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Fisker EMotion Prototype Revealed – Reservations Start At $2,000

Fisker EMotion Prototype Revealed – Reservations Start At $2,000

It promises a lot – can it deliver?

Premium all-electric sports car fans, say hello to the latest four-door vying for your lust and adoration. It’s called the EMotion, and it comes from Henrik Fisker, the renowned auto designer who gave shape to rides like the Aston Martin DB9 and VLF Force 1 V10, among others. The EMotion is Fisker’s second attempt at creating an electrified performance machine, following the Karma hybrid sedan unveiled back in 2011. While attractive and technologically impressive, the Karma was a bit too complicated for its own good, resulting in the occasional parking lot fire and not much success. But now, the calendar says 2017, and the EMotion looks like a solid effort that could very well avoid the shortcomings of the Karma and redeem the Fisker nameplate.

Fisker revealed a picture of the official prototype model in a tweet, following up with a video on the Fisker website. The specs are impressive – up to 400 miles is possible between charge-ups, while just 9 minutes will yield as much as 125 miles, beating the Tesla Supercharger system by a wide margin (30 minutes for 170 miles). Thing is, our friends over at electrek report the EMotion will run on regular old lithium-ion batteries, rather than a graphene supercapacitor promised before, so we wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers changed, although the Fisker website is still claiming the figures above. Either way, Fisker is taking pre-orders now, asking $2,000 for a deposit. Pricing is set at $130,000. Tune in tomorrow for the official debut.

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