• 2006 Fiat Sedici
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Transmission:
    5-Speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    1586 L
  • 0-60 time:
    12 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    105 mph
  • body style:

The Fiat Sedici did not go on sale until mid-March but is already a star, as the many orders collected by dealers since the beginning of the year testify.

Fortified by an absolutely irresistible price list – prices from 18,970 euros (on the road) – the new model personifies the ‘4x4 4 ALL’ concept that Fiat has brought to the four wheel drive market with the specific aim of offering customers all the safety and fun that is only available from a four wheel drive version. The Fiat Sedici’s features make it the ideal alternative to segment C cars and also to all other off-roaders currently on the market since it offers the driving satisfaction and handling of a compact car with the performance figures of an SUV.

The new model, the official car of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, offers a new selectable 4x4 system with central differential and 3 operating modes: 2WD, AUTO and LOCK. Its performance is that of a true off-roader, while its driving comfort and fuel economy are that of a road vehicle.

Customers can also choose between two specification levels, Dynamic and Emotion, ten body shades and two power units, the new petrol-driven 107 bhp 1.6 16v and the 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet, the latter fitted as standard with a DPF (particulate filter). The standard equipment package may be enhanced and further customised by a selected range of options and items from the Accessory range.

In detail, the on-the-road prices for 1.6 16v versions are 18.970 euros (Dynamic) and 20,470 euros (Emotion); the 1.9 Multijet versions are available at 21,970 euros (Dynamic) and 23,470 euros (Emotion). All versions come with a 3 year (or 100,000 km) warranty included in the price.

These are the winning features of the new car, which marks a veritable leap forward in the compact SUV scenario because it is the result of a style and design approach whose distinguishing feature is freedom of choice. The new model is a blend of different vehicle types: it combines the driving satisfaction and handling features of a compact Fiat with the off-road performance of an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Incidentally, the car’s name says everything about its off-road proclivities: Sedici (sixteen] is what you get when you multiply 4x4 – the code used to identify four-wheel drive

The new model is available in two specifications (Dynamic and Emotion) with two power units (107 bhp 1.6 16v and 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet) and reconciles apparently conflicting qualities: plenty of passenger room despite a compact size; the handling of a saloon with the off-road qualities of an SUV - and original exterior styling with interior design geared for maximum practicality. This means that the Fiat Sedici is the ideal solution for the motorist of today who inhabits a technological world where it is common for objects to serve more than one purpose. The car is now seen as a versatile product that can adapt to different activities: work, relaxation, culture and leisure time. The Fiat Sedici has thus been designed and built for drivers who wish to make a statement by driving a sophisticated car with elegant lines yet are also seeking a compact, easily handled and safe car that will slip through town traffic with ease.

The new Fiat model allows its customers to make the most of their free time, particularly if they love nature and wish to indulge their taste for adventure and challenge: The vehicle boasts an all-terrain look plus a special adaptable four wheel drive that allows the driver the freedom of changing from a 4x2 drive to a 4x4, thus ensuring this vehicle consumes less fuel than other off-road vehicles in the same category. And more, a Fiat Sedici equipped with the spirited 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet engine assures outstanding performance, travelling comfort and respect for the environment.

The Fiat Sedici simultaneously ensures thrills and driving satisfaction by carefully juggling style and sophisticated engineering. Its vigour arouses a zest for life while satisfying the desire to travel in complete freedom. Fiat wishes to play a leading role in the development of the SUV by offering an off-roader for all. This steadily growing market segment rose from a share of 1.7% in 1992 to the current level of 6% for the entire European on-road vehicle fleet. Back in 1992 the segment was made up of vehicles that were configured for out-and-out off-road driving but the original generation of off-road vehicles were later supplanted as a result of two events: the first occurred in 1994 with the arrival of the first compact SUVs combining the qualities of true 4x4 off-roaders with up-to-date and original design making them suitable for city driving. These were followed in 1997 by deluxe off-roaders: with their wealth of equipment and extremely generous dimensions, these were the ideal response for demanding, sophisticated customers in a continual quest for unique products with a strong personality.

Both subsegments, particularly the compact SUV subsegment, are now experiencing growing interest from the public and the scenario is changing quickly. The size and features of the Fiat Sedici slot it into the compact SUV category but it stands head and shoulders above the herd for its absolutely elegant exterior styling and very appealing standard equipment package.

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  (939) posted on 03.22.2010

That the Nuova Croma range offers every customer. No matter how demanding, a choice between different options and accessories which may underline the model’s practicality and versatility, or cater for the customer’s practical and emotional demands.

  (648) posted on 02.22.2010

Not a bad-looking vehicle. Grill’s very Audi. It will be interesting to see if Fiat can continue its recovery.

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