PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) officially launched the New Ford Ranger Severe Off Road Vehicle (SORV) - the only tough double cab pick up in the Indonesian market, which has been built particularly for super heavy-duty applications. With its exceptional specifications, the latest model of the Ford Ranger will meet the consumers’ demand, the fleet market in particular, for an extra strong double cab pick-up to handle the difficulties in severe off road conditions.

Richard C. Baker, President Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia, explained, “The new Ford Ranger SORV with all its exceptional specifications will certainly meet our consumers’ demand, particularly in heavy-duty applications. Nowadays, many of the mining and oil corporations, as well as rental car companies, require pick-ups that have the ability to perform specific applications for severe terrain. Thus far, those companies have modified their pick-ups in different places so as to meet their necessities.”

“In order to meet our consumers’ requirements, we conducted a particular study in Indonesia, and then developed variants of the Ranger SORV. The Product Development team of Ford Asia Pacific & Africa implemented both the study and subsequent variant development in an integrated and detailed manner to ensure the suitability of the Ford Ranger SORV for the Indonesian market. Therefore, with all benefits offered by the Ford Ranger SORV, we are very optimist that our consumers will warmly welcome this model”, adds Richard.


The Ford Ranger SORV is available in three variants, double cabin 2.5L TDi 4x4 MT XLT, double cabin 2.5L TDi 4x4 MT XLT-STD, and double cabin 2.9L NA 4x4 MT Base. This heavy-duty pick-up also offers two options of diesel engine, the diesel 2.9L naturally aspirated and 2.5L turbo diesel intercooler, which is the most powerful diesel engine in the 2.5L class.

Heavy-Duty Features

The new Ranger SORV comes with a variety of heavy-duty features. The first feature is heavy-duty suspension kit that has a role in strengthening the under carriage area, usually known as feet. The suspension system is a crucial element in supporting the vehicle’s performance during operation in severe terrain. This heavy-duty suspension kit consists of heavy-duty shock absorbers, a heavy-duty torsion bar, heavy-duty lower arms, heavy-duty leaf springs, a heavy-duty urethane bush kit, and a heavy-duty mount kit.

Others heavy-duty features that support the Ford Ranger SORV’s tough performance are the heavy-duty rubber boot, which is the enrichment of the standard rubber boot and is one of the vital components suitable for heavy-duty application pick-ups. Also, it has a heavy-duty brake pad feature made of material that has experienced a longer heat-treatment process, resulting in a stronger and a more durable brake pad component. The vehicle also offers an extension breather, which is utilized to ensure the oil pressure can still be perfectly released, thus, avoiding further problems due to the oil pressure hole being blocked by dirt or mud during operations in off-road terrain.

The Ford Ranger SORV is fitted with a snorkel feature that is able to increase the pick-up’s capability and safety to be driven in areas with high water level, and is also equipped by a pre-filter feature that is able to filter the air by separating dust particles contained in the absorbed air. This pre-filter feature can create a more durable air-filter component and a perfect combustion process.


As offered on other XLT Ford products where place safety is the first priority, a number of Ford Ranger SORV models also provide high quality safety features comprised of ABS, EBD, airbag, safety belt, collapsible steering wheel, child lock protector, side door impact beam and crash cage.

In welcoming the arrival of the new Ford Ranger SORV, PT Ford Motor Indonesia has invited the media to participate in a two-day media ‘ride and drive’ event conducted in Balikpapan, which commences today. This event is especially created for the media to have a hands-on experience of the new Ranger SORV’s performance and to feel true ‘off-road’ excitement. Ford will bring the media to tackle the rough terrain as well as to enjoy the amazing and ‘untouched’ panorama of Balikpapan, which is regarded as the habitat of the Ford Ranger.

Customer Service

As a renowned automotive brand, Ford not only produces high quality products, but also provides gratifying after-sales service for its customers throughout Indonesia. Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA) is one of the excellent after-sales services offered for Indonesian market, which facilitates Ford customers experiencing difficulties during their journey. Customers can easily access ERA service for 24 hours by calling 0817-17-FORD. ERA after-sales service from Ford is accessible for all customers in Jakarta Raya, Depok, Tanggerang, and Bekasi. The service will also be available in other areas in Indonesia in the near future.

Aside from ERA, Ford also offers Three Years Warranty or 100,000 km, a program that provides a premium guarantee to Ford customers. The warranty program is expected to serve as an added benefit and improved quality assurance to customers, while enforcing the Ford’s brand competitiveness against long-standing competitors in the marketplace. Through this service, Ford provides a guarantee period that lasts longer than to others.

Another service from Ford is a 12-months warranty or 20,000 km – for Ford’s original spare parts. This warranty includes all original spare parts from all Ford products, which are sold in Ford’s official dealers in Indonesia.

With regards to Ford’s dealer network, in 2006, FMI will further add more cities throughout Indonesia in the list of its dealership network. FMI has a staggering plan to open more Superstores and branches in Medan (second branch), Jambi, and Manado. In the near future FMI will open outlets in Sorong and Jayapura.

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  (6023) posted on 04.8.2006

I noticed while working in Reynosa, Mexico; that the Ford Ranger is offered in a true 4-door version and not just the 4-door supercab. Why has this option not been offered in the United States? Will the diesel be offered in the US? Very interested in this model Ranger and would even consider importing a used one from Mexico if possible.


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