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Fiat Dino coming in 2011

Fiat Dino coming in 2011

Fiat is bringing the Dino back. The new sports car will be based on the Lotus Elise and is set to be revealed in 2011. As previously reported the new sports car might be sold under the Abarth badge. Fiat’s CEO Lorenzo Sistino told Car Magazine: "I think it would be great to go into the small two-seater roadster market again – and it would be brilliant if we could bring back the Dino badge, too."

For those wondering if Fiat’s Dino means they are taking over the new Ferrari car that was rumored to be a Dino, the answer is probably not. Ferrari originally developed the first Dino in honor of Enzo Ferrari’s dead son. It did not carry the Ferrari name, but instead only "Dino" badging. Fiat ended up building the car so that production numbers could be raised to levels where the car could go racing. Once this project ended in 1974, both companies produced independent cars with the Dino name. So both Fiat and Ferrari have the Dino name in their history, but it obviously means more to Ferrari.

Fiat’s biggest plan at the moment is a city car that can compete with Smart. This is expected to arrive in 2009 – and will be aimed squarely at the Smart Fortwo and forthcoming Toyota iQ.

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