The Fiat Punto isn’t exactly a car that tuners rush to get their hands on. But with the right updates, even the Punto can be transformed into something that might get a second look, or maybe even three. Novitec ended up being the tuner up for such a challenge and the result of their hard work is a new upgrade package that improves both the look and performance of the Italian hatchback.

The exterior package includes Novitec headlamp moldings, a new Novitec spoiler, an X-one-look hood with power domes and integrated hood scoops, side sills, a rear spoiler, and a rear molding attachment. The package is finished by 17 or 18 inch wheels.

The 1.4-liter 16V MultiAir turbocharged gasoline engine has been tuned to deliver 160 HP and 246 NM of torque. This new upgrade helps the Fiat Punto sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 130 mph. As for the diesel version, the 1.6-liter 16V MultiJet now delivers 144 HP and 356 NM of torque.

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Press release

NOVITEC now offers an extensive tuning program for the Fiat Punto Evo. The list of options includes engine tuning for the two turbocharged gasoline engines and for all diesel models. Also part of the customization program for the Italian compact car is a sport exhaust system for a throatier exhaust note, a striking body-styling package, custom-tailored tire/wheel combinations with diameters of 17 and 18 inches and sporty suspension options.

There is no substitute for power except more power. NOVITEC offers a power boost for the 1.4-liter 16V MultiAir turbocharged gasoline engine of the Fiat Punto Evo from standard 99 kW / 135 hp to 118 kW / 160 hp. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 206 to 246 Nm at 1,780 rpm. The power increase is facilitated by the NOVITEC PowerJet 2 auxiliary control unit with innovative plug-and-power technology. It is available for just 419 Euros and cuts the sprint time from rest to 100 km/h to 7.9 seconds while increasing the top speed to 209 km/h.

2010 Fiat Punto Evo by Novitec Exterior
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Following the same principle the Abarth Punto Evo receives a power upgrade from standard 163 hp / 120 kW to 184 hp / 135 kW.

The NOVITEC POWERRAIL 5 modules cost 335 Euros and make all turbodiesel models of the Punto Evo even more fun to drive. Installation is simple and takes just a few minutes. Equipped with a NOVITEC POWERRAIL 5 module the most powerful diesel engine in the lineup, the 1.6-liter 16V MultiJet, puts out 144 hp / 106 kW and produces a peak torque of 356 Nm.

Optimized performance, a thrilling exhaust note and impressive looks are the three most important arguments in favor of the NOVITEC stainless-steel sport mufflers. These mufflers come with an EG operating certificate, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive individual technical inspections. The sport exhaust is available in no less than 26 different versions. Nowhere else can Punto Evo owners choose from exhausts with one, two or four exhaust tips. MSRPs start at 200 Euros.

2010 Fiat Punto Evo by Novitec Exterior
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After the NOVITEC tuning treatment the Italian speedster also looks miles from ordinary. The front appears much more aggressive with NOVITEC headlamp moldings and the NOVITEC spoiler, which is optionally available with an additional blade. That impression is further enhanced by the X-one-look hood with power domes and integrated hood scoops.

NOVITEC side sills give the Fiat an even lower and sleeker stance. The rear is upgraded with a rear spoiler and the rear molding attachment. The latter is available in three different versions including an especially striking racing-look version with diffuser fins. All versions of the rear molding can be combined with any NOVITEC sport muffler.

Another important contribution to the thrilling NOVITEC look for the Punto Evo comes from the NOVITEC N10 alloy wheels with ten double spokes. These wheels with diameters of 17 or 18 inches make full use of the available space in the wheel wells. They are available in two versions with silver painted or polished black surfaces. The largest version features size 8Jx18 wheels with size 215/35 R 18 tires. A complete set sells for 1,310 Euros.

2010 Fiat Punto Evo by Novitec Exterior
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As the perfect complement to the sporty low-profile tires NOVITEC offers sport springs for use with the stock shock absorbers or height-adjustable stainless-steel coilover suspensions for the Punto Evo. The lowering rate can be adjusted from 35 to 75 millimeters. The top-of-the-line suspension also allows varying the damper rates.

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  (858) posted on 12.21.2011

It looks so luscious on its body paint and just like the other Fiat vehicle it still looks cute on its platform. However, I’m a little curious on what will be its interior looks like?

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