The list of customized Ford Mustangs to be displayed in SEMA is quite long, but it seems that everyone, including Ford, is pretty excited by one particular project: a new Ford-licensed 1965 Mustang convertible body shell. This new project will give customers the possibility to put their classic dream Mustang ragtop back on the road.

The body shell is made of higher-grade steel than the original and includes the doors, the trunk lid, and all the sheet metal from the radiator support to the taillight panel except the hood and front fenders. Those items are available separately. The price for the body shell starts at $15,000.

"The 1964-66 Mustang is the most restored vintage vehicle. But the number of original 1964-66 vintage bodies is shrinking every year," said Dennis Mondrach, Ford Restoration Parts licensing manager. "Most of the original Mustangs left in scrapyards are rusted or wrecked beyond repair. The new body shell is made of virgin metal and uses modern welding techniques. It comes rustproofed, and after final adjustment and finish preparation of the body panels, it is ready for painting and final assembly."


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