• 1995 Ford GT 90

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  • 1995 Ford GT 90
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  • 0-60 time:
    3.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    235 mph
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Unveiled in January 1995, at the Detroit Auto Show as "the world’s mightiest supercar", the Ford GT90 was a concept car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Claimed performance included a top speed close to 250 mph (402 km/h) from a 720 hp (537 kW) quad-turbocharged V12 engine.

1995 Ford GT 90
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The mid-engined car was a spiritual successor to the Ford GT40, taking from it some styling cues, such as doors that cut into the roofline, but little else. All angles and glass, the Ford GT90 was the first Ford to display the company’s "New Edge" design philosophy. The GT90 was built around a honeycomb-section aluminum monocoque and its body panels were moulded from carbon fiber.

The GT90 was built by a small team in just over six months and, as a result, borrowed many components from another high profile stablemate—the Jaguar XJ220. The all-round double wishbone suspension and the five-speed manual gearbox came from the Jaguar, while the engine was from another member of the Ford family.

The GT90’s 48-valve V12 was a six-litre engine which, if Ford had ever produced it in volume, might have produced up to 720 hp (537 kW), thanks to four Garrett Systems T2 turbochargers. The engine was based on the Ford Modular engine. Two V8 engines each had portions removed, and the cut down engines were welded together. In total, this yielded a 90-degree V-12, with 90.2 mm bore and 77.3 mm stroke.

1995 Ford GT 90
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Ford named this vehicle to hint at the inspirations of it’s design, namely the highly sucessful GT40 road / race car of the 1960’s. Similar in that both cars are very low, mid-engined two-seaters with fantastic performance potential. However, there the similarities end.

The GT90 concept was the first example of what Ford called "edge design" in which numerous hard-edged surfaces seem to collide with one another. In this way, the GT90 almost resembles a Stealth Fighter. And, like a Stealth Fighter, the GT90 features similarly advanced materials, taken straight from race car technology: a honeycomb aluminium chassis, carbonfibre body and ceramic exhaust.

1995 Ford GT 90
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It was intended to be lauched in a limited series of 100 cars, but unfortunately this plan was never realised. However, the GT90 did have a significant effect on the future of Ford design, the "edge design" concept later spawning vehicles such as the Ka and Cougar.

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