• 2007 Ford Focus ST

    2007ford focus st
  • 2007 Ford Focus ST
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2522 L
  • 0-60 time:
    6.5 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    149.8 mph
  • car segment:
  • body style:

Fast and practical, the Ford Focus ST offers a no-compromise package for the performance car driver. Ford TeamRS, the company’s racing and performance arm, has developed a car that is ideal for the performance motorist, while offering that welcome dash of refinement too.

  •  Developed by Ford TeamRS - by enthusiasts for enthusiasts
  •  Turbocharged Duratec ST , 225 PS 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine
  •  Gutsy 320 Nm of torque from 1600 rpm right through to 4000 rpm
  •  Exceptional handling attributes and outstanding roadholding
  •  Focus ST is agile, fast, powerful, but still practical for everyday driving

With the introduction of the Fiesta ST in 2004, Ford TeamRS began to refine the spirit of Ford’s volume performance models. The exciting new Focus ST , which was introduced from Autumn 2005 is a significant evolution of Ford’s ST, or Sports Technologies, brand, delivering an addictive personality combined with high performance.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154062

With its turbocharged 225PS, 2.5 litre 5 cylinder Duratec ST engine, it is also the most powerful Ford Focus road car to date. This engine is coupled to a slick-operating six-speed manual gearbox and capable of a top speed in excess of 240 km/h (around 150mph), it needs only 6.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (6.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph). With target performance data like this, the Focus ST places itself firmly in the league of high performance cars.

"We have spared no effort in making this the most exciting Ford Focus road car yet," said Jost Capito, Director of Ford TeamRS. "It is a perfect car for drivers who love the performance motoring experience, but do not want to sacrifice high standards of refinement, comfort and practicality."
Following in the footsteps of past sporting vehicles from Ford is a challenging task. After all, there is no denying Ford’s unparalleled heritage in this area, which means so much to so many generations of car enthusiasts and motorsport fans.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154040

So it is with great excitement that we present the latest Ford performance roadcar - the all-new Focus ST .

Focus ST joins our model range as a big brother to the Fiesta ST . It is further evidence of how our new ST - for ’Sports Technologies’ - philosophy is being redefined. Ford’s newest ST models are more expressive, yet still fun and rewarding. They offer everything the enthusiast needs to enjoy driving, but they are still practical and affordable for everyday use.

We asked a lot from our engineers developing the new Focus ST . We wanted to offer the driver responsive performance in all conditions - whether that’s on a motorway, or a twisty road. We wanted rewarding handling, not just when pushing the ST to its limits but also for the more conservative driver. And we wanted to combine serious engine power with a wide torque range to really put a smile on your face.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154050

What made our task easier was the outstanding base from which we started, as the standard Focus already comes with class leading dynamics. Creating the ST was, therefore, a hugely rewarding task for us, and we are confident we have met our ambitious objectives. With the new Focus also being the base car for our future World Rally Championship campaign, the spirit of Ford performance motoring is back in style.

I hope you enjoy driving the Focus ST as much as we have enjoyed engineering it. Jost Capito Director, Ford Team RS


The Focus ST signals its performance credentials with distinctive detailed design cues that hint at Ford’s World Rally Championship contenders.

The simple elegance of the new Focus clearly follows the design mandate and the intention of Chris Clements, TeamRS Chief Designer, to cultivate a grown-up look for the Ford compact, befitting its status as the bigger brother of the Fiesta ST .

David Hilton, Exterior Designer, worked alongside Clements to sharpen up the car’s lines for the ST version. He was given good raw materials to work with. "The new Focus has excellent proportions; so giving it more sporting appeal was easy to achieve," he said.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154041

Drivers and enthusiasts alike will spot a Focus ST immediately.

Focus ST is clearly designed for the enthusiast, and takes the clean, dynamic lines of the new Focus a stage further. With its lower ride height, the ST states its intentions clearly on low-profile 225/40 R18 tyres mounted on 18x8-inch cast aluminium wheels.

At the front, a unique front bumper gives Focus ST a low centre of gravity with its aggressive inverted trapezoid lower grille. The upper grille is also unique to ST, and is taller and narrower than that of other Focus models. Both upper and lower grilles feature a graphite mesh with signature triangular pattern.

Flanking the top of the lower grille, fog lamp openings are trimmed in brushed aluminium. At the rear, reversing and rear fog lamp features are given similar treatment, while the lower bumper has been sculpted to create a visual ’venturi effect’ from which the chrome-tipped dual sport exhausts emerge. As the rear bumper folds around to the rear wheel arches, subtle ’spats’ have been added to enhance the side profile of the ST.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154042

Specially shaped sill mouldings - aligned with the chin of the front bumper - further communicate the low centre of gravity and enhanced agility of the Focus ST . Neat attention to detail in special ST badges on the front wings and the highly sculpted, five-spoke wheels and low-profile tyres further distinguish the ST model and communicate dynamism.

Focus ST also sports a larger, more purposeful tailgate spoiler. Shaped for both aerodynamic and visual effect, the spoiler extends beyond the width of the tailgate to just above the high-mounted tail lamps of the Focus.

Details like the spoiler, door handles, mirrors and body side mouldings, are all finished in body colour.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154054

Hilton said in conclusion: "The fast rear stretches the stern of the new Focus, and the larger ST rear spoiler provides a nice contrast. As you would expect, the car looks like it’s solidly planted on the ground."


While the exterior of the Focus ST clearly signals its performance credentials, the interior also communicates that this is no ordinary Ford Focus.

Instruments : Focus ST gains a unique additional instrument pod, incorporated on the upper instrument panel, which creates an immediate visual impact and differentiates the ST from the standard Focus.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154045

Key information for the performance driver - turbocharger boost pressure, oil temperature and oil pressure - is clearly displayed by these easy to read instruments. The new gauges, as well as the 160-mph speedometer, rev counter, temperature and fuel gauges in the primary instrument cluster, are given a unique new graphic design ringed in aluminium opal to match other brushed aluminium interior accents.

Steering wheel/gearshift: The leather-wrapped steering wheel has an increased rim section with bold thumb grips and three brushed aluminium-finished spokes. A bold red ST logo is engraved into the centre spoke. Focus ST’s leather trimmed, brushed aluminium gear knob also features a red six-speed gate graphic.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154044

Seating : On opening the door of the Focus ST , the driver will be greeted by a warm and inviting ambience, but with bold and sporty cues throughout.

Serife Uenal, Colour and Material Designer, has been instrumental in the process of developing the interior. She said: "Customers will immediately get a sporty feeling when they see the Focus ST interior. Our inspiration was the latest styles for sports shoes and clothing."

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154069

She added: "The use of colour, textures and materials, and distinctive stitch lines give a very different, personal feel to the interior. The treatment is very subtle, and the detailing is very attractive. There are four different interior treatments available for the Focus ST - customers can really feel the interior has been designed just for them!"

Unique, stylish Recaro seats are standard on the Focus ST , and provide optimal lateral support during spirited driving. The seats anchor driver and passengers in place, providing occupants with a cosseted feeling - as if the car has been built around them.

The seats boast a class-leading level of adjustment and flexibility. The driver’s seat has fore and aft movement, plus recline, height, lumbar, and cushion tilt adjustments. The passenger seat adjusts manually fore-aft and can recline. All headrests adjust vertically.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154043

These heavily sculpted, figure hugging seats can carry, if the customer desires, inserts matching the exterior colour of the car. This option is available on selected colours in the Focus ST range including Performance Blue and the eye catching Electric Orange .

The interior inserts are distinctive in that the colour wraps around and beneath the head restraints, on the side bolster cushions of the seat backs, and along the edges of the base seat cushion.

Full leather trim and sculptured rear seats seat are also available as options.

Other interior details: Matching leather inserts differentiate the interior door panels and complement special brushed aluminium ST door pulls. Other aluminium details inside Focus ST include purpose-designed performance pedals with rubber pads set in cast aluminium and unique ST scuff plates.

Focus ST features a black headliner and black A-pillars, which further enhances the sporty ’cockpit feel’ of the interior. Uenal said: "The black headlining encloses the interior in a very stylish way, and provides a full colour harmony with the rest of the interior."


Focus ST’s 2522cc turbocharged engine is very narrow and only 577 millimetres long - short enough to be mounted laterally between the wheels of a front-wheel-drive compact like the Focus.

The maximum 225 PS (165.5 kW) is reached at 6000 rpm. The maximum 320 Nm of torque is available starting at 1600 rpm and doesn’t let up until it reaches 4000 rpm.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154058

The result is an engine that stirs the emotions regardless of the impressive performance figures. The Focus ST ’s throttle reaction is immediate and dynamic irrespective of the position of the rev-counter needle. It pulls away eagerly even from the lower e nd of the rev band.

Matthias Tonn, Focus ST Chief E ngineer, said : "As the data for in-gear flexibility show, the Focus ST does the 0-100 km/h sprint just over 6 seconds. Th at puts it solidly in the performance ran ge of much more powerful sports cars ."

Thanks to Ford’s Global Shared Technologies initiative, Ford TeamRS engineers were able to choose an already silky smooth 5-cylinder petrol engine as the basis for the Focus ST powerplant.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154047

This engine, featuring Ford’s Ti-VCT technology (twin independent variable cam timing), has been tuned to be sharper and livelier for its application in the Focus ST . Reduced flywheel mass, more direct accelerator-throttle connection, new injectors and new ignition strategies were part of the significant re-engineering programme.

The engine’s state-of-the-art light alloy cylinder block is screwed onto the ladder-shaped, cast aluminium bedplate, anchoring it like a rock. This combination provides the six crankshaft bearings with solid support. Well-balanced thermal conditions around the five combustion chambers are assured by a tried and tested feature of racing engines: cross-flow cooling, which sends the cooling water broadside through the engine.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154057

The alloy cylinder head is also at the cutting edge of technology. Two belt-driven overhead camshafts actuate tappets controlling 4 valves per cylinder. The intake valve diameter is 31 mm, while the outlet valve diameter is 27 mm. Both camshafts can be continuously fine-tuned by 50 degrees on the intake side and by 30 degrees on the exhaust side. This allows more useable torque, especially at low engine speeds, and reduces fuel consumption while maintaining clean exhaust emissions over t he entire engine load range.

A Bosch ME 9.0 engine management system is in charge of the cam-variat ion’s hydraulic valve operation, the ignition timing and fuel injection .

"We were lucky to be able to access a superb 5-cylinder engine thanks to Ford Motor Company’s shared technologies approach," said Tonn. "Tuning that engine to meet the specific performance targets of the Focus ST was nothing short of a pleasure!"


The Ford Focus is famous for its outstanding chassis which offers class-leading dynamics, and it is from this base that Ford TeamRS created the Focus ST .

The first generation Ford Focus set suspension standards that many still believe are the benchmark for today’s compact car chassis. Seven years ago, the Focus chassis set up was significantly superior to anything else available in the ’C’ segment, and it is still imitated today. The suspension, for example, was so well sorted that no fundamental changes were necessary to incorporate it directly into the new generation Focus series, or its all-new ST derivative.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154051

Ford’s relentless development process and industry-leading approach to ’driving quality’ ensured that the all-new Focus model introduced in 2004 benefited from exceptional levels of technical expertise to retain its reputation as a genuine driver’s car.

After seven years of experience with the ’Control Blade’ rear suspension pioneered by the original Focus, the Ford Vehicle Engineering team concentrated on enhancements rather than starting all over again. Also, a stiff new front subframe for the new Focus became the foundation for the car’s chassis behaviour and went through extensive tuning.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154048

Gunnar Herrmann, Ford of Europe’s C-Car Vehicle Line Director said: "It was crucial for us that the new Focus range maintained its leadership position. So from the outset, the chassis of the new model was engineered to provide very high standards of driving quality, inspired by class-leading dynamics."

Developing the core model into its ST performance sibling was a priority as soon as the new Focus engineers were satisfied with their work.

Paul Wijgaerts, Ford TeamRS Vehicle Engineering Manager was the man responsible: "The new Focus received very good reviews from the press for its fantastic cross between comfort and steering precision; not to mention its driving safety in all conceivable conditions," Wijgaerts said.

"Our task for the ST, therefore, was to tune the suspension very precisely for even sportier performance and greater agility. But it was never our goal just to achieve good times lapping the Nürburgring at the cost of a significant loss in comfort."

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154063

Focus ST uses the core model’s front axle which has transverse control arms and spring struts built according to the MacPherson principle. Ford was the first to introduce MacPherson struts to mass-produced cars in the 1950’s and still believes in them today.

The already stiff bodyshell of the new Focus was strengthened further for the ST version: an extra cross-member was added running across the bulkhead between the spring strut covers in the engine bay. The dimensions of the ST’s springs were calculated so that they still travel roughly 200 millimetres in total, even though the car sits 15 millimetres closer to the road than the standard Focus.

This lower ride height is combined with firmer and shorter positive spring travel but, in proportion, negative spring travel is increased. Since the overall spring travel is greater, the tyres of the Focus ST maintain greater contact with the road surface - "over the full extent of the negative jounce," in engineering jargon - optimising road holding, even under the worst road conditions.

The concept of controlling rear wheel travel with a multilink-suspension first appeared in the Mondeo, excelled in the first Focus in its ’Control Blade’ guise, and is back again in the new model Focus.

The rear axle has been fine-tuned using stiffer rubber housings for the lower control arms, while axle geometry has been adjusted to cope with higher lateral forces.

Steering: EHPAS (Electric-Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering) has been added to the new Focus range adding comfort for slow manoeuvring and better road feedback and greater stability at high speeds.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154049

The power assisted rack and pinion steering’s variable turning ratio of 14.8 was made more direct overall to suit the sporty Focus ST . The steering is 8% faster acting than regular Focus models to give the ST driver more direct feedback back through the steering wheel. This set-up gives experienced drivers two reasons to be enthusiastic: in addition to the sheer joy of real precision driving, the Focus ST exhibits sympathetic road manners too .

Handling: The ST’s handling has been tailored to reward the enthusiast driver but at the same time to allow for refined driving. Focus ST front springs have been stiffened by 30% and the dampers have been recalibrated.

The rear springs also have been stiffened by 30% and the anti-roll bar increased by 5%. The direct benefit of this is that Focus ST delivers impressive grip and extraordinary road holding. Overall, the lowering of the chassis adds to the great driving experience.

Brakes: The Focus ST is equipped with a high-performance braking system: four-piston brake callipers bite into 320 millimetre ventilated brake discs at the front, while at the rear two-piston brake callipers combine with 280 millimetre discs.

In addition, Ford’s Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) offers safe and controllable braking under extreme conditions. Ford’s Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) system is also available on the Focus ST . ESP intervenes in critical braking situations, assisting the driver by braking individual wheels as needed.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154065

Noise and vibration : The Focus ST is designed to maximise the sensory connection between car and driver, so its Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) package is carefully tuned with this in mind. The objective is to provide a pleasing yet sporty sound quality tuned to its driver’s needs while at the same time embracing the higher levels of refinement evident in the car’s interior.

Safety : Like all Ford Focus models, the Focus ST boasts a comprehensive safety specification. Features include a rigid passenger cell, footwell protection, a collapsible steering wheel and pedals , and side impact protection door beams. Among the passive safety systems are driver and passenger front and side airbags, pyrotechnic belt pre-tensioners and neck injury protection systems on the front seats.

In November 2004, t he new Focus was the first and only vehicle to be awarded by EuroNCAP a 100 per cent occupant safety rating for both offset frontal and side impact test modes. It also achieved a 100 per cent test score for child dynamic injury protection for 1½ and 3 year old child crash test dummies. No other car has achieved this outstanding safety performance in any Euro NCAP test phase.

2007 Ford Focus ST
- image 154037

Capito said: "We are very proud of what has been achieved with the Focus ST , it is a truly exhilarating driving experience. We feel we have created something quite unique, and opened up a new chapter in the history of Ford’s performance-orientated cars."


The all new Ford Focus is designed to fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can choose from a range of options and option packs to make sure that you get the right mix of enhanced enjoyment, exclusive style and additional practicality. There’s a wide range of sporty, stylish alloy wheels and choice of practical, functional interior and exterior accessories to give your car that personal touch.

Wheels to make heads turn
Choose from a selection of stylish wheel options. The alloy wheels show different finishes like machined surfaces, silver or grey painted and brightly chromed. All give your car a distinctive look that is guaranteed to get you noticed and make heads turn.

Eibach suspension lowering kit
The Eibach suspension lowering kit enables you to lower the car by 30 mm. This enhances driving performance and sporty handling as well as giving a more sporty appearance. (Accessory)

Interior styling kit
Featuring luxury velour carpet mats, unique scuff plates with recessed all new Ford Focus nameplate, gear knob and handbrake cover with crafted aluminium-effect inserts. (Option and accessory)

Rear spoiler
Stylish body colour spoiler gives your car a sporty look. Available on wagon beginning 2005. (Option and accessory)

Audio and mobiles

  • Low line CD - EX navigation system
    • Features 4” monochrome display, stereo radio/CD/MP3, and allows CD audio listening whilst using the satellite navigation system. (Option)
  • DVD navigation system
    • DVD navigation system with touch-screen. Provides detailed audio-visual directions to your destination and incorporates a 7” full-colour screen. (Option)
  • Sony audio systems
    • The Sony 6CD RDS EON stereo radio/6-disc in-dash CD autochanger features a ‘Keycode’ for security. Also available as a single MP3/CD system. (Option)
  • Rear seat audio system
    • Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone and the Voice Control System technology provides a wireless mobile phone connection with voice recognition control for audio, phone, climate control, rear seat entertainment and navigation systems. (Option)
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • Features two headphone sockets and independent radio controls for rear seat passengers. Compatible with either Sony audio systems or DVD navigation system. Requires high (premium) centre console. (Option)
  • Mobile phone hands-free equipment
    • A selection of hands-free kits enables you to keep in touch on the move. The choice ranges from a base system up to the premium Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone system. Ask your Ford Dealer for more information. (Accessory)

Interior and comfort

  • Power sunroof
    • Tilt and slide adjustable for easily controllable ventilation. For added security, a global closing feature allows all the power-operated windows and sunroof to be closed together. An anti-trap feature helps prevent fingers and hands from becoming caught when the roof is closing. (Option)
  • Integrated sunblinds
    • Are integrated into the rear doors and can be quickly and easily drawn up to block out unwanted sunlight from the rear compartment. (Option)
  • Carpet floor mats
    • Anthracite, smart and hard-wearing. Fade and heat-resistant to prevent soiling. Driver’s mat is fixed to prevent slippage and interference with pedals. (Accessory)
  • Luxury velour carpet floor mats
    • Includes the all new Ford Focus nameplate. Made to perfectly complement your chosen interior with a touch of luxury, plus fade and heat-resistant to prevent soiling. Driver’s mat is fixed to prevent slippage and interference with pedals. (Option and accessory)
  • Contour rubber mats
    • Equipped with the all new Ford Focus nameplate, the driver’s mat is fixed to prevent slippage and interference with pedals. (Accessory)
  • Traveller Pack
    • Includes a retractable load barrier retention net and reversible luggage compartment mat to keep items secure while you’re on the move. (Option and accessory on Estate only)


  • Styled crossbars
    • Suitable for use with C-track roof rail system (standard on Ghia and Titanium estate models, option and accessory on all other eatates). Compatible with roof box (accessory) and additional carriers for skis and bikes (accessory). Meets city crash requirements according to DIN 75302.
  • Tow bar
    • This detachable tow bar can tow up to 1,500 kg (depending on engine size), making it ideal for towing trailers, caravans, boats or jet skis, safely and securely. Also available as fixed version. (Option and accessory)
  • Thule roof box
    • Made by the most respected name in rooftop transportation. Designed to carry a wide variety of loads and protect them from weather and theft. (Accessory, available in various sizes)
  • Mont Blanc ‘Barracuda’ bicycle carrier attachment
    • Easy to fit, easy to use bicycle carrier, specially designed to carry all kinds of bikes. Adjustable to suit frames from 20-80 mm diameter. Also features integral locks to help keep bikes safe and secure. (Accessory)

Protection and safety

  • Britax child safety seat
    • The safest way for a child to travel is on the rear seat, in a specially-designed child safety seat. The seat can be fixed with an ISOFIX system or seat belts. (Accessory)
  • Modular dog guard system
    • Half-height, full-height or full-height with luggage divider, this modular system keeps dogs or items of luggage safely in the luggage compartment. (Accessory on estate only)
  • Anti-slip compartment mat
    • Luggage compartment protection, molded to fit perfectly into the all new Ford Focus. Incorporates anti-slip surface to prevent loose items sliding around while driving. (Accessory)
  • Reversible luggage compartment mat
    • Full-length mat provides luggage compartment protection even with rear seats folded forward. Reversible design offers choice of carpet with the all new Ford Focus logo, or durable rubber surface ideal for carrying wet or dirty items. Incorporates flap to protect rear bumper during loading. (Accessory on estate only)
  • Contoured mudflaps
    • Available as sets for front and rear, these practical, hard-wearing mudflaps help to protect bodywork by reducing damage from stone chips and road spray. (Accessory)
  • Park Assist
    • An audible warning helps you to safely judge the distance between the rear of your car and an obstacle for easier parking and maneuvering. (Option)
  • Retractable load barrier retention net
    • Safety feature that prevents luggage moving into passenger area. Meets ECE-R17 safety requirements. (Option and accessory on estate only)
  • First aid kit and emergency equipment
    • Warning triangle, safety vest, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, towing rope and jump leads help you to be prepared for most emergency situations. (Accessory, available separately)


  • 3dr
    • ST 2.5i - 15,099.57£
    • ST-2 2.5i - 15,950.64£
    • ST-3 2.5i - 16,801.70£
  • 5dr
    • ST 2.5i - 15,610.21£
    • ST-2 2.5i - 16,461.28£
    • ST-3 2.5i - 17,312.34£


  • Metallic paint-350.00£
  • Electric orange paint -695.00£
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) -250.00£
  • Xenon headlights- 500.00£
  • Quickclear heated windscreen1-50.00£
  • Sony MP3/CD ilo CD/radio -200.00£
  • ST stripes - side - 75.00£
  • ST stripes - bonnet, roof and boot -200.00£
  • Sport appearance pack - side, bonnet, roof and boot stripes -250.00£
  • Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC)- 400.00£
  • Recaro Seat Pack -250.00£
  • Touchscreen DVD navigation ilo radio/CD/Sony ICE (inc DEATC) - 2,000.00£
  • Solar Reflect windshield -100.00£
  • Park Assist - Rear - 200.00£
  • Visibility Pack-250.00£
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System- 250.00£
  • Power tilt/sliding sunroof -500.00
  • Heated driver and front passenger seats -250.00£
  • KeyFree System - 350.00£
  • KeyFree System inc power windows and global close - 500.00£
  • Power windows and global close (5 door has power front and rear) -175.00£
  • Premium telephone pack - Bluetooth hands-free and Voice Control System (hands-free cradle must be fitted by your dealer at extra cost). Does not include mobile phone - 300.00£
  • Advanced telephone pack - Bluetooth hands-free and Voice Control System (system without cradle). Does not include mobile phone - 250.00£
  • Premium velour floor mats -50.00£
  • Integrated rear sun blinds- 50.00£
  • Mini spare wheel - 0.00£

(Great Britain price as of march 2007)

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