will have once VOS Performance’s program is completely installed. It’s also worth noting that the tuner offers a full menu’s worth of upgrades, from the supercar’s exterior all the way to its suspension. That’s more than what you can say for other programs we’ve seen for the 488 GTB, so in some ways, this may be the program owners of the supercar have been waiting for.

In the end, it all comes down to expectations. I can set the table as much as I want, but the real worth of a tuning program will largely depend on what the people getting it will think about it. Is VOS Performance’s program for the Ferrari 488 GTB worth the price of admission? Read on to find out.

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