The Ford F-250 Super Chief concept takes truck leadership to a new level - as the world’s first vehicle with Tri-Flex fueling, enabling the supercharged V-10 to run for 500 miles between fill-ups on hydrogen, E85 ethanol or gasoline. The tri-fuel flexibility is one possible innovation by Ford to help pave the way for hydrogen vehicles, as the nation’s ethanol and hydrogen fueling infrastructure continues to develop.

  • 2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept
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    5-Speed Automatic
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The Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept boldly foretells a new era for pickup trucks that Ford intends to lead with bold, American design and innovation - as it has for nearly three decades.

"F-250 Super Chief pays tribute to the bold optimism that is part of the American character," says Peter Horbury, executive director, North America Design. "The F-250 Super Chief’s innovations pave a new path for the American truck. It’s a notion - and a modern design - so bold, it could only come from Ford."


Running on hydrogen, the supercharged V-10 engine provides up to 12 percent fuel economy improvement on an energy equivalent basis versus a non-supercharged gasoline V-10 - and nearly 500 miles per fill-up. In addition, when operating on hydrogen, the Tri-Flex V-10 generates 99 percent less CO2 emissions than when running on gasoline. Hydrogen is the ultimate clean fuel of the future. It is not only the cleanest fuel, it is the most abundant element on Earth. E85 ethanol is a domestic, renewable, greenhouse gas-friendly fuel.


While the F-250 Super Chief has plenty of innovative tricks under its hood, it embraces several of Ford Motor Company’s advanced safety technologies to help ensure that occupants’ travels are not only comfortable, but also safe. Safety technology such as BeltMinder and BlockerBeam are among the innovative features on the F-250 Super Chief. BlockerBeam provides enhanced frontal crash compatibility with cars on the road, and Ford’s patented BeltMinder technology will alert the driver when occupants are not buckled up.


Expressive details add beauty as well as functionality. The sculpted cowling serves as an air intake for the V-10 engine, while pronounced vents exhaust heat from the engine bay. Pronounced flares house the truck’s 24-inch wheels, and Goodyear tires firmly plant the truck on the ground.

The F-250 Super Chief concept delivers an interior design that’s rugged as well as elegant in three materials: American walnut, brushed aluminum and rich brown leather.

"Well-appointed vehicles are nothing new," Mays says. "But, as premium amenities and finishes become more ordinary, we wanted to push the envelope and show our truck customers - and our competitors - what a truly upscale, distinctly American pickup might look like."

"The Ford F-250 Super Chief concept allows us to better gauge where the high end of rugged elegance just might be."

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the best truck ever i wish for this truck for ever !

thanks ford !

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